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Hennadiy Hennadiyovych Moskal, Ukrainian politician, lawyer, MP, Lieutenant-general of police, and Batkivshchyna party member, named the parties responsible for the attacks on Maidan from the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Security Service (SUB) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) implemented two special operations at Maidan on Tuesday, 18 February, which were launched by Acting Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko and Deputy Head of the Security Service Vladimir Totskiy.

According to Moskal’s press service, this was reported by the chairman of the Parliamentary Provisional Investigatory Commission on the Actions of Security Forces.

According to Moskal, the purpose of Tuesday’s operations–Surge by the MIA and Boomerang by the SUB–was to clean up Maidan, Ukrainian House, the House of Trade Unions, and the October Palace.

“The first operation, Surge, in accordance with legal regulations, may be launched only by order of Acting Minister Internal Affairs Vitaly Zaharchenko,” reports Moskal.

According to him, among those who prepared and supervised Surge were Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Ratushnaik, Head of the Department for Public Safety Alexander Krykun, Acting Minister of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyiv Valery Mazan, and Commander of Internal Troops Stanislav Shulyak.

The second operation, Moskal said, was performed by the Anti-Terrorist Centre of the Security Service of Ukraine. The operation was prepared and managed by first deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine Volodymyr Totskiy, Head of the SUB Department “T” Sergei Potiyevskyy, and the Head of the Security Service in Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast, Alexander Shchogolev.

He also stated that the heads of the Anti-Terrorist Center “M” and the Alpha Special Operations Center “P” were involved in the operations. (Under Ukrainian law, it is illegal to disclose their names.)

Moskal also claimed that the heads of security agencies had been warned against the use of such operations, including by Russian experts whom they had been for consultations.

“A renowned expert on counterterrorism operations was invited to one of the councils at the Presidential Administration from Russia. The Russian severely criticized the special operations suggested by the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and called their authors incompetent,” says Moskal.

The main warning against the use of such operations, according to the chairman of the Provisional Investigatory Commission, was that they would lead to a large number of casualties.

As of this writing, at least 26 people have been reported killed in Kyiv due to escalation of the situation on 18 February.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

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