Responsibility for acts of terror that have been committed in Kyiv will be placed on a mythical group of radicalized Kyivans called the “Red Sector”. The extremist group, the “Red Sector” took responsibility for the arson of dozens of cars in Kyiv (those which had license plates identifying that they were from Lviv). They claim to be an organization that stands against the “extremists and fascists that have sullied Kyiv.”On their Facebook page they have posted the following statement: ”Yeah, today we set cars on fire that belong to the idiots who came to Kyiv. They have sullied this city and think that they are the masters of it. Revolution will not happen. We apologize if we burned the cars of any innocent people. But you should understand that if we hadn’t been so active, the fascists would have set their tents in your apartments, with the single reason being that they just don’t like you. They don’t give a damn about laws.”

Obviously, the group is an absolute fake. This is shown by the fact that the “speaker” of the group is a fictional graduate of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy named Nikolai Amelchenko, and that the name of the organization is uninspired and makes clear allusions. Two of these allusions can be seen, one with the word ‘sector’ making a reference to the group the “Right Sector”, and the word ‘red’ making a second allusion to the Chervoniy Hutir district in Kyiv, though it’s difficult to say how intentional the latter is. In addition, there is a certain discrepancy here as the Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced that no connection between the cars that have been burned and the regions they come from has been seen, while social networks have shown evidence of the arson being an act of revenge against those who participated in AutoMaidan protests to Mezhyhirya.

Perhaps the most eye-catching proof that the Red Sector is fake is that it uses the same rhetoric, words, accents as have recently been used by the Ukrainian authorities. So, the question becomes, what is the purpose of this informational provocation? If we remove the possibility of pranksters with a bad sense of humor, only one variant remains. This project is aimed moving the blame for the arsons away from the so-called “people’s group of titushki”. It is obvious that their actions can easily be twisted to look like exhausted Kyivans taking action against the ‘radicalized Maidan’. Especially considering that the statement on the group’s page is addressed to the “lawfully elected authority which has been incapable of bringing the capital city to order and to carry-out its obligations before the citizens and defend their lives, property and peace from extremists.”

This misinformation also gives police a reason develop serious activities in search of the ‘Red Sector’ on a wide scale. Moreover, this project can also be used as a cover by the authorities and militants in the carrying out of further attacks.


Translated by Anatoliy Shara

Edited by Matt Mozingo and Lenna Koszarny

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