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Latest News From Ukrainian Protests 18.02.2014

Latest News From Ukrainian Protests 18.02.2014
Article by: Yuriy Lukanov
Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Edited by: A. N.

22.40 There’s a desperate fight on Maidan. The people are trying to stoke the defensive fires with car tires. The regime’s forces have almost reached the column on Maidan topped with a statue that symobolizes the Independence of Ukraine. Huge numbers of people are still on the square. The opposition leaders on the square are exhorting the people not to give up the fight.

22.04 A slowly retreating arc of fire marks the front line between the protesters on Maidan and the riot police. Despite their amazing bravery, the people of Ukraine are being gradually forced back by the minions of the regime. About a quarter of Independence Square has been siezed by the riot police. There is still as massive crowd on the square. The people are not giving up the fight.

21.52 The Union House, the headquarters of the Maidan, has fallen to the Berkut. It looks like the Yanukovych regime is determined to crush the anti-government protests tonight. The people are being forced back further onto the Maidan. The situation is despreate for the protesters on Maidan.

21.48 The Ukrainian national anthem just rang out over Independence Square, thousands of voices singing that stirring song – the Ukrainian people are fighting the regime and SINGING.

21.04 Protesters are tossing car tires on the fire at the bottom of Institutska Street – they’re trying to prevent a police advance by creating a wall of fire.

20:20 Around 20,000 protesters are now at Maidan.

20:15 Three water canons are being used against Maidan protesters.

19:57 Berkut and militia are attacking Maidan by using flash bang grenades.

19:48 “Channel 5” is disconnected from analog network. Reported by Ukrainian Service BBC. Broadcasting via satellite also interrupted, but resumed in a few minutes. Users of social networks are reporting that channel ceased broadcasting in cable network “Triolan” in Sevastopol. Also, you can’t watch the channel in Mykolaiv. In Kiyv, however, the cable operator “Volya” did not interrupt the broadcast. Site “Channel 5” also does not work.

19:40 The names of first three demonstrators who were killed today are known: Serhiy Didych (Gorodenka, Ivano-Frankivsk region), Volodymyr Kishchuk (Zaporizhzhia region), Serhii Shapoval (Kyiv). 19:39 Makeyenko is asking everyone to refrain from going to the city center in his emergency call.

19:22 One injured activist has just died in the hospital.

19:21 The Prosecutor General’s office will request the strictest punishment for all those who were inciting people to violence, organizing and leading them. This has been announced on the webpage of the Prosecutor General’s office.

19:10 “Riot police Berkut burst into the apartments of those Kyiv citizens who shelter the protesters,” according to Еспресо.TV said MP Illienko from the EuroMaidan stage. He also called on the people to come the EuroMaidan.”

19:00 Two policemen killed in clashes in Kyiv, says Interior Ministry.

18:42 The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church called Ukrainian to stop bloodshed.

18:41 “US is considering all options for sanctions”, Geoffrey R. Pyatt said.

18:38 “People are comming to Maidan. There are arround 20 thoutand there now”, –

18:32 “They send Odesa riot police Berkut to Kyiv. The policemen ask to block them,” Aliona Balaba said on her facebook page. “People! Just come to their headquarters on Razumovskaya Str. Regular policemen don’t want to go, but scared. Please, come and block them,” said the activist.

18:30 The column of security forces are going down Hrushevskoho Str. The column of titushkas are going after them holding bats.

18:27 “Berkut dispersed people from the Ukrainian House”, Yuriy Levchenko said.

18:12 “Ukraine must return immediately to the parliamentary process”, Catherine Ashton said.

18:11 Odesa AutoMaidan goes to Kyiv. Vyyacheslav Berezutskyy, leader of Odesa AutoMaidan calls on Odesa activists to go to Kyiv today. “Due to escalation of conflict in Kyiv, Odesa AutoMaidan announces mobilization. Leaving for Kyiv on about 3 p.m.,” wrote Berezutskyy on his facebook page.

18:06 “No one will escape responsibility for today’s events”, Viktor Pshonka said.

17:58 Yanukovych will have a meeting with the opposition leaders on Wensday, February 19.

17:56 Right Sector makes a smokescreen at Maidan.

17:51 The deputies decided to make Wensday a day off.

17:50 In Lviv, practically all the churches in the center of town are ringing their bells. Cars are going past with posters calling for a general mobilization to Kyiv. A renewed blockage of riot police and Berkut headquarters has been announced.

17:20 The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today: “I am deeply worried about the grave new escalation in Kiev and the reported victims.”

17:11 More and more died people were found on the central street of Kyiv.

17:04 The mobile phone connection and the Internet are disappearing from time to time in the governmental quarter and in particular in Verkhovna Rada.

16:58 Cameraman and journalist were beaten in Kriposnyi Lane.

16:57 Berkut is assaulting the Ukrainian House.

16:49 There is a dead body on Instytutska Str. Berkut goes by.

16:41 Militia surrounds Ukrainian House and getting closer to Zhovtnevy Palace.

16:26 Total mobilisation to Kyiv is announced in Lviv and Ternopil.

16:20 Metro is closed. Kyiv is blocked.

16:07 Berkut attacking Maidan.

16:04 Joint statement of the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Oleksandr Yakumenko and the acting Minister of the Internal Affairs, Vitaliy Zakharchenko: “The government has enough forces in order to put the country in order. If the riots continue, we will be forced to resort to severe action. We give the directors of the mass one hour. If the riots do not stop till 18.00 [Kyiv time], we will be forced to put Kyiv in order using all means, allowed by law.”

15:54 Militia opened a criminal case on the “riots” on Tuesday, February 18.

15:51 Special forces beaten few cameramen.

15:36 Water cannon has just passed the Kriposniy lane to attack people gathered on Institutska Street.

15:26 Threre is fire near the City Hall. The protestors are afraid of the new attacks from Berkut.

15:20 MP, Oleksandr Turchynov has just finished the negotiations with the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. Some minutes ago he returned to Verkhovna Rada.
Results of the negotiations are now unknown.

15:10 Special forces disperced people from Arsenalma Station.

15:00 “There are dead people in our first-aid station in the Officers’ House. Many injured, dozens seriously wounded,”- Olha Bohomolets said. She says that people died from gunshot wounds of the head and the heart.

15:01 Arsenalna, one of the metro stations in central Kyiv, has been closed.

14:56 MP from the Party of Regions, Oleh Tsarev, said that the MPs from the Party of Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine will not return to Verkhovna Rada until Berkut cleans up the streets in the center of Kyiv. “Streets need to be cleaned up. If you can agree with the radicals, bandits and extremists, then go and agree,” he said.

14:46 Clashes between self-defense squads of Euromaidan and “titushki” thugs took place near the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The protesters noticed that lots of “titushki” thugs were getting out of the car, holding bludgeons and sticks. The protesters tried to reach them, however, “titushki” thugs started shooting at them.

14:35 Kyiv citizens formed a human chain to hand the paiving bricks to the activists.

14:30 Opposition MPs have brought two injured protesters to the emergency station of Verkhovna Rada. Their wounds are very severe. Berkut was beating people on the ground with spades. One protester has a severe eye injury; the other has severe head wounds. These activists are afraid to go to the hospital because they might be captured by the police there.

14:24 When Berkut holds bloodied protesters and continue beat with batons their legs, police rejoices, claps by their shields.

14:10 Looks like Berkut is preparing for the new attack on Shovkovychna Str. They are moving towards the borderline.

14:05 Titushkas on Arsenalna are armed with grenades.

14:03 Berkut has recently attacked the activists on Instytutska Street in the center of Kyiv.

14:02 Berkut has started using the water cannons and spraying gas on the protesters on Instytutska Street and Shovkovychna Street.

14:01 Around 35 protesters have been injured in the clashes in the center of Kyiv.

13:59 Tymoshenko ready to discuss safety guarantees for Yanukovych and his ‘Family’: Believes pressure must remain to force “real negotiations”.
“Given Yanukovych’s insatiable desire to own the country and how deeply he has monopolized the power concentrated in his hands, room for compromise depends on three factors: the power of the national resistance, the prospect of international sanctions, and investigations into corruption and the possibility of initiating an investigation before the International Criminal Court even in the absence of Ukraine’s ratification of the Rome Statute,” wrote Tymoshenko.

13:47 Leaders of opposition are still consulting with Rybak.

13:45 Thugs behind the police in Mariinsky Park near the Parliament.

13:39 Right Sector calls on firearms owners to help on Maidan
The main headquarters of Right Sector called for firearms owners to help and organize detachments to protect people.
This was stated on the Right Sector’s page on the social media network Vkontakte.
“We have received information from reliable sources that there is a high chance of Maidan being dispersed with the use of military armored vehicles and firearms,” claimed the organization’s activists.

13:36 Snipers standing on the roofs at the places of clashes ready to shoot.

13:34 All the Berkut is being gathered onto Shovkovychna Str. Before that people have tried to attack the building from the roof of which the Berkut was shooting. Apart from that, the protesters were pulling out the Internal troops fighters. They were led to Maidan surrounded by the Self-defense League members. The furious people tried to attack the fighters, but the Self-defense members drew them away. The protesters continue to evacuate the injured. There is no ambulance. Because of this, the victims are carried on strechers to Maidan, where they will be provided medical assistance in Maidan’s field hospitals. People are scattered all along Institutska Str.

13:33 The doctors from Maidan helped wouned police officer.

13:27 Berkut has violently dispersed people at the interscetion of Instytutska and Shovokovchyna streets. They were shooting directly at people.

13:26  The granade exploded on the chest of one of the photographers, another one got his nose broken by the Party of Regions guards.

13:21 Activists from Maidan are building a barricade in Mariinsky Park.

13:20 Berkut surrounded the crossroad of Shovkovychna and Instytutska Streets from the roofs.

13:17 Protestors are taking seized militians to Maidan.

13:10 The protestors are throwing the paving stones.

13:09 Berkut is shooting up the protestors. Some of the men from the security forces are hiding in the doorways of the houses nearby.

13:08 “We have about 25 wounded”, Maidan medical headquarter coordinator said.

13:04 Emergency call for Volodymyr Rybak due to high blood pressure.

12:49 “The authorities have half an hour to put to the vote for the opposition’s resolution”, Tyahnybok said.

12:45 The Party of Regions supporters are preparing to the fight with maidaners.

12:23 Protestors arranged a first-aid station at Hrushevskiy Street: 10 injured over there.
The anti-government protestors have arranged a first-aid station in the Central officers building of armed forces, located at 30/1 Hrushevskiy Street, Kyiv.
The entrance to the first-aid station is guarded by 5 activists of Euromaidan Self-defense League. Journalists are not allowed into the building, but according to them, up to ten injured activists are inside.
As clarified by journalists, the medical station was placed in the ground floor hall of the building. The building employees did not interfere.
Olha Bohomolets calls on doctors to volunteer and assist at first-aid stations, where the injured protestors are taken – please contact: +38(063) 2330303.

12:11 Euromaidan activist’s car is set on fire.

12:05 The Party of Regions members are escaping the session hall, part of the communists are blocked by the opposition.

11:53 Militia reports on the seven victims of security forces.

11:49 The Rada session hasn’t started yet. The opposition blocks the platform.

11:45 Central office of Party of Regions is set on fire. Berkut dispersed people.

11:44 Klitschko: Parliament should form new government, opposition ready to take responsibility for its formation.
Kyiv, February 18 (Interfax-Ukraine) – UDAR faction leader Vitali Klitschko has called on Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to “give an instruction” to the parliament to vote for a resolution on the return to the 2004 Constitution and said that the opposition is ready to take responsibility for the formation of a new government.
“I am appealing to the Ukrainian president: please remove the Berkut and Interior Troops from the streets and give an instruction to parliament – it must vote and support an act on returning to the 2004 Constitution,” he said at a press briefing on Tuesday.
Klitschko said that the president as a responsible politician should announce early presidential and parliamentary elections. He said that such actions “will reduce the temperature” in society.
He said that the opposition was ready to take responsibility for the formation of a government.
“The parliament should form a new government, and we, as the opposition, are ready to take responsibility for its formation,” Klitschko said.

11:30 The barricades are on fire again on Hrushevskoho Street: The Maidan’s “Peaceful Advance” on the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, didn’t stay peaceful for long. There is fighting on the crossroads of Institutska Street and Shovkovychna Street, not far from the parliament building.

11:00 Protesters gain accessed to the cab of one of the trucks blocking the south end of Hrushevskoho Street in Kiyv, and move it out of position from in front of the police line. The smoke is exhaust fumes from the truck.

10:32 A huge column of anti-government protesters moves along Institutska Street towards the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Edited by: A. N.
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