Seven regions are responsible for Ukraine’s COVID-19 growth: interactive graph



On 10 June, Ukraine entered its next stage of relaxing COVID-19 restrictions. Cultural events and the work of hotels are now allowed. However, seven regions are not allowed to enter this stage: Lvivska, Chernivetska, Zakarpatska, Volynska, Rivnenska, Zhytomyrska oblasts and the capital Kyiv.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Health is not allowing seven regions to enter the next phase of relaxing the lockdown. Image: screenshot from our interactive COVID-29 page

It is largely these regions that are responsible for the rise of new daily cases and overall active coronavirus cases in Ukraine:

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Check out how the active COVID-19 cases are growing on our interactive COVID-19 page:

Here is a regional portrait of new daily COVID-19 cases in Ukraine. Hover your mouse above the graphs to see the precise number of new cases:

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The COVID-19 lockdown in Ukraine was enforced on 11 March. Right now it is being lifted on a regional basis. Transitioning to the next stage of lockdown relaxation is possible if infection rates in the region in the last 7 days are below 12 people per 100,000 citizens, if bed occupancy in health facilities designated for hospitalization of patients with confirmed COVID-19 cases is less than 50%, and if the average number of PCR tests is over 12 per 100,000 citizens in the past seven days.

Starting on 15 June, it is planned that airports will open.

See all the graphs on one page: Interactive COVID-19: Ukraine and world 

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