Telephone terrorism against Ukraine originates mostly from Russia or Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine

Photo by Ihor Shapovalov, TVi

Photo by Ihor Shapovalov, TVi 

Op-ed, Russian Aggression

Since the beginning of November, there have been fake calls claiming that bombs have been planted in the Kyiv metro station forcing police to search for them; since the beginning of 2019, there have been 20 such calls; and since 2014, 200, the BBC’s Ukrainian Service reports.

Ukrainian police say that most of the calls they have been able to trace come from telephones in the Russian Federation or in Russia-occupied Ukrainian territories: Crimea or the Donbas. A smaller number come from hooligans or psychologically disturbed individuals, the Ukrainian authorities add.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian police add, “we cannot ignore reports about such mining” because “the security and lives of people” are involved. But in every case, many Ukrainians and others in Ukraine are inconvenienced.

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