Euromaidan Press is under a hacker attack (Updated)



Dear readers, if you can read this, this means that the hacker attacks have subsided and our website is working again. But chances are that soon it will go down once more. We are working to fix the problem, and in the meantime, please bear with us until we’re back online and follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Yours, Euromaidan Press.

Update: As of 19:00 EET, the attack has stopped.

The intruders sought to hijack our server, trying to find and exploit the vulnerabilities in the software. The attack was carried out from different IP addresses belonging to various countries of the world. However, the list of the requests to our server from all IPs was the same, which means that the attack was probably conducted from the same center with the use of remote computers (either via VPN or via a “zombie” network of virus-infected desktops).

The server software and data sustained no damage, the only attack’s effects were short-lasting slowing down and temporary disrupting of the service.

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