Choose your favorite Christmas Tree in Ukraine

Lviv. Photo: 

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Euromaidan Press presents a collection of the best Christmas trees from Ukrainian cities. Choose the one which you like the most. Did some beautiful Christmas tree you’ve seen in Ukraine not get to the list? Share it!

Mariupol. After the Christmas tree was established, the citizens decorated it themselves as well – they hung up blue-and-yellow paper ships, in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, with names of the 24 Ukrainian sailors seized by Russia. Photo:

Mariupol. Photo:

Residents of Zhytomyr decorated their New Year tree in the same way. Photo:

Zhytomyr. Photo:

Dnipro. 26 meters. Photo:

Kharkiv. 40.5 meters. Photo:

Poltava. The diameter of the tent is 40 meters. Photo:

Khmelnytskyi. Photo:

Zaporizhzhia. Photo:

Lviv. 20 meters. Photo:

Uzhhorod. 14 meters, 60 years. Photo:

Lutsk. There are always three main trees. Photo:

Odesa. Photo:

Kyiv. Photo:

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