Putin is uniting Europe

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Article by: Vitaly Portnikov

The European Union, whose destabilization has been one of the main goals of Putin’s foreign policy, exists and resists.

The expulsion of Russian diplomats from the countries of the European Union and the United States will be an unprecedented demonstration of the unity of the West. Unity that in recent years began to be forgotten. And which after Brexit was questioned.

However, it turned out that uniting in the face of a challenge is much easier than finding mutual understanding on issues of economy or the functioning of EU structures.

Nonetheless, Putin supporters in the EU have not gone away. They revealed themselves fully at the EU summit in Brussels, where they sought to find a compromise on joint actions after the Salisbury nerve agent attack. But even their attempts to soften the consequences of the West’s actions have generated the reverse.

Sources claim that the first decision  in the  history of the European Union to recall the EU ambassador from Moscow for consultations was practically the result of a political joke. It was the reaction of the Prime Minister of Hungary Victor Orban to the proposal made by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel to recall the ambassadors of the EU member states from the Russian capital. Orban, who wanted to emphasize the complete absurdity of such a step, asked why then not recall the EU ambassador. And to his complete surprise, discovered that this idea was supported by his colleagues.

The idea of expelling Russian diplomats from EU countries was the result of another discussion. Initially it was proposed that the diplomats who work with European institutions be expelled. But this decision was strongly opposed by the Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel, who, incidentally, had just recently visited Moscow and met with Putin.

The point is that the expulsion of any diplomats from Brussels is the responsibility of Belgium and not of the entire European Union. And Michel reasonably asked his colleagues why only his country should assume the burden of the conflict with Moscow. There was agreement with his arguments and the idea emerged to expel the diplomats from all the countries of the European Union.

It is understood that even in this case the actions of each country will vary in severity. But the gesture itself is serious and humiliating for Moscow. Putin will either have to pretend that nothing has happened or else expel the diplomats of almost all the European embassies.

And there has never been a similar occurrence in the history of Moscow’s relations with the civilized world. The Kremlin will be surprised to see that the European Union, whose destabilization has been one of the main goals of Putin’s foreign policy, exists and resists. And that the actions of both “friends” and opponents in such a configuration can result in equally bad consequences.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Espreso TV

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  1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    See, Putin fails again!

    1. Avatar laker48 says:

      Talk is cheap and mutual expulsion of diplomats will be soon forgotten. The only credible proof of EU unity would be an immediate cancellation of the Nord Stream 2 project by Germany. Germany pays lip service to European unity and holds hands with RuSSia under the table.

      1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

        The project is 51% owned by Gazprom via a Swiss company.

        1. Avatar laker48 says:

          1. Germany issued all permits for the NS2 project after the Novich0k attack on the UK and
          2. The US has proven experience in effective dealing with Switzerland (vide The USA government vs. UBS about tax evasions).
          We may soon enjoy a series of face-offs.

          1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

            The climate change trolls have demonized coal so now life’s a gas… I think Putin + Big Oil were funding those cheezedciks…

          2. Avatar laker48 says:

            The climate change mantra is BS and a tax grab. There are no statistical data supporting this claim. The problem is smog created by sud particles mixed with humid air, not carbon dioxide that is absorbed by plants in the photosynthesis processes. A period of a century or teven two is not statistically significant enough to draw valid scientific conclusions and president Trump is right not to sign any CO2 emission reduction treaties.

  2. Avatar Alex George says:

    Just as Putin united Ukrainians, now he is uniting Europeans.

    There will never be entire unity in such a disparate group, particularly when some such as Orban are extremely sympathetic to Putin. But the level of unity is growing stronger.

    1. Avatar Buddy Rugger says:

      I had the same sentiment, and I upvoted you before I realised that you had done the same for one of my comments just a moment ago!

      I love little coincidences like this.

    2. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

      Exactly, Alex. Putin has proved himself to be a very poor student of history. He thought he could destroy Ukraine by re-establishing or reinventing a modern day “Novorossiya” (New Russia) by incorporating Eastern Ukraine, Crimea, Southern Ukraine and the Moldovan Transdnistrian Region into his new Russian Empire. WRONG! The Kremlin rodent had very little support in these regions and the cost of any long term occupation would have been completely prohibitive. So then he tried to undermine Europe using fascist proxies only to find out that this avenue was also largely repulsed. And yet this “wannabe” Superman, Batman, Aquaman and blah, blah, blah thinks that he is God’s gift to humankind. Poor Russians. All that they have is the devil incarnate and a deluded devil at that.