Bolton’s appointment ‘a positive signal for Ukraine,’ Portnikov says

John R Bolton in 2002 as the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security (Image: US Department of State)

John R Bolton in 2002 as the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security (Image: US Department of State) 

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US President Donald Trump’s selection of former US permanent representative to the United Nations John Bolton as his national security advisor represents “a positive signal for Ukraine” because of his Reaganite views that the US should be the only superpower, Vitaly Portnikov says.

Trump has been searching for people for his national security team who share his “system of political views and at the same time are capable of not contradicting” the president, the Ukrainian commentator says. “From this point of view, Bolton is an outstanding choice.

The new national security advisor’s “views on the world were formed during the Reagan Administration, that is, when Donald Trump himself simply did not have any political views,” Portnikov says.

Under George W. Bush, he was known “as a tough and consistent conservative, a real foreign policy ‘hawk’” who backed the war in Iraq and opposition to North Korea.

Democrats opposed him, and Bolton responded in kind, being one of the sharpest critics of Barack Obama’s policy regarding Russia and Ukraine.

At the same time, Portnikov continues, Bolton has gained the reputation as “a conformist, an individual who seeks not to get into arguments with his bosses and is extremely tough with his subordinates … And this approach too,” the commentator says, “could be what recommended him to Donald Trump.”

But there are likely to be some problems in the relationship between the two men.

“John Bolton really has views and a reputation which arises out of them. Donald Trump isn’t interested in the one or the other.”

“Generally, the president isn’t interested even in political power because Trump barely understands what it is.”

He is interested “only in being well-known and he is trying to run America with the approach of an experienced builder.”

Someone like Bolton could become “a real helper for Trump but only up to that moment when the decisions of the president do not begin to threaten his own reputation and ambitions.”

It is unthinkable that Bolton could be “the architect of agreements either with Russia or North Korea, and any attempts by Trump [to reach those] will become a problem for Bolton.”

Of course, it is possible that things won’t go as far as an open break. “Bolton, in contrast to Tillerson will not begin to make remarks relative to the mental capacities of the president. He will simply after a certain interval depart,” Portnikov argues. Thus he is unlikely to be Trump’s last national security advisor.

However, for as long as he holds onto this post, Bolton will represent “a positive signal for Ukraine.”


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  1. Avatar Buddy Rugger says:

    Bolton will not oppose Russia. He will be too busy focusing on Iran, Korea, and probably various Latin American states.

    Oh, and Trump hardly qualifies as an “experienced” anything- save for being an experienced buffoon. His ventures are always failures, and his apartments in his “towers” past and present, are almost always lackluster, cheaply built units. Beige plastic electric covers are standard in his “luxury” units.

    1. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

      Trump may not have realized that he has signed additional restrictions (sanctions) against Moskva.
      Or that was why he wanted to VETO the bill.

      1. Avatar David Lieder says:

        Trump’s genius is that he knows exactly what he is doing, and he is going to war with Russia, but diplomatically fooling Putin. If you think that Trump likes Russia then you’re also fooled. This will all end badly for Putin in the end.

        1. Avatar Dale Davies says:

          That neing the vase, it will not end well for most any of us. Tzar Pootie of Mordor has brought nuclear weapons use out of the closet a few times in the last number of years. He just may ne insane enough to follow through and use them. Granted, western countries are fairly well equipped to intercept those and counter. Todays warheads will create way more radioactive gallout than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. In the event Pootlerstain launches nuclear weapons, well you know the drill.

          1. Avatar MichaelA says:

            n button on your keyboard is stuck dale

          2. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            Sorry coach, hit the wrong letter on smart? phone and missed it. Mistakes edited.

        2. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

          Ain’t it great that we all can believe in whatever makes us happy?
          Genius or Madness, what is it that separates them?
          “going to war with Russia”, like going on a picnic, really?
          Remember that fools rush in where wise-men dear not tread!

          Sorry, but, your posts reflect an overt messaging pattern which is highly deviant of facts.

          1. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            I have worked with a couple of genius’. Both had one foot in the genius college front door but the other was stuck in the front door of a mental health facility.

    2. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

      You can take the kid out of Queens…

    3. Avatar Brent says:

      Drumpf is experienced in some things….
      1) laundering Russian money
      2) cheating on his wives
      3) Breeding really stupid children
      4) bankrupcies
      5) not paying workers

      1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

        And No. 6) FAKE NEWS

      2. Avatar David Lieder says:

        Ah, and you support rapist Bill Clinton, I guess? Or Obama who is now being exposed in the United States for massive scandals? And the Clinton foundation in 2018 is now the target of a major FBI investigation, which will no doubt cripple the Clintons, but I don’t hear you talking about that. Because you have no clue what is actually happening in America, even if you live here “Brent”. You ignore liberal American criminals, but yet you make baseless accusations against Trump without evidence because you don’t want to know the truth.

    4. Avatar David Lieder says:

      You’re crazy “Buddy”. Trump has accomplished about 65% of his campaign promises in the first year. He has done far more than Obama did, and Trump is more popular right now than Obama was at the same point in the Obama tenure. In addition, Trump is wealthy because his buildings are immaculate and he is one of the most highly-respected builders in that industry. Take your fake news rambling over to CNN or your local pub and rattle on over some shots of vodka, or something. Because you taint this website with your lies.

      1. Avatar MichaelA says:

        so far you have called other people idiot and crazy
        do you write anything except abuse?

      2. Avatar Buddy Rugger says:

        Bugger off.

  2. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

    Personally, if I was Ukraine, I wouldn’t put much faith in the present American administration.
    Capital Hill would be a more relevant focus in the relations of our nations.

    1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

      You’ve hit the head on the nail. While Bolton and others who advise the US President may be very capable people that may also advocate a sound foreign policy that could be advantageous for Ukraine, this does not mean that Trump will listen to them. In fact, in many cases he (Trump) has ignored the sound counsel of his advisers including the Secretary of State and has gone on his own tangent in trying to strike deals with aggressive venomous snakes such as Putin. And all the while, “the Donald” has clearly proven that he knows next to nothing about American foreign policy or any kind of foreign policy for that matter. He has even gone so far as to defer to his children, Ivanka and Donald Jr. for their unsound advice despite the fact they too are also complete bimbos when it comes to foreign policy. Thank God that the US Congress has had the common sense to thwart Trump’s attempt to climb in bed with Putin. That would have been an absolute disaster for America, Ukraine, their allies and even almost everyone in the international community.

      1. Avatar Dale Davies says:

        Well said. But I think the Buffoon Goon’s biggest problem is not necessarily his clear lack of knowledge of American foreign policy, but his total lack of diplomatic skills. He is not listening to the diplomatic corps on how things are done.

        1. Avatar David Lieder says:

          Actually, Trump has gotten far more done in his first year than most Presidents. I suppose you support that Obama sold 20% of our U.S. Uranium to Russia, and many other scandals. I’m glad Trump acts independently, and yes, he does listen carefully to advisers. You are an idiot, Dale Davies.

          1. Avatar Dale Davies says:

            Well, he has kind of accomplished a number of things. Note: I am not a Dem and did not think highly of Obama’s actions. As the the Buffoon Goon listening to his advisors, no. Example is the instance of congratulating Fuhrer Shorty the Shirtless on his “re election” win.
            During the campaign running up to the 2016 election, I did not like either presidential candidate. I feel the Republican Party got behind the Buffoon Goon as the best choice to win over Clinton. His record of appointing and somewhat shortly later firing them is scanalous. He has effectively neen caught with his dipstick in the wrong oil pan on multiple occasions. Payoffs by his lawyers to keep women quiet is indicative of guilt. Two out of three marriages have been to east European women. In those countries the women are raised with the standard that the men are the boss. Marla Maples is an American and less prone to put up with BS. That is likely why her marriage was short lived.
            There is a youtube video called “class” I think. It shows the Obamas arriving at a function in a limo. Batack gets out of the right side and takes a few steps to the rear bumper to wait for Michelle, and offers Michelle his arm before going up the syeps to gteey people. Then it shows the Trumps arrival. The Buffoon Goon gets out of the right side and goes up the steps and starts greeting people. Melania has to step quickly to catch up. If he can not show courtesy and respect to his wife, how can you expect the courtesy and respect to the American public or international diplomats.
            You may think I am an idiot, but we are both entitled to our opinions.
            I also think our Canadian prime minister, Dustbin Trudeau, is a goon. His “holiday” in India is a fine example of that. I think he started wearing his father’s underwear without washing it first!

          2. Avatar MichaelA says:

            nobody sold 20% of us uranium to russia
            thats not even possible

          3. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

            An idiot is a simpleton or someone who is mentally challenged. Just because an individual may hold different views other than your own does not make them an idiot. That should be simple enough to understand.

      2. Avatar David Lieder says:

        The job of the President is not to be a puppet of his advisers. You’re criticisms of Trump are ridiculous and merely echo the mindless hysteria of far-left groups in the United States who are opposed to change and want to be controlled by the deep-state system.

        1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

          My criticisms of Trump are not ideologically motivated nor do I have any partisan leanings to the right or the left. As for “the Donald”, he is his own worst enemy and has in the brief course of his Presidency invited valid criticisms from all over the ideological spectrum as a result of his highly erratic and sometimes childish and boorish behavior. In short, how can this individual (which has very little to do with the Republican Party) expect others to respect him when he constantly spews vitriol against anyone who might disagree with him. Moreover, he has clearly demonstrated that he is a misogynist, a narcissist, a racist, an egotist and a whole bunch of other “ists” not to mention an abysmal ignorance of foreign policy. And then to top it all off, Trump came up with this bizarre idea that he could seduce Putin the Pompous Pederast by playing “footsies” with Russia’s rabid rodent. Well, we should all be grateful to both the Republican and Democratic members of Congress who thought otherwise and were instrumental in placing Trump into a headlock, thus preventing an outright disaster in US foreign policy. And as for Trump’s advisers such as the Secretary of State or the National Security Adviser, yes he does have the right to make the final decision, but if he constantly ignores their sound counsel, then what does that say about him? Not a whole lot.

  3. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    China has already decided it wants to be a superpower too. Should be interesting…

  4. Avatar Brent says:

    Memo to self….finish bomb shelter….

    1. Avatar Dale Davies says:

      Not looking good for the rest of 2018 and probably 2019.

      1. Avatar David Lieder says:

        You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. The Russian defense budget is 40 Billion USD. The U.S. defense budget is almost one trillion dollars. That makes the U.S. budget 10 to 25 times more. It’s an astronomical difference. Then you have the budgets of other NATO allies. Russia won’t do anything except whine, because the West is posed to pound Putin and basically take out the Russian military and install true democracy in Russia. We are all tired of the criminal war-crime antics of these sociopaths in the Russian administration.

        1. Avatar Dale Davies says:

          I can agree with you on that. I am concerned about how close to a long visit to a mental health facility Pee-Wee Pootie and the Kriminalin are. They seem to have at least one foot in the ’50’s CCCP.

  5. Avatar David Lieder says:

    I don’t know who Vitaly Portnikov or Paul Goble are, and these two “authors” are clearly not important in the United States. But this article serves merely to insult Trump. Saying comments like: “Generally, the president isn’t interested even in political power because Trump barely understands what it is.”

    Most Americans support Trump and I encourage EuroMaiden Press to ignore the deep-state actors like Paul Goble who serve the interests of a corrupt core in many countries including America, that we call the “deep state”. America does not support these people and EuroMaiden Press should not give Paul Goble a platform to spread his ignorant and anti-Trump agenda. A clear example in this article is that Paul Goble can’t even write his own Op-Ed; he has to basically plagiarize and reiterate the views of Vitaly Portnikov, who obviously has no clue what’s happening in the United States. That’s actually quite funny that a deep-state corrupt American like Paul Goble is quoting a “know-it-all” non-American Vitaly Portnikov and Vitaly is pretending to be some kind of authority on American politics. What a piece of crap and this type of fake journalism should not be allowed on this great website of EuroMaiden Press.

    1. Avatar David Lieder says:

      That said, John Bolton is a great choice because Bolton is honest and a very smart and educated guy. G.W. Bush was a corrupt deep-state actor, but from the ex-Bush administration there are a few honest people and Bolton is one. John Bolton is also very supportive of Ukraine and he recognizes the danger of the authoritarian and evil Putin-era Russian government.

    2. Avatar MichaelA says:

      you say most americans support trump
      i thought he had an approval rating below 40%?
      if you cant get that right then why should euromaidan press take any notice of you?

    3. Avatar Микола Данчук says:

      Just as you pretend to “know-it-all”?