July 4th in Kyiv Brings Ukrainians and Americans Closer Together

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Americans around the world are holding celebrations for their country’s independence day. Kyiv is no different. Over the weekend, America House in Kyiv had a Fourth of July party. Our correspondent was there to find out what America means to Ukrainians.

Fourth of July, Kyiv style. It’s not that much different from an American party — a fun atmosphere, singing, dancing — and barbecue — especially American hot dogs and hamburgers. We caught up with Maryna, who says they’re especially delicious here:

“It’s delicious and it’s different, I think it’s a little bit different because of the atmosphere. I think that I’ll definitely travel somewhere, and when I’m in New York and I’ll try their hot dogs.”

Not only can you try real American hot dogs at the event, — you can also dance with Abe Lincoln and take a picture with the Statue of Liberty.

Live music, master classes, contests and photos. That’s just some of what Kyiv’s America House prepared for guests.

In the spirit of the holiday, we asked the attendees what America meant to them.

The language here is American English and jeans were invented in America, as well as burgers.

Most technologies, most of some ideas are still American, that’s why America is a great country.

Velida came to Ukraine with her husband, who works at the US embassy. She has Crimean Tatar roots, and has lived in the States for years. She said that, for her, the 4th is a family affair:

“We always do some kind of barbecue at home, our friends come. And in the evening, when we are in Washington, we watch fireworks, it’s a holiday for relatives and families.”

As the Deputy Chief Mission, her husband made it a point to say July 4th means more than fireworks and baseball — it’s about an idea.

“Yes, America is a country, but also an idea. The idea that free people can do what they want. That’s people from different countries have come to the US. It’s a country of immigrants. All of us or our ancestors are immigrants. And we came to create our life in freedom,” said George Kent, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Kyiv.

From all of us at UATV and Euromaidan Press we’d like to wish all of our American viewers a happy fourth of July.

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