Kremlin agents seeking to reduce part of Kazakhs to a Russian-speaking sub-ethnos of the Russian nation, Gali says

Azimbay Gali (Image:

Azimbay Gali (Image: 

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The Russian government has set up a network of agents in Kazakhstan in order to undermine that country’s sovereignty and independence by transforming a portion of the Kazakhs into a Russian-speaking people that Moscow will then insist are “a sub-ethnos” of the Russian nation, according to outspoken Kazakh nationalist Azimbay Gali.

In a Facebook page in Kazakh that has now been translated into Russian and is attracting attention in the region, Gali says the Russian network is using five different tactics to achieve its end.

  • First, Gali says, Moscow’s agents are promoting trilingual education in Kazakhstan’s Kazakh schools to reduce the quality of those schools, discredit them in the eyes of the population, and prevent the further “Kazakhization” of the country.
  • Second, these agents are exerting “significant influence on cadres policy” in the republic, assuring that those who become akims (governors) or ministers are people who may be Kazakh by nationality but who speak the language poorly or not at all.
  • Third, Moscow’s over-arching goal is “the creation of a Russian-speaking Kazakh sub-ethnos” so that “tomorrow they will tell us: we have our own literature, classics, Russian-language mosques, and a ‘spiritual donor,’ Russia; and in this way they will be able to split the country.
  • Fourth, the most dangerous of these agents have succeeded in remaining in office and have not been subject to lustration. That has allowed them to continue to do Moscow’s work under the guise of promoting Astana’s.
  • And fifth, because these agents are skilled at shifting the blame on others for any problems, “the time has come to call things by their right names, to identify the influential Russian agents and block their actions.”


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  1. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    The Russian attempts at subterfuge in Kazakhstan mirrors the same events that have been ongoing in Ukraine for approximately the past decade. In short, while trying to recreate a new Russian Empire, Putin the Pederast had laid out a plan to subjugate all or most of the former Soviet Republics with the aim of incorporating them within a Russian sphere of interest. Should that fail, his next option would be an invasion (partly through rogue elements or proxies) of any regions with a significant ethnic Russian population while at the same destabilizing the targeted independent State. With this being the case, Northern Kazakhstan which contains a significant ethnic Russian population would become a prime destination for his maneuvers. As such, the only major repelling instrument to at least stall the Russian dictator’s aggression may require much more stringent sanctions from the Western powers. All that would be needed is the will and perseverance.

    1. Avatar Mick Servian says:

      Hahaha nah this bs article definitely in my top 5 for creativity.
      Has the author actually proof read this bs? And still thought it was ok?

      1. Avatar Anon says:

        Learn English, Kremlin shill.

        1. Avatar Mick Servian says:

          you’re telling me to learn English mate?
          i’m born in an English country….
          find another lame ass insult

  2. Avatar Tony says:

    Probably time for Russian neighbors to band together to fight Russian attempts at subjugating them individually.

  3. Avatar Eolone says:

    Looking forward to the 2018 election. But the Russian people have seen this trick before and know they have nothing to gain by it.

    1. Avatar Mick Servian says:

      Thanks for caring.