Putin’s ‘magic’ has disappeared like Cinderella’s coach, Golts says

Vladimir Putin at a meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2013 (Image: Alexander Petrosyan)

Vladimir Putin at a meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2013 (Image: Alexander Petrosyan) 

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Like Cinderella’s coach at the stroke of midnight, Vladimir Putin’s “magic,” his “negative charm, no longer works” as it did in the past, Aleksandr Golts says. Instead, as the recent St. Petersburg Economic Forum showed, it has disappeared or more precisely turned into something else entirely.

For most of Putin’s time at the top of the Russian political pyramid, foreigners have been interested in what the Kremlin leader has to say on this or that topic. But “suddenly it has turned out that the surrounding world has simply lost interest in [his] views” and no longer wants to speak with him about “generalities” but only about specific issues.

That shift first became obvious when Putin visited Paris and the new French president Emmanuel Macron “coldly said what Paris wants from the master of the Kremlin and what will be if these demands are not satisfied.” So dramatic was this shift, Golts says, it “deprived the chief Russian official of his gift of speech.”

Then there was the behavior of NBC journalist Megyn Kelly who chaired a session in St. Petersburg where Putin spoke but “ignored the themes” he wanted to talk about, refused to respond to his tactic of answers “in the style ‘but you lynch Negroes,’” and ignored his crudities which his media claque called humor.

Instead, Kelly did what a journalist is supposed to do. She asked the same question again and again, about “the level of Moscow’s interference in American domestic politics and in particular in the American elections.” That is a tactic which works because finally those who don’t want to answer nonetheless give way.

That is what happened with Putin this time, and the Kremlin leader conceded far more than he likely intended with his comments about hackers and his refrain that everybody can do this and nothing that they do really matters. And it is worth noting, Golts continues, that the US media reported only this and not Putin’s preferred themes about the economy and cooperation.

This represents “a change in the paradigm of interrelationships between the master of the Kremlin and the rest of the world. No one is trying to predict Moscow’s actions based on Putin’s remarks. It is well known that the chief boss of Russia lies as often as he breathes,” Golts continues.

And so this time around “no one asked the question ‘Who is Mr. Putin?’ No one sought to compose psychological portraits” of the man. Instead, “they offered accusations about what had already been done and [just] watched to see how he would [try to] justify himself” to the world.


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  1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    The Putin Paradigm: always lie, deflect, or dissemble. Truth is always a flexible construct in RuSSia under the Putinator. It can be stretched to snugly fit any lie.

  2. Avatar Murf says:

    Good ol’ Megan Kelly.
    No matter how Putin tried to disassemble and obfuscate he just kept hammering him until he was babbling like a nerdy school boy asking out the prom queen.
    you see this how the 4th estate is supposed to work.
    Confronting Power with their flaws and hypocrisies. So of course Putin didn’t know how to handle it. For all of his supposed eloquence his interviews and town hall style meetings are so pre-programmed they might as well be filmed with CGI characters.
    It was fun watching him get his a$$ kicked by a girl all over the playground.

    1. Avatar Andrew Chmile says:

      Most “reviews” of that said she wasn’t prepared… NOT one question on Ukraine OR the French elections either…. She SHOULD have been better prepared to expect EVERYTHING Putin had to say …. Because he’s said all that before… She should stick to more domestic stuff maybe …. more her “speed”.

  3. Avatar Eolone says:

    Why did Megyn Kelly ask questions she knew Putin would lie about? NBC paid too much for her. I saw the clip, not the entire interview; but after Putin plead ignorance about Flynn during the RT meeting, did Megyn ask to interview the organizer of the event about why Flynn and Dr. Stein were invited? Probably not. She has a law degree, but it doesn’t show.