Russians list Putin’s greatest successes and greatest failures

Putin with a mean grimace


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A new Levada Center poll showing that more than half of Russians are tired of waiting for Vladimir Putin to bring them a better life but that nearly three-quarters of them still trust the Russian president has not surprisingly attracted a good deal of attention, commentary and speculation about the upcoming election.

But perhaps even more interesting than those global assessments are the listing and rankings Russians give to what they say are the Kremlin’s leader’s greatest successes and greatest failures, a set of figures that provides a more nuanced view of how Russians view Putin in the 17th year of his reign.

The rankings combine those who rated a particular action as a success and those who rated it as a failure. Putin’s greatest successes, in descending order, were:

  1. Raising the country’s military capability
  2. Strengthening the international standing of Russia
  3. Resolving the Chechen problem
  4. Restoring order to the country
  5. Improving ties with CIS countries
  6. Promoting optimism and hope
  7. Improving international relations
  8. Fighting crime
  9. Protecting democracy and freedoms.

The last “success” is only one point positive relative to the negatives.

His greatest failures, again in descending order from the most to the least, are, Russians say:

  1. Fighting corruption
  2. Improving the standard of living
  3. Bringing the oligarchs to heel
  4. Economic development
  5. Strengthening morality
  6. Improving ties with the West
  7. Creating conditions for private business
  8. Eliminating the threat of terrorism in Russia.

Again the margins for the last four are small, less than five points.

Putin's greatest successes and greatest failures according to Russians (Image: Euromaidan Press using data of April 2017 survey by Levada Center)

Image: EUROMAIDAN PRESS using data of April 2017 survey by Levada Center (CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE)



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  • Brent

    They missed a few Kremlin Mafia “accomplishments”…..

    1) Devaluing the “rubble”!!!

    2) Banning government workers from travelling abroad

    3) Banning women’s lace undergarments…..two years later this one still cracks me up!!!

    4) Paying employees in surplus “Bricks”…and everyone else thought BRICS meant something else!!!

    5) Russia’s war on Syrian healthcare system

    6) Boom goes “Motorola”!!!

    7)….and “Givi”!!! Trying to be “fair and balanced” I will cite a Russo Terrorist website for this one especially because it refers to this as an “ISIS style assassination….

    8) They made Putin grow at the age of 62!!!

    9) “The Smoking Kuznetsov”!!!

    “We all came out to Dover
    On the English Channel Shoreline
    To make photos of Russia’s carrier
    Which doesn’t appear to have much time
    Smoke on the water, Kuznetsov must be on fire
    Smoke on the water, Putin’s such a liar….”

    10) And who can forget “ratburgers”, “palm oil cheese”, bath lotion” and whatever other cr*p Russians are forced to eat because of their ban of healthier European food!!!

    • Andrew Chmile

      Ah!!!! —- like the “David Letterman TOP TEN” !!! :)

      The AMAZING thing is what “Joe Monhol” ranked as “successes” & as “important”.

      It truly is NOT a stereotype — of Ruski being horde or insect like.


      Radio songs of women with lyrics of how they want a man like Putin….
      The monhol “church” saying “Putin is a gift from God.”

      AND “AH SWEAH!!!” — this is true!
      One female Russian Duma Deputy, suggesting they COLLECT Putin’s sperm’ to impregnate a lot of Russian women!

      “AH SWEAH!!!” — this is true!

      I’m not so imaginative to make that sh*t up!

      I suppose that dumb Duma deputy could start COLLECTING such orally …

    • Alex George

      The irony is that the number one point for which he is approved “Raising the country’s military capability” is actually a fail. He has made the military weaker during his time in office, and its “accomplishments” are illusory.

  • zorbatheturk

    Putin’s only success is in carrying on the legacy of Josif Stalin. In that endeavour Putin rates an A+.

  • Czech Mate

    “Promoting optimism and hope” LOL

  • veth

    Sounds the list of North-Korea

  • Murf

    Do Russians consider keeping an out an out War Criminal like Assad in power a success or a failure?

    • Andrew Chmile

      Murf hath rote:
      “Do Russians consider keeping an out an out War Criminal like Assad in power a success or a failure?”

      Maybe their loudly touted BRIDGE TO CRIMEA?

      Crimea: New houses for resettlers collapsing in occupied Kerch
      I better give you the link …. before you accuse me of, besides exaggerating Ruski “engineering incompetence” —- of — “HATE” — as the monhol mole “Vasyl P.” just accused me of …. Hurt my feelings too! :(

      Uke engineers who spent *years* STUDYING about where, how, what kind of bridge to build — IF they were going to — were surprised at WTF the Ruski were going to do ….. NOTHING they expected …. so here you have it this BS. Another “GRAND SOVIET PROJECT” type sh*t.

      Have to give a copy to Oknemfrod of this. Why do I think he will be as astonished about this as you are?

      • Murf

        Yeah I mean who builds a bridge across two converging plates with MAYBE a year’s planning!
        That whole housing fiasco sounds like someone cut corners on the concrete thickness.
        A LOT of corners.
        This is the Kleptocracy at its finest. It should be a reminder of what Ukrainians are trying fix with their society.

    • Andrew Chmile

      Probably a SUCCESS — as they tell it …. They blamed the U.S. for bombing Syrian hospitals btw — Very seriously showing the damages to such ….. you know … American ANIMALS — doing THAT — DELIBERATELY!!

      Julia Davis on her shows it.
      She likes “photo proof” of their sh*t as you know.

      She noted that they copped her style — side by side photos, with the stamp “FAKE” on the left and then the honest one on the right.

      They can copy …. somewhat.

    • Andrew Chmile
    • Andrew Chmile

      More later …. “laker48” — the LYING polak
      ————– fo’ you & Paul (Oknemfrod) — polak posted on a Ukie-polak article on another Euro Press page — LYING AGAIN!!!…. so …. GOD IS JUST!!!
      —————– BEGIN:

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      Whether as “laker48” or “max Canada” his posting profile is hidden. His above EASILY PROVEN LYING will be addressed. With HONEST & accurate “distaste”.

      But FIRST — who is this LOUDLY “LYING*, COWARDLY, anti-Ukrainian, polak?

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      Zygmunt Janiewicz, who worked for Global Securities Corp. in Kelowna, B.C., has been barred from the industry for six months and ordered to repay his commissions.

      Hmm… was the polak “churning” this widow woman’s (?) account most GREEDILY? Like a SCUMBAG?

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      The *LYNG* polak *COWARD* & Ukraine hater, didn’t even have the CHARACTER to appear at the hearing and have the DECENCY to apologize to the woman and her kids…. just took the “default judgement” — polish SCUMBAG!!!

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      Hmm photo later — good thing I saved a copy earlier! — He’s removed any close photos of his EVIL, *LYING*

      WIDOW WOMAN SWINDLING polak face!

      • Alex George

        Wow – even if some or all of this were correct, its wildly off-topic.

  • Ihor Dawydiak

    For those who are skeptical about the Levada Poll or for that matter any poll that is held in Russia, there are two significant viewpoints. In the first case (for those who actually agreed to take part in any given poll), how many individuals actually state their truth considering a very real potential fear that they could be identified (via hacking) and faced with retaliation from the State if their answers were not supportive of the totalitarian regime? In the second case, if their answers were true and supportive of Putin’s regime, how many of these people fear instability over anything else or are gullible to a single source of constant propaganda coming from Russian authorities? Finally, if these viewpoints are valid shouldn’t any poll held in Russia be taken with a grain (or tubful) of salt?

  • zorbatheturk

    Somebody needs to do a Jason Statham number on Putin’s evil skull.

  • putinputout

    His transformation from a former communist KGB politruk to a fully fledged fascist is his greatest “success”.