The many designs of traditional Ukrainian pysanka Easter eggs, by region


For Easter, Ukrainians make pysanky – colorful eggs dyed in the batik method. It’s a tradition that goes back to ancient times and is found in many Eastern European nations. In Ukraine, it’s so popular that there is even a pysanka museum in the city of Kolomyia.

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Different Ukrainian regions have their distinct traditional designs, which manifest themselves in the outfits, embroidery, and other designs of the regions. Easter eggs are no exception! Discover the many varieties of traditional Ukrainian designs in our video. You can also view it as a gif:


Here is another video created by the Ivan Honchar museum of Ukrainian traditional culture:

But these are only a part of the traditional designs. Here are some others:img4

map2 map3 map4

And this year, the pysanka-making has been taken to a new stage, as a grand exhibition on Sofiyivska ploshcha in Kyiv displays hundreds of unconventional designs:

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