Ukraine’s airplane giant Antonov tests first model without Russian components



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Article by: UATV

A brand new Ukrainian-built Antonov plane, taking off for the first time. The iconic Antonov aircraft manufacturer tested its new multipurpose model AN-132D on 31 March. A delegation of top officials from Saudi Arabia, Ukraine’s main partner in the plane’s development, were in attendance.

Antonov’s new AN-132D is built to carry up to almost 10 tons, fly at a maximum cruise speed of 550 km/h and can be used for air dropping medical supplies, equipment, and military service personnel as well as a variety of other transport needs. Most of the plane’s components are Ukrainian, with other supplies from the USA, France, Germany, and Canada.

Notably, this is the first model without a single Russian detail – an achievement for Ukraine, where the aerospace and defense industries are highly interconnected with Russia from Soviet times. The turboprop engines were purchased from the Canadian company Pratt & Whitney, propellers – from the British Dowty Propellers. In addition, avionics and the power supply system on the aircraft was provided by the US company Honeywell, and air preparation system came from the German Liebherr.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko spoke at the event:

“The partnership with our Saudi friends is especially important in conditions of broken cooperation ties with the country-aggressor Russia.  I also want to emphasize that the program to create the AN-132D is a truly international project. The creation of this multi-purpose transport aircraft involved the leading enterprises of aircraft in the world. Companies from the US, the UK, France, Germany and many others”.

The AN-132D was presented at the Antonov factory on 20 December 2016. Photo:

The AN-132D was presented at the Antonov factory on 20 December 2016. Photo:

Antonov officials hope that the Ukrainian-made plane’s unique features will allow it to be used all around the world.

Oleksandr Khokhlov, the AN-132D plane program director:

“We designed this plane on the clients’ needs. It must be competitive in price, easy to operate and maintain. It is able to operate on prepared landing strips and high-altitude airfields. This is very important for our potential markets, particularly in India and Latin America.”

Of course, Antonov’s world record-breaking AN-225 Mriya remains the trademark plane of the Ukrainian company. But it’s hoped more Antonov will continue developing more models in the future with the label – Made in Ukraine!

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  • Murf

    The three keys to victory.
    Looking forward to watching Ukraine’s renaissance as more people learn this simple truth.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      In the long run Dwarfstan is the Big Loser. The components hitherto supplied by Dwarfstanian companies are now supplied by other countries; they win. And not only does Dwarfstan lose business, it also loses influence as its banks are shut down and total trade volume declines. Sberbank is just the first Dwarfstanian state bank to withdraw, others will follow.
      Slowly but surely others will take Dwarfstan’s place.

      • veth
      • Murf

        The up side also is that Ukraine is getting better components for their products.
        The Prat & Whitney engines for the An-132s are more fuel efficient and have more power.
        I read that GE (who own P&W) are going the build a engine plant in Ukraine.
        Looks like the start of a good relationship.

        • Andrew Chmile

          The labor is cheaper than the Coast of China I read!

          Besides more skilled…

          “I read that GE (who own P&W) are going to build a engine plant in Ukraine.”

          — The Japanese are moving in as well.

    • MichaelA

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      7 The important things are always simple
      8 The simple things are always hard

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        • Alex George

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  • veth

    Without Russian components: It can fly, not rusty in 3 months, no smoke-signals, cheaper than overpriced fake Russian paper-planes.

  • veth

    After 25 years, and 300 years too late………………Let Ukrainians farmers become miljonairs!

    • MichaelA

      The farmers
      Not the oligarchs

  • zorbatheturk

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    • Andrew Chmile

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