#LiveBlog: Another ceasefire began in Donbas, 4 wounded soldiers on the first day #DonbasReports

The OSCE SMM photo of 3 Russian T-64 tanks in occupied Kozatske in Donetsk region.

The OSCE SMM photo of 3 Russian T-64 tanks in occupied Kozatske in Donetsk region. 

News, War in the Donbas

On March 29 Easter ceasefire in the Eastern Ukraine was announced after the talks in Minsk. The Ukrainian military recorded 94 attacks on the eve of the truce on March 31, ten servicemen were wounded in action. Щn April 1, the military activity decreased since midnight, the new ceasefire in the Donbas was mostly held but not fully, 4 Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in 20 attacks as of 18:00.

◌ “Easter ceasefire” in the Donbas was announced after the talks in Minsk on March 29
◌ The truce started at 00:00 on April 1
◌ On March 31, 10 soldiers were wounded in action in 94 attacks
◌ Military activity decreased on April 1. From 00:00 to 18:00 20 attacks were recorded, however, 4 Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in action today by 6 p.m..
◌ Commander-In-Chief Viktor Muzhenko said, “Developments of the last 2w indicate that Russia is preparing to start the activation of mil actions in the Donbas.”
◌ March 2017: 30 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 198 wounded in 2746 attacks in Eastern Ukraine
◌ Since the beginning of this year, 65 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 440 wounded in 6419 attacks. In March – almost half of all casualties

◌ The ATO Headquarters reported 37 attacks on April 1, the first day of so-called “Easter ceasefire,” it is 2½ times less than a day before (94 attacks on March 31). 4 soldiers were wounded in action.




April 1, 00:00-12:00: Much less military activity in the Donbas, however no full ceasefire

Donetsk went quiet past midnight:

00:02 Donetsk: Allegedly, yes [=it’s quiet]
00:03 Donetsk: No, they are still firing, so far large calibres have ceased
00:05 Donetsk: Quiet
00:07 Kadiivka: [As of midnight the cannonade has been ceased]
00:10 Donetsk: Quiet, only dogs bark due to the unusual silence
00:19 Makiivka #Gvardeyka: Seemingly, they have shut up. We’ll see what is then
00:25 Donetsk: “Quiet. Not a joke”

Kadiivka quietened too:

00:30 Kadiivka: It’s quiet in Kadiivka
01:08 Makiivka: That’s all. This time “ceasing” wasn’t long
01:08 Donetsk: A boom
01:20 Novhorodske: Silence
01:39 Donetsk Kyivskyi district : “Scary silence”

A report on minor overnight activity in Donetsk:

07:02 Donetsk: “From about 5 a.m. [RU] fired artillery a bit, rarely, 1-2 shots, then I heard it arounf 06:20″

One or two massive explosions were heard in Donetsk at 10:07:

10:07 Donetsk: “Budyonovskyi: a boom” “#Sonyachnyi: has it been it a loud April joke?”
10:07 Donetsk Leninskyi #Obzhora: “Since it’s ceasefire, that was probably 2 heavy UFOs flying out”
10:07 Donetsk: “Durna_Balka: a strong explosion far away, dogs barking”
10:07 Donetsk: Ceasefire regime is over, orcs have jumped the gun, a ka-boom [=it wasn’t first since 00:00]

A plume of the black smoke west of Makiivka:

10:24 Makiivka: Black smoke rises between Kordon pond and Yahidka dacha community

A BMP IFV has been heard firing between Avdiivka and occupied Yasynuvata:

11:30 Yasynuvata: DFS direction [=west, filtering station]: a BMP is working by times



ATO HQ: 94 attacks, 10 WIA on March 31

The ATO Headquarters recorded 94 attacks on Ukrainian positions on March 31, 10 servicemen were wounded in action.



March 31 in the Donbas according to local residents on social networks

Another ceasefire was announced during talks in Minsk this time from the 1st of April. A day before the ceasefire was not so quiet in both Donetsk and Luhansk regions according to reports by local residents on social networks.

One night report on undefined military equipment on move (all time EET, GMT+3):

00:09 Makiivka: Noisy – movement at the bypass [=military equipment]

Military trucks moved in Donetsk in the morning (regular activity):

09:44 Donetsk: an empty truck like a crew bus went crossed Hrynkevycha along Universytetska northwards, #27 in dashed 0 on green, DK3802
10:04 Donetsk: a covered truckwent along #Kuprina towards Bosse, tactical sign was #33 in dashed 0, number plate was DK3540
11:43 Donetsk: From Leninskyi avenue to #Tkachenka 2 new Kamaz, like not KUNG nut smth more serious, no tact signs, DK6992 and DDK6993

A Soviet T-34-85 tank being transported southwards:

11:47 Donetsk Budyonovskyi: [RU] move on a transporter a T-34 [tank fr/monument] towards Mospyne [=southwards]

At noon a plume of smoke is seen in west Donetsk, less military on the streets of the city:

12:12 Donetsk: Roughly at 11:55 – some smoke in the direction of Tochmash looking there from Artema
13:14 Donetsk: Almost no orcs[=RU] are seen intown, but many people in camo in cars. Not intense trsffic of Ural-Kamaz trucks, but they are

An explosion between Novhorodske and occupied Horlivka:

14:15 Novhorodske: “As I took a photo of Horlivka from our cemetery, an explosion sounded from there. The city’s glad to see me”

Afternoon pause and north Donetsk begins an “ordinary” pointless evening shelling:

17:00 Yasynuvata: Between Verkhnyotoretske and Kruta_Balka a mutual mortar shelling [is ongoing]
17:30 North Donetsk: RU orcs don’t break their “schedule” – heavy booms and [going] far away
17:32 Donetsk: #Oktyabrskyi can hear frequent heavy [booms] in airport, Spartak direction
17:50 Novhorodske: Avdiivka direction has started to rumble
18:00 Makiivka: it pounds as f*ck
18:07 Makiivka: “And where is it going? Or no one cares? Just a f*ckup”
18:12 Donetsk Proletarskyi: Since 17:48 we are listening to various booms distant and intense
18:21 Donetsk: Roughly an hour ago, they’ve towed [T-34 on platfprm trailer] back along Svitloho Shlyakhu towards Livoberezhna
18:36 [Avdiivka area]: “The 2nd hour started as separs are saying goodbye to the war before tomorrow’s ceasefire from 00:00”
18:45 Donetsk Proletarskyi: Some strange high-frequency short booms. Like shooting from an machine gun, but heavy [ones]
18:48 Makiivka: west-northwest is preparing to a “ceasefire,” salvos and immidiate impacts are there and my walls are shaking X-teen km away
18:52 Makiivka: Around 16:00 in Makiivka_village they heard tracks clattering for ~10 minutes. Possibable direction: Chaykynske-#Kapitalna
19:00 Yasynuvata: Uninterrupted falls in Promka direction

Horlivka reports far sparse explosions since 1 p.m.:

19:13 Horlivka: “Today in the center from about 13:00 until now southwest is heard distant, but strong, preparations to another ceasefire?”

The battle in the area of Avdiivka and occupied Makiivka, Yasynuvata, Donetsk continues:

19:17 Khanzhonkove, Makiivka: “it’s loud.” Putin’s 152mm work from the rear towards Avdiivka
19:18 Makiivka: Since 17:45 launches started in the north, first unassured then increasingly until 18:45. The soil vibrates
19:20 Donetsk Schetinina: Dull salvos, sometimes even like in series, distant, it’s hard to get the direction
19:29 Donetsk: AA-gun was shooting down a UAV from #Tochmash direction during a minute
19:33 Donetsk: #Zaperevalna is listening too, they are somehow frequent, machine gun fired and bigger [guns], dense fire

Svitlodarsk Bulge activates:

19:38 Svitlodarsk Bulge: It has become noisy

Artillery continues to pound from Donetsk:

19:41 Donetsk Proletarskyi: Pretty heavy ones have started [=outgoing artillery]
19:52 Donetsk: it booms
19:58 Donetsk Tekstilschik: one can hear it good
20:00 Yasynuvata: loud, outgoing
20:10 Donetsk: a covered truck went along Kyivskyi avenue from downtown towards airport
20:50 Makiivka: Something has banged and started to make noise

Outgoing fire from occupied Kadiivka, Luhansk Oblast:

20:50 Kadiivka: Outgoing artillery fires somewhere far off, probably they are preparing to a ceasefire
20:50 Donetsk: Grad has fired out [=unconfirmed]
20:51 Makiivka: It’s been like an incoming round or very strong outgoing. The center, #Krasna_Horka, #Zakhidna, #Novorabochyi: houses jump
21:00 Donetsk: Yevdokiivka:- windows have started to vibrate. Bosse: loud. Novyi_Svit: it’s heard

A bombardment begins west of occupied Luhansk:

21:04 Luhansk: I can hear a “ceasefire” having been started with one impact after another
21:07 Luhansk: One can hear a cannonade somewhere far away. Frequent
21:14 Bile, Luhansk rgn: Flashes behind a hill in the direction fo Rodakove, something big [is shelling]
21:22 Luhansk rgn: 15m as LNR terrorists densely pound Krymske with 152mm projectiles, are they preparing to the Easter truce of April fool?
21:29 Rodakove, Luhansk rgn: Rodakove just jumps

A cannonade is still heard in Donetsk:

21:31 Donetsk: …The north rumbles tough
21:31 Donetsk: Multiple booms of various strength west-southwest
21:31 Donetsk: it was anti aircraft gun [not Grad]
21:35 Donetsk: “Zhilploschadka has been lighted with illuminating lights and it has begun”
21:35 Yenakiieve: It’s the 2nd day when at Yenakiieve settlement one can hear something flying [UAV?]
21:38 Donetsk: Tough battle in the northwest. Artillery, machine guns, mortars…

Another shelling north of Dokuchaevsk, an occupied town south of Donetsk:

21:40 Olenivka outskirts: battle

Kadiivka reports that artillery attacks its north:

21:40 Kadiivka: They are firing. Bakhmut_road direction

The evening artillery is still heard in north Donetsk:

21:47 Donetsk Proletarskyi: How it has f*cking boomed!
21:47 Donetsk: Something powerful has shelled and booms resumed
21:48 Donetsk: It flashes behind #Skochynskoho too, ongoing battle
21:50 Makiivka: It has banged serious

Minor activity south of Donetsk between Krasnohorivka and occupied Trudovski settlement:

21:55 Krasnohorivka: small arms, booms. Impacts reported in Skhidna area

Donetsk continues shelling:

21:58 Donetsk: 10 p.m. and the battle in Promka direction doesn’t stop
22:14 Donetsk: strong salvos in the northwest
22:15 Donetsk: “Powerful, intense and very loud
22:16 Donetsk Petrovka, Trudovski: Something on fire on #Karnavalna street in the [area] of first houses
22:16 Donetsk, Tekstilschik: Booms became seldom but stable HMG fire [instead]. What if [UA] break- thru? [=I doubt]
22:18 Donetsk: Why have they ceased at #Abakumova? Some 30 min ago they pounded with half-sky glow, doors nearly fell because of salvos…
22:22 Donetsk: “It becomes even louder in the north, orcs become blatant”

Dokuchaevsk reports activity in the north:

22:24 Dokuchaevsk: Oh f*ck, How Olenivka direction rumbles! And long time

Donetsk shells on:

22:28 Makiivka: “All west rumbles with both incoming an outgoing [rounds]” “Flashes are seen in the northwest, impacts in the west”

22:29 Donetsk Budyonovskyi: Bloodshed well-heard indoors, I went out: just hell there, north-northwest MG bursts, heavy [arty] & a load of everything
22:30 Donetsk: Nothing falls [=no incoming rounds], stop your fairy tales, almost everything flies out from Donetsk
22:37 Donetsk: F*ckup, plaster will fall off soon, ceiling lamps clink
22:58 Marinka: More than an hour until yet another ceasefire, but booms continue
22:58 Donetsk Tekstilschik: Machine guns calmed down, again artillery is pounding
23:00 Makiivka Gvardeyka: and now it’s loud, Gvardeyka is listening to the northwest
23:03 Donetsk: DMZ hoot at 23:00, I thought orcs would calm down, but no. Promka [is restless]
23:05 Donetsk Kyivskyi district: Heavy outgoings from #Oktyabrskyi_Rudnik mine direction, some in’s are heard from southwest in Kuybyshevskyi or Kirovskyi
23:25 Donetsk: “Quiet, what the hell? There are 35 minutes for shelling!”

Artillery is still shelling north of occupied Kadiivka targeting free territories in the north, a short lull in Donetsk:

23:25 Kadiivka: Noisy here. It’s heard from Holubivka direction
23:34 Donetsk: Reloading, changing positions
23:39 Holubivka: Ruscists have pounded the area of Toshkivka and [nothing] as a reply [=no return fire]

20 minutes to midnight and Donetsk is still shelling, Dokuchaevsk has ceased:

23:40 Donetsk: “They f*cking pound, damn bastards”
23:42 Donetsk: They are pounding, powerfully
23:42 Donetsk: capital gunnery
23:43 Donetsk: oh, it has begun [=shelling resumed, ]
23:47 Makiivka Gvardeyka: Booms intensify or, more likely, approach. Sometimes vibration is felt
23:49 Dokuchaevsk: Quiet at Olenivka, it’s further, not north but northwest [=shelling there]
23:55 Donetsk: It still booms, 5 more min left [to planned ceasefire]

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  • WisconsinUSA

    come on my country. get our best weapons in the hands of the freedom fighters of ukraine.bring it putin.but wait till we get our best air defense systems and counter battery systems into the hands of these brave men and women.

    • Alex George

      Great points.

      Well done, Euromaidan Press, for gathering such detailed evidence about the Russian ceasefire violations. This is the best counter to Putin’s hybrid warfare. Russian force have violated the Minsk ceasefire many times each week since it began in March 2015, and we see that they continue to do so.

      • Fortranz

        The Kiev government should sent an immediate message too Rex Tillerson for Trump to read here about what his “friend Putin” is up too. Such detailed evidence should not miss their attention or the attention of the American people. however I bet it will.

        • Alex George

          To a large extent, that is up to people like us. There are many US officials and lawmakers who are favourably disposed towards Ukraine, and they will welcome evidence like this.

          US citizens should be drawing this material to their representatives’ attention. Even foreigners like myself can do this with our elected representatives and also put links on blogs that we frequent.

          The Kremlin spends a lot of money on information warfare, but it forgets that there are many ordinary people around like you and me, who are also information warriors. And there are a lot of us. Keep up the good work!

          • Fortranz

            Thank you. And I do spend quite a bit of my time fighting this information war, however, I think that it”s only just recently the West has begun to awaken to how the Kremlin has been engaged in dissemination of it’s propaganda narrative through social media channels. My thinking is that the traditional media in the West should spend more time exposing how the Kremlin is doing this. Hopefully these investigations of the Russian involvement in the USA’s last presidential election will focus more attention on what I see as a new front in the propaganda war between the Western Democracies and Russia.

  • Greg

    Does anyone believe Russia will implement a ceasefire? never, they will continue to shoot Ukrainians and bomb civilian areas.

  • zorbatheturk

    Putin will claim the RuSSian tanks are taking part in an Easter egg hunt.

  • Turtler

    Anyone wanna bet how long this one lasts?

    Seriously. I’d like to be optimistic about this, but I just cannot find it in me. A ceasefire isn’t effective when only one side even tries to adhere to it, and the Kremlin has shown how thoroughly it does not care for international or internal peace arrangements.

    If anything I fear this might be something Putin will be doing to try and refocus his thugs and attentions elsewhere. If we’re lucky it might be in Syria. If we’re less so it might be Belarus. If not he could try and set Odessa on fire again. or line tanks up like he did in 2008 and wait for a moment he can blame the Ukrainians for violating the ceasefire and then dump the main body of the Russian military on them.

    Centuries before the Cold War between Communism and literally everything else, this Iberian hildalgo named Don Juan Manuel spoke of the dangers of a “Tepid War”, war without glory or even the assurance that it would end, and peace without any of the actual benefits of it.

    Be careful, Ukrainians. This may be one of the most dangerous times.

    • Fortranz

      “- If anything I fear this might be something Putin will be doing to try and refocus his thugs and attentions elsewhere. -”

      I think that Putin does this now because most of the western attention is focused on elections in the EU and the failings of Trump’s presidencies start.

      • Turtler

        “I think that Putin does this now because most of the western
        attention is focused on elections in the EU and the failings of Trump’s
        presidencies start.”

        I’m skeptical for a couple of reasons. Starting with the fact that none of these things were quite as urgent as the Syrian War and particuarlyl when ISIS started picking fights with Chimpy Assad and his Russian allies, but Putin kept the war going for that.

        And secondly because both have been somewhat overblown. For one, Trump has been going through both defeats (most crucially on the failure to get the first Obamacare repeal bill/Trumpcare through) and victories (including coming within an ace of getting the fact that Obama’s people have been surveying him under dubious grounds at best, and getting one up on the EPA),* and the European elections aren’t all clustered around the first third or middle of the year.

        For instance, the Dutch have already voted, as have half a dozen other countries in one capacity or another (such as the *comparatively* unimportant German Pres Election).

        So while I am sure Putin sees the stuff coming ahead as pretty important, I don’t think they explain him doing this for that.

        If I had to make a guess, I think the outbreak of massive anti-Luka unrest in Belarus has affected his judgement more than the things you listed. While Luka has periodically bitten the hand that puppets him the idea of a Belarusian Maidan cannot possibly appeal to Putin as a good thing If that happens, suddenly Putin’s tendrils get thrown back that much further East..

        * And in any case, that coupled with Tillerson’s statement that the sanctions will stay in place (which for some reason didn’t get reported on this site, because hey all the news that is fit to print) means that the “Trump/Putin Bromance” so many have been talking about must be- if not dead- at least a heck of a lot less promising than the tyrant of the Kremlin must have hoped in his more optimistic moments.

        • Alex George

          Tillerson has made some very good statements, also McCain, Nikki Haley and others. Leaving domestic US issues to one side, I suggest the connection with Belarus needs some tweaking. I agree that tension between Minsk and Moscow has been rumbling on for a few years now, but the recent uplift in tension between them came after the Russian attacks at Avdiivka in Donetsk.

          In the same way, its true that there has been constant firing, every week for two years by Russian-backed forces in the Donbas but Avdiivka was more than that – the shooting was far more intense, and it was accompanied by several infantry assaults. We haven’t seen that intensity since the “cease fire” began in March 2015. It looks like they made a serious attempt to capture some key ground.

          “(which for some reason didn’t get reported on this site, because hey all the news that is fit to print) ”

          In fairness, you will find that a lot of things don’t get printed on Euromaidan Press – it publishes fewer articles and longer ones than than most other sites. There are news sites which tend to cover everything, such as UAWire, Unian or Censor.net, but their articles don’t have the same depth or length as the articles in Euromaidan Press or e.g. Hromadske.