Ukrainians defend homeland from invaders in comic book inspired by hybrid war


A Ukrainian comic book with a parallel to modern events. It was written by an internally displaced person from Donbas and tells the story of brave Ukrainians who defend their homeland from invaders. The series, which can be translated as “Keepers of the Country,” is only two issues into its planned 10-part first season. The stories involve four legendary Ukrainian heroes: brothers Kyi, Schek, Khoryv as well as their sister Lybid, the original founders of Kyiv.

Leonid Krasnopolskyi, the author of the project, wanted to make a comic book with Ukrainian superheroes that Ukrainian kids could look up to in modern times. 

“We decided to make a story for kids, ages 10-to-12, about ordinary people who, under the threat of war, took up arms to defend their country, Ukraine, from a northern neighbor who decided to attack.”

The idea of creating a comic book about Ukrainian defenders has received wide support, including from people in the government, who are trying to help secure private funding for distribution. Artem Bidenko, Deputy Minister of Information Policy, said at the press conference when the book was presented:

“The development of popular culture and of comic books as part of popular culture, in my opinion, should be a high priority. Today, we’re working on organizing the logistics for how printed materials can reach the people for whom they’re intended. It needs to reach people in rural areas, including in Donbas.”

The series has sold more than 1000 issues since its release in December. If everything goes right, the authors have plans for a second season that will introduce more characters as well a book.

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