Why Putin is so outraged by Ukrainian missiles

AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky

AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky 

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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

The way that Russia has reacted to the Ukrainian missile training exercises is one more proof of the indisputable fact that to be successful Ukraine above all needs a strong, modern army.

Politicians and journalists continue to explain why Russia has reacted so strongly — even with open threats — to Ukrainian missile training exercises. Perhaps the main reason is that the training is taking place not far from occupied Crimea and reminds the political leadership in Moscow that the “closed issue” of the territory’s affiliation is not closed at all.

Or perhaps the main reason is the search for a pretext for a new confrontation. Why not take advantage of the transition period in the United States in order to organize another disturbance and test how Washington reacts to what is happening?

But few people consider that the Russian reaction is tied to the desire to live in a mythologized world that exists in the minds of Russian leadership and is meticulously constructed with propaganda monstrosities of the neighboring country.

To simplify, it is enough to point out how the world looks from Pyongyang — and modern Russia increasingly resembles North Korea. In this image of the world, North Korea is a peace-loving strong state that is protecting its sovereignty. Naturally, with the help of nuclear weapons. And South Korea is a weak aggressor in the service of the United States. And if  this devious aggressor only attempts to attack the socialist conquests of the North, North Korea will wipe it off the face of the earth! South Korea exists only because the great Kim allows it!

And when Seoul warns that if Pyongyang attempts to use nuclear weapons it literally will be razed to the ground, this provokes a rabid response from the North Korean lunatics. How dare they? Who gave them permission to threaten us? What scum!

The same is true in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Moscow prefers to believe that Ukraine is a poor beggarly relative who does not have and cannot have an army. Only Russia can have an army. Furthermore, American puppets have grabbed power in Ukraine. But they are doomed to failure. Ukraine still exists because the great Putin has not given the order to bomb Kyiv and advance on Lviv.

And when Kyiv announces future military exercises, this provokes a rabid response from the Kremlin “North Koreans.” How dare they? Who allowed them? What scum!

This precisely is the entire reason for the dissatisfaction. It is no use looking for it in politics. It should be sought in the psychiatric hospital ward.

And this explanation is one more proof of the indisputable fact that to be successful Ukraine above all needs a strong, modern army. The enemy must know that he will not be able to parade into Ukrainian cities, to kill more of our citizens, to ship out more of our plants to his thieving country. That the occupation of Crimea and the Donbas is his last success. And at that, a temporary one. What has been stolen will have to be returned.

And if there is no strong army, there will be no reforms, and no better life, and no Ukraine.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • Randolph Carter

    “And if there is no strong army, there will be no reforms, and no better life, and no Ukraine.” Truer words were never spoken. Putin has gotten his way for far too long – now it’s Ukraine’s turn. I hope every fleeing Russian soldier, every tank or APC driven at full speed across Ukraine’s border to the (relative) safety of Russia is filmed and distributed far and wide. Let the Russian people see the destruction of their land and their lives, all in the name of one egomaniac and his sick vision. Let them see Putin on trial in the Hague along with his cronies.

  • Mykola Potytorsky

    Ukraine has to have a strong army and defence forces—this is an absolute PRIORITY. Ukraine has to have a 500,000 man army and a defence budget of 10% of the GDP, as much as we appreciate the West’s help so far, it is not enough, so our industry has to step in and develop and produce hi-tech weaponry-in the end once these weapons are proven in the field the world will come to them to buy them. We have willing test subjects—the russian terrorist/army in the donbass and crimea.

  • anonymous

    I have not studied the military training reasons of the location of the testing. However, absent such reasons, I see that this is a clear message that in the opinion of Ukraine and the vast majority of the international community, Crimea is not Russian. I very simple and straightforward statement supported by the international community.

  • zorbatheturk

    It is good to see RuSSia compared to North Korea. Both are evil fascist regimes run by madmen.