Art diplomacy project repaints world flags in Ukrainian colors

At the opening. Photo: TriptychGlobalArtsWorkshop/ 


Called “United,” the art project created by Luc Chenier reinvents international flags by engaging Ukrainian national colors.

“I want to show how connected Ukraine truly is to so many nations across the world, and how much it contributes, not just through its diaspora, but through a myriad economic, cultural, and political ways,” said the artist. Luc Chenier is a Canadian citizen and long-term resident and deep compatriot of Ukraine.

Luc Chenier at the opening

Luc Chenier at the opening

Luc Chenier, CEO of the Kyiv Post English-language newspaper and Founder of TITANIUM Presentations, the agency behind the “Ukraine. Open for U” video, studied graphic design in St. Lawrence College in Ontario. Alongside his extensive experience in advertising, marketing, and public relations, painting has been his longstanding creative pursuit.

The 12 flags created in acrylic medium in dimensions of 60 X 120 cm were reportedly a project 3 years in the making. 11 of them are on exhibit during 20-23 October in the Triptych gallery in Kyiv (find more information in the facebook event).

The UNITED exhibition is supported by several embassies such as Canada, Australia, Lithuania, Great Britain, Turkey, and Germany. Part of the sale proceeds will be donated to a local charity of the artists choice which support Ukraine.

The exhibition is planned to continue later this year in Toronto, Canada, Chicago and New York, USA, as well as other cities in Europe yet to be confirmed.

Apart from Ukraine, one of the international flags in the exhibition retained its original colors. Can you spot it?

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  1. Avatar Randolph Carter says:

    What an interesting change in philosophy – I’m not a history major nor an expert on flags, but I believe that often the red component of the flag usually stands for blood or war or death. The flag of Ukraine has always impressed me because it represents blue skies over golden fields of wheat, an entirely different theme: peace and times of plenty instead of the horror of war. How different would the world be if all nations thought in such terms?

  2. Avatar WorldCommenter says:

    Swedish flag is unchanged? Sometimes people have stated that Ukraine has been under other countries domination because of its willingness to “share” the “plenty” of the region and tolerance to the multi-cultural nature that goes back to the 11-th century.

    1. Oleksandra Shandra Oleksandra Shandra says:

      Which people are those?

      1. Avatar WorldCommenter says:

        Cultural anthropologists and cultural historians, when looking at the many other ethnic groups that were tolerated or welcome to settle on the Ukrainian steeps, Germans, Roma, Khazars, Bulgars, Armenians, and others. They were not forcefully or militarily removed and coexisted for centuries.