Ukrainian invents window blinds supplying power to living quarters


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Yevhen Erik has developed energy-saving solar blinds. A window equipped with this gadget can generate up to 100 kW of energy per month. The blinds are delivered and installed for $300.

Smart SolarGaps are equipped with solar modules that are mounted on window blinds inside or outside window opening. These modules convert solar radiation into heat and electricity, thus making rooms independent of external power grids.


Internal SolarGaps provide up to 100 W of power per square metre, while external modules supply up to 150 W per square metre. Yevhen remarks on his invention:

“Yes, SolarGaps blinds installed in a three-room apartment with windows facing south can produce up to 600 W per hour or about 4 kW per day, which adds up to 100 kW per month. Average consumption of apartments ranges from 100 to 250 kW per month.”

The converter saves the energy and directs it to the network to supply power to household appliances. Excess energy can be stored or even sold at “green power” tariffs to companies, says the inventor.

In future, Yevhen and his team would like to make the blinds more powerful – increase efficiency up to 190 W per square metre by creating more effective and reliable modules.

The mobile app for SolarGaps will provide consumers with electricity generation statistics and user settings.

An application has been developed for Android, but Yevhen says that the iOS-version will not be long in coming.

Yevhen needs approximately $200,000 to launch serial production. The team is currently negotiating with investors.




Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: Hromadske

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