French MP says Ukraine is responsible for invasion

Thierry Mariani  


Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

The proposal by French MP Thierry Mariani to impose sanctions against Ukraine for not implementing the Minsk-II agreements may appear at first glance as the eccentric antics of a Putin supporter who is using it to draw attention to the lifting of sanctions against Russia. But in reality it is the very logical result of an entire policy designed not so much to restore the primacy of international law and the territorial integrity of Ukraine as to appease the aggressor country and to look for ways to resume cooperation with it as fast as possible.

Mariani, this respectable fighter for racial purity who had attempted at one time to divide French citizens according to their skin color and ethnic origin, has now brought the situation to absurdity. Who is responsible for the fact that Ukraine is occupied, that our citizens are being killed and tortured, that we do not control a part of our  territory and borders? Why, Ukraine, of course! Who else! Ukraine should have surrendered to Putin, and then Mariani and the other collaborators could have traveled to Kyiv for meetings with the Putin-appointed leaders of Ukraine and could have described how much stability we have and how elegant the Russian tanks appear on Khreshchatyk [main street of Kyiv — Ed.]. For them, this was not the first time!

In 1938, respectable  French politicians applied the “warmonger” label not to Chancellor Adolf Hitler but to the President of Czechoslovakia Edvard Beneš, who tried to resist the dismemberment of his country. Only two year after these accusations, the French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier, along with other politicians who had been outraged by Beneš, ended up in the collaborators’ prison and German tanks appeared on the Champs-Élysées. But I wouldn’t describe this sight as elegant, Monsieur Mariani and you other crooks now dancing for the Kremlin Fuhrer. I would call it shameful. And I want you and all the other citizens of the French Republic to remember this shame forever. And not to forget those Ukrainians who gave their lives so that foreign tanks would never again appear on the Champs-Élysées. And so that those Ukrainians who are giving their lives to keep foreign tanks from Khreshchatyk are not forgotten either.

Let these people become the silent witnesses to each shameful initiative, each treacherous vote, Monsieur Mariani.

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Translated by: Anna Mostovych


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  1. Avatar Randolph Carter says:

    Gotta love those cheese-eating surrender monkeys (thank you, Homer Simpson)! I’m surprised that they haven’t started sending French prostitutes, along with some cheap wine and pastries to Moscow. I’m sure there are some members of the Vichy government around who could help deliver them.

    Yes, Ukraine started the war. We crawled over the border in the dead of night to Russian army bases, stole some of their uniforms, grabbed the keys to tanks and mortars and told the guards we were just going to “borrow” them for a while (Russian guards are so friendly and very trusting).

    Once home, we put on the Russian uniforms (taking care to remove the insignia) and infiltrated our own Crimea! We persecuted our own people, just to make Russia look bad, We said that they must learn Russian because it’s way cooler than the Tatar language, which is, so like, not cool and besides, nobody could understand them!

    Then, we took the weapons and attacked our own cities! Darn places needed renovation anyway, so this was easier. We didn’t tell the people because we wanted to surprise and delight them with plans on how much nicer things would be! Sure, we decimated the cities and killed tens of thousands, but we’re pretty sure that the survivors will like the changes. They’ll have to clean up the wreckage though; after all, we can’t do everything!

    Sorry, have to go now – there’s more destruc…uh, decorating to do. Vlad Putin has been a peach – he said we could keep the tanks as long as we’re busy attacking our own country! What a nice guy – and he confided in us that Estonia, Latvia, Belarus and Poland were going to do the same thing! Of course, Russia will provide plenty of armament so that they can attack themselves as well. Vlad even offered some soldiers to help, but we told him we already had plenty.


  2. Avatar Brent says:

    le “buffoon” Mariani…..

  3. Avatar Bernard Grua says:

    I feel extremly uncomfortable with this article.

    First of all because there are many Marianis in the World. It is not a French specialty.

    Then, this article has no links with any Mariani’s real words. It is just inspired by Russain medias, like Sputnik, which is full of crap as we all know. To fight against Mariani’s claim we need an actual quote, not a Sputnik like smoke fog.

    Then, not all French people think like Mariani. I feel personnaly insulted by some sentences of this article and by the French bashing this article just lead to, without proposing any other action.

    If you want the sanctions not be lifted, it is time to act. We fought against Mistral delivery. Now we fight again sanctions lifting. Join us!

    1. Avatar Czech Mate says:

      you have a bad reputation, try think about it whether it’s all hear say or not…and better yet, deal with it!

    2. Avatar Alex George says:

      I agree with you that there are many people in France of goodwill who support sanctions against Russia and recognise its imperialism for what it is.

      However, I don’t think your point about Mariani’s own words will wash. It may be reported in the Russian press, who are often notorious for inaccuracy, yet they have reported Mariani’s own words. It would be extremely easy for him to deny it if they had misreported him. So I think in this case they have not misreported him.

      Take this one for example: “”This is why we back the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Excuse me, but logically, there are two ways. First, anti-Russian sanctions must be lifted, and second, sanctions must be introduced against Ukraine. Because right now, Kiev is showing disrespect by failing to implement the Minsk accords. The main responsibility is with the Ukrainian side,” Mariani said in an interview with the Russian Izvestia newspaper, published on Friday.”


      If Mariani doesn’t deny that (and he hasn’t) then we have to assume it is accurate.

      1. Avatar Alex George says:

        I am sure I do not need to point out that Mariani’s point is rubbish – the primary reason that the Minsk Accords have failed is because Russia and its puppet separatists have continually violated the cease fire since it began, killing hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. The cease fire is the first and most fundamental requirement of Minsk – without that, nothing else can follow.

    3. Avatar MichaelA says:

      this guy is the face of france that the world sees

  4. Avatar Alex George says:

    Mariani is a fascist and an appeaser.

    Which is precisely the sort of people in the west where Putin finds his strongest supporters. Not just in France, but in every country such people are found.

    Nobody needs them. People like Mariani do nothing for France, and nothing for the world.

  5. Avatar Kruton says:

    The French are cowards.

  6. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Mariani Huilio!

  7. Avatar peremen says:

    As always …
    the Ukrainian people is suffering from a sort of schizophrenia

    and it is disconnect by the reality that is all around them
    (in this case what said Thierry Mariani)

    and the fantasies that are built into their head !


    He is saying one thing, very real :
    “to impose sanctions against Ukraine for not Implementing the Minsk-II agreements”

    This should be the topic to be discussed
    and not the usual misinformation
    just to avoid arguing about what you do not like to admit

    Until the Ukrainians will not accept the reality of facts
    they never will be able to assess the concrete situations
    and consequently they will not be able to find
    valid and enforceable solutions

    is a trick to get out of a current embarrassment
    without providing solutions for the future

  8. Avatar Leonid says:

    этого французкого пидара нужно посадить на кол!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Когда на улице на вас или на вашего ребёнка бросается бешенная собака, вы по всем законам имеете право эту бешенную собаку пристрелить.

    Когда в ваш дом вламывается вооружённый бандит и убийца вы имеете право защищать себя и своих детей как можете.

    Вы не станете советоваться с меркель, олландом и прочими мудаками отдавать ли вам свой дом вломившимся к вам мародёрам и убийцам !!!!

    что делать Украинцам???? обращаюсь ко всем нашим силовикам, ко всем гражданам у кого есть оружие и совесть!!!

    убийц-мародёров пукина, грызлова и лаврова — пристрелитe как бешенных собак !!!!!!

    агентов путлера — кучму, медведчука, пидарошенко, муженко, назарова, бессараба, матиоса — судить за измену !!!!!!!

  9. Avatar Daniel Goyette says:

    What a french asshole! He’s not the only one out there. Carry on Frenchs: right, left,… Ah! Ah!

  10. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:


  11. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    that french pig needs to be castrated.