Stolen ancient viking’s sword from the dawn of Kyivan Rus comes back home to Ukraine

Kyivan Rus'

Vikings and Slavs on the shore of the Dnieper in ancient Kyiv 

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Article by: A. N.

Map of Kyivan Rus (Image: Wikipedia)

Map of Kyivan Rus (Image: Wikipedia)

No one knows for sure who was the owner of this deadly sword made in the Viking style eleven centuries ago around the time of the creation of the Kyivan Rus. The fact that it survived more than a millennium and was found is a testimony to the quality of workmanship of its creators and pure luck.

What we do know is that it was excavated in Volyn oblast of Ukraine by so-called “black archaeologists,” robbers of ancient artifacts, who spirited it away to northern Russia. It might have never come back to Ukraine, but, luckily, when the new “owners” tried to bring it to the European Union for sale, a diligent Estonian Customs officer confiscated it because of deficient provenance and permit documentation.

Now it is returned back to Ukraine and, after some restoration work, will be featured at a major museum.

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