5 ways to wear Ukrainian vyshyvanka

Ukrainian women pose for the picture during Vyshyvanka Day in Kyiv, May 2015. Photo: UNN 

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Article by: Alina Tymoshyk-Sudarykova

During the last couple of years, vyshyvanka in Ukraine has become apparently fashionable. You can meet people wearing clothes with ethnic elements not only on the Independence Day or other national holidays; some put on embroidered shirts for their birthdays, weddings, and the bravest ones even wear them as daily outfits.

Here are five handy ideas of how to wear Ukrainian traditional embroidered shirt.

  1. Wear it with jeans. Comfortable choice for an evening walk

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       2. With shorts. Great idea for hot weather

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          3. Office? Knee-length skirt looks just perfect

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       4. Stylish and classy for wedding or other formal occasions

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        5. Like Jim Morrison in 1966. Meaning, if you’re lucky enough to have a vyshyvanka, just be cool with it!

Jim Morrison The Doors Vyshyvanka

Source: uamodna.com

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