For Russians, Russia is any place with Russian tanks



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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

Most Russians are convinced that Russia is any place that can be seized and kept by Russian forces.

Sergey Menyaylo, the so-called “governor” of Sevastopol, has declared that Crimean Tatars belong “high up in the mountains” and, in fact, are only guests in Crimea.

Many would accuse Menyaylo of feeble-mindedness, but he simply said what is believed by representatives of Russian society — the same 95 percent who currently support the seizure of Crimea and would gladly support the capture of any other territory regardless of who is living there.

For Menyaylo and others like him, the history of Crimea is of no interest. They consider it absolutely unimportant that the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union have conducted systematic policies of displacement and destruction of the indigenous people of Crimea. They are convinced that Russia exists anywhere there are Russian tanks — anywhere that territory can be seized and held by force.

And this force, of course, can be directed against external invaders as well as against the local population if it harbours any doubts about Russia’s right to the seized territories. This is medieval logic. But what is horrifying is that these Menyaylos live in the Middle Ages and that Russia has failed to move into the present. Any Russian who does live in the present becomes a marginal in his own country.

After Menyaylo’s announcement, it seems that no one could possibly have any further doubts that the policy of marginalizing the Crimean Tatars on their historical homeland will continue. This is, incidentally, what is happening with all the indigenous peoples in the Russian republics and regions. Everywhere where the memory of another people, another culture, another language can be destroyed, it is being destroyed.

This began when Moscow first occupied the principalities of ancient Rus. And now this experience is being transferred to all the native peoples of Russia. What differentiates the Crimean Tatars is simply the fact that they inhabit a territory than nobody recognizes as Russian. That not only history is on their side, but also tradition, the right of return, and, after all, the very soul of Crimea.

International law is also on their side, which some ignorant tyrant like Menyaylo cannot nullify. Putin himself cannot nullify it. And for that reason, Russian chauvinists hate the Crimean Tatars even more.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • canuke

    A totally meaningless comment, and totally irrelevant to the topic above. Say, isn’t that A. Hitler on your avatar? Explains everything, then.

    • Quartermaster

      You must live near North Korea and its meth industry. Your posts are the product of a very disordered mind. Or a liar. Take you pick. The trash you link from You Tube could be produced by anyone. With the same Techniques I could have Ben Gurion praising Hitler and the SS.

      • Quartermaster

        I didn’t say you did make it. But, anyone can make such a video and with those techniques you could have Ben Gurion praising Hitler.
        You can make such claims all you like, but the facts are quite different. I have no doubt that some Russian moles came out of the cold, but that’s far different than masses betraying their country.
        You really need to get out of the drug business if you’re going to keep sampling the wares. It makes an idiot of you.

        • Quartermaster

          There was no Putsch in Kyiv. You can lie all you like about that, it didn’t happen. Yanukovich abandoned his office. He ran because he didn’t want to face justice for giving orders to the Berkut to murder his fellow citizens. He was legally removed after he ran to his handler Putin, who gave him Russian citizenship to avoid extradition.
          So you had a mole that was happy to betray his country. When he sees that someone else might give him a better deal, he’ll screw you Russians as well. Trusting a traitor is never a good idea. But, Russians have never been high on good sense.
          So Russia give a job to a traitor, and asylum to a murderer. Russia is such a great country.

          • Quartermaster

            Yanukovich ran from criminal charges. He is a fugitive from justice now. Crimea didn’t run away. It was stolen by force of arms from its country and its people. Beresovsky is simply a traitor to his country and there is no lower form of life than such a man who takes an oath to his country, then breaks his word. Stalin, at least, had the good sense not to trust such men. Useful idiots always went to the wall. That’s all Beresovsky deserves.

            Reality is truth, but, with few exceptions, what you’ve posted is lies.

            You obviously know little about the condition of the Russian Navy. The material condition of the Russian navy makes it laughable. Putin has sown off a very small part of his navy. Those ships are about all that works anymore.

            The corruption of Putin’s regime is eating the heart out of Russia. At the moment, Russia is at a high point. Even as sorry as it’s military is at the moment, the Russian military will back to this time as “the good old days.”

          • Quartermaster

            The word rant does not mean what you think it does.

            Few in the world recognize your Nazi referendum in Crimea, Free votes are not held under an occupying Army. By any measure, Crimea was stolen from its people. No one likes a thief, and a thief never likes those who point out the fact that they are a thief. You’re a very good example.

            You aren’t working in the stolen lands. Russia is dragging the entire peninsula down. The criminal regime has dispossessed people no matter where their sympathies lie. Russia is simply trashing Crimea, and all you can do is shill for a criminal regime.

            Putin is sowing the wind, and Russia will reap the whirlwind. If you think there will be no repercussions for the theft you and your fellow thieves have committed, God has something else to say about it. You will reap what you have sown.

            And, yeah, the Russian military is in sad shape. they can stage pretty parades in May, but that’s about it.

          • Quartermaster

            You are hilarious! It isn’t Soviet Times anymore and your boy Putin can’t control the information that gets out of the stolen lands of Crimea. Oppression is increasing and the government is dispossessing Ukrainians, Tatars as well as Russians. Tourism is dead and will never rise again to the levels of even Soviet Times. Whatever you Russians touch, you destroy, then lie about how great things are.

            By the by, Helevig is a known liar. Just like you.

          • Quartermaster

            The advantage I have is I don’t need lies as you do. Crimea is occupied by a foreign Army. The Army of a country which is stealing anything it can get its filthy hands on, no matter what their background or origin. Giving the wrong answer to a question will get you jailed in Crimea.

            Crimea is a burden to Russia. It was an asset to the owners that were dispossessed by Russian invaders. The place simply adds more financial load on Moscow who will end up relinquishing it because the thieves can’t afford to hold on to it.

            You won’t be awaiting anything, except God’s final judgement for your lies and support of theft.

  • Czech Mate

    RuSSia is a country of cowardly thugs. Lock them up and throw away the key is the only viable doctrine for civilized world.

    Ukraine must be helped to build a wall that will protect Europe from those savages.