Ukrainian startups awarded $200,000 by Cisco

The finalists of the CISCO competition. Photo: 

Science and Innovation, Ukraine

Article by: Oleksiy Bondarenko 
Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Cisco has concluded its Ukraine Recharge IT contest, where 500 Ukrainian teams competed for prizes and recognition, but only four winners were declared. The winning projects were guaranteed entry to the real market. The grand winner was the Infosafe IT team , which presented a cybersecurity project called Providence.

The contest was held in three stages. First, the contestants had to go through an intensive theoretical program based on KMBS, followed by a practical workshop, and finally the team had to place the project on the market. Six teams out of 500 entered the final round.

The winners:

  • First place: Providence Cybersecurity project presented by Infosafe IT. The company has developed a comprehensive service outsourcing different resources and information security functions.
  • Second place: Skywell team. They presented interactive software for people visiting entertainment centers, supermarkets, railway stations, airports, etc.
  • Third place was shared by two teams: The Amica team presented a project on marketing campaigns in shopping and entertainment centers; NGServ presented another cyber security project called Mobile Business.

The prize totaled $200,000. The winner received $100,000; $50,000 went to the second place winner, and the teams sharing third place received $25,000 each.

Winners of the competition. All photos from


Translated by: Christine Chraibi

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