Oksana Zabuzhko sees Russian fingerprints in Kyiv disturbances



The well-know Ukrainian writer Oksana Zabuzhko commented on her Facebook page on the disturbances that took place in Kyiv on Saturday, February 20, the day commemorating the memory of the heroes of the “Heaven’s Hundred,” reports Patrioty Ukrainy. The Russian security services chose the wrong day for their provocations, she writes.

“Poor job” Igor Pomerantsev said laughingly during our last meeting when we discussed the “hybrid war.” “Poor job. In my time they were better.” (Soviet writer and dissident who fled to the West in 1978, author of KGB and other poems … –Ed.).

This is the first thing that came to mind in connection with yesterday’s incident: “really stupid,” how could they be so obvious? What “Ukrainian patriot (or simply a “psychological Ukrainian”) would organize pogroms on the day of national mourning?!

But the thing is that for the security service screenwriters our mourning was never real! Two years ago they followed the same scenario of “controlled chaos” and got burned (“and each time in the same place”!) It is here that the main weakness of the enemy resides: the people acting against us have a very limited range of feelings. They are emotionally stupid — in fact, sociopaths. And when they need to manipulate our mass feelings, they end up in the position of foreigners who ” don’t know the language” […] and push all the wrong buttons every time.

By this alone, without needing any additional information, it is possible to recognize their “fingers” behind the grimaces of all their Ukrainian puppets: aliens! From a different emotional spectrum. This is why when people ask me “how to live,” I say the same thing I have repeated as a mantra for the past 5 years in all the auditoriums, including in Europe: turn off the TV, spend time in nature, look at the sky, talk with your children, read good books, listen to good music…

This is the simplest “strategic recipe” on how to maintain a healthy sensitivity and how not to allow them to recruit us emotionally. And furthermore, how to remain spiritually alive and therefore happy. Even in the face of death. Even in war.

Protect us, Heaven’s Hundred. You were the first. And as long as we do not betray our dead emotionally, we will not be vanquished.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Patrioty

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