Russian Lukoil withdraws from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland after boycott

Poland Lukoil boycott Russia

Polish activists protest at the gas station in Warsaw, 4 March 2014. Photo by Dariusz Borowicz / Agencja Gazeta 


Lukoil sells out its gas stations’ networks due to “anti-Russian attitudes,” reports.

The companies Holding LUKOIL BV and AMIC Energy Management GmbH signed on 5 February a contract about selling approximately 230 gas stations in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, the press service of Lukoil states.

The stations are expected to be bought by an Austrian company.

The transaction is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of 2016. The prior acceptance of the organs responsible for protection of competition in those countries is obligate.

Due to the signed contracts, the networks in Lithuania and Latvia will now be managed by UAB Luktarna and AS VIADA Baltija – companies associated with the top management of UAB Lukoil Baltija company.

The decision about sell out of the networks was made in the framework of the optimization program.

“It became an obstacle for business, we started losing money, we felt negative attitude towards ourselves,” Vagit Alekperov told in an interview Rossija-24.

Russian oil entrepreneurship Lukoil have announced sell out of the networks in Lithuania and Latvia due to “ruling anti-Russian attitudes in those countries.”

Earlier, in 2014, Lukoil has sold its networks in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The Poles have been boycotting Russian Lukoil since the start of Russian aggression in Ukraine in 2014.



Translated by: Viktoriia Zhuhan

Source: TVN24.BiS

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  1. Avatar Morris says:

    BS…Lukoil is not withdrawing from Latvia and Estonia. It is just hiding behing AMIC Energy. Nothing is sold. Fake deal.

  2. Avatar Robert Drake says:

    Morris is correct, though it is even more insidious… this deal is hiding in the corruption of Austria that is a significant baniing and stylistic support for Ukrainian oligarchic corruption — an area once affiliated with Poroshenko and entreated by Klitschko… I have always hoped that this was not true, though with the refusal to fire Shokin for failing to prosecute corruption… and failure to get rid of other persons with unclean hands… Poroschenko is more and more looking like the enemy of real reform and of the people who suffered oligarchy and death and impoverishment just to try to throw off these greedy individuals who still support Russia because they understand the Russian system and Russia will help them steal.

    Dimitriyo Firtash for one, is one of these oligarchic entities and oppressors, and who was kept from criminal extradition to the USA by Austrian courts after the Maidan.

  3. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    The Baltics and Poles should continue the boycott as the sale is just a sham. The Austrians are very pro-Dwarfstan so the money will continue to flow to Lukoil.

  4. Avatar Being says:

    Good work in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.Thank you.
    Does that Austrian company have no link to Lukoil???