Terror and intimidation in Donetsk

Denys Kazansky, Photo Radio Svoboda 

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Article by: Serhiy Demchuk

Denys Kazansky, journalist and blogger from Donetsk, believes that the recent kidnappings staged by Russian proxies were carried out in order to show the locals that the “DNR government” will not tolerate any opposition.

“The economic situation is very bad in the occupied territories. Miners and businessmen are at the end of their rope. They come out and protest. People are openly demanding their salaries. They understand they’re being fooled. The recent arrests are an attempt to intimidate people. The militants want to prove that there are many Ukrainian saboteurs in the region. Anyone who disagrees with the “government” can be called a saboteur and thrown in a cellar.”

Kazansky added that the attempt to blow up Lenin’s statue in Donetsk could have been provoked by “DNR” groups in order to show that anyone could be labeled a saboteur.

“They began arresting people after the attempt to destroy Lenin’s statue. The entire incident calls up many questions. There are many cameras on Lenin Square. The “DNR” police constantly patrol this area. It’s very difficult to organize something quietly. It’s hard to bring in explosives and lay them around the statue. I also don’t see any reason to do this. If it were really our own subversive group, they’d prefer to lay explosives in and around the main administration building or a police car. It looks like provocation. The “DNR” proxies want to spread a rumour… that Ukrainian saboteurs are working actively in Donetsk. You know, for the first time there have been long strikes in the occupied territory. Makiyivka miners refused to go down into the mines. Their story hit the press. These Russian proxies immediately called the organizers of the strike Ukrainian provocateurs. Then, businessmen and private entrepreneurs organized mass rallies in Luhansk. Ukraine was blamed for everything… Ihor Kozlovsky’s arrest is a mere terror tactic. They didn’t handle Kozlovsky with kid gloves, so why should they go easy on others?”

(Ihor Kozlovsky, President of the Centre for Religious Studies and International Spiritual Relations, is well-known in Donetsk.  He remained in the city to care for his son who is paralyzed. Relatives and friends report that the militants burst into his flat and took Kozlovsky away, without giving any explanation.  They left his son without any care, and relatives were only allowed access to him the following day.  The militants also removed computer equipment, documents and a collection of antiques. They then announced Kozlovsky had been arrested for subversive messages posted on FB).

Ihor Kozlovsky

Ihor Kozlovsky


Kazansky believes the “DNR” proxies want to blackmail Ukraine’s leaders to make them work more quickly to adopt changes to the constitution. They’ve “take hostages and now dictate their own terms and conditions”.

According to Enrique Menendez, member of the volunteer group Vidpovidalni Hromadiany (Responsible Citizens), Maryna Cherenkova, leader of the organization, was arrested at home in Donetsk on January 30. She was detained by representatives of the so-called “Ministry of State Security of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic”.

Maryna Cherenkova

Maryna Cherenkova



Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: GazetaUA

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  1. Avatar Randolph Carter says:

    This reminds me, frighteningly, of the first days of the rise of Nazism. Taking people away with no explanation, confiscation of goods, kangaroo courts (if anyone got a “trial” at all), standard, boilerplate accusations of “sabotage” and “subversion”, and persecution of anyone with the courage to speak out. I wonder if the dwarf is consciously borrowing from Stalin and Hitler or if he came up with this pattern of behavior on his own. If this persecution follows most of the others in history, I expect thugs will begin opening fire on groups of peaceful protesters any day now.

    Courage to Denys Kazansky, Ihor Kozlovsky, Maryna Cherenkova and all others who show the world what is happening in Ukraine. The truth will not be silenced.

    I understand that in Lugansk (not sure about Donetsk), the people are using the Ruble instead of the Hrivnia, which pretty much guarantees their pay is useless except for wrapping up the garbage after dinner. This will be another nail in the coffin of the economy of Donbass and will delay any recovery from corruption.

    From http://www.ibtimes.com:

    “It is absolutely critical for Ukraine to root out the cancer of corruption. … Ukraine is on the cusp — what happens in the next year is likely to determine the fate of the country for generations,” U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on a visit to Ukraine in December 2015.

    It’s pretty hard to root out corruption when it’s coming from another hostile government. People aren’t being paid, so corruption will result as they become desperate for goods to survive. Yes, there was corruption before, but I can’t say whether it was Ukraine’s government under Yanukovich herself or if the dwarf was encouraging it.

    At least some government officials here are starting to fight for aid. From cbsnews.com:

    “…although he’d like to see more aid come from Europe, McCain did not
    sound optimistic. “I’m hopeful, under German leadership the Europeans
    will come around and be much more active in supporting Ukraine.
    Frankly, I’m not overly optimistic as long as they are dependent on
    Russian energy,” he said. “They have been a huge disappointment to me.”

    Quelle surprise.

    1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      They are Nazis. And the Germans are cowards.

  2. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    This muscovite lumpenproletariat is no different than ISIS.

    1. Avatar kievjoy says:

      A Brit on face book is trying to say that it is the Ukrainian army doing all this. I called him a Russian Troll, and he’s now told me he’s going to take me to court in Britain for slander. It only happened yesterday, so let’s wait and see. Mind you, he has to get me to Britian first.

      1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

        That explains why they support a mafia thug. Not too smart. I get that weekly when I troll them on FB.

  3. Avatar Being says:

    Have not you relied bit too much on EU (Merkel and Holland) to address this situation?
    Why have not you obey your citizens?

    Look at Germany, illegals rape every day German children and women, illegals mastuerbating in whirpools in historic spas and swimming pools in EU-refugees welcome states.
    Look at France, state of emergency.
    Look at Sweden rapes, killing, robery by their saved poor war torn “refugees” 85% of them are all young strong guys.
    Do you still believe these are you examples, your Savior?

    You should look at what your citizens want and be an example to them, to us.