Rally in occupied Donetsk against “CIA-linked sect”

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in occupied Donetsk

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in occupied Donetsk 

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A rally was held in occupied Donetsk to protest against the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of the Intercession in Donetsk (2b Vasnetsov Prospekt), labelled by the organizers as a “CIA-linked sect”. About 500 people gathered near the church; many of them arrived in hired buses. Prepared posters were handed out to the protesters.


The protesters claim that they oppose sects, especially the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, which is “forcing people to ​​unite with Ukraine”.


Stop shaming Orthodox Christians! No sects in “DNR”!

The initiator of the rally is Molodaya Respublika (Young Republic), a youth group controlled by the “DNR”.


Serhiy Kondrykinsky, member of the “DNR” and head of the youth movement declared that activities of sects in the occupied territory are sponsored by the CIA.

“We have dealt with this issue in depth; we have seen how they try to involve young people, how young minds are “processed” and we know where the funding of these sects comes from. Here, it’s clearly the work of the CIA.”


Distribution of prepared posters

He added that the activities of the Greek Catholic Church in Donetsk are “machinations of the West”.


No to sects in “DNR”! No more disorder in the republic!

The meeting lasted about 40 minutes. The protesters dispersed quickly…

Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: Novosti Donbasa

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  • Brent

    I guess this is a sign of “Russian tolerance”. What is really sad is there were 500 hateful people mindless enough to be “programmed” to attend and display their hatred.

  • Czech Mate

    These people deserve the system they now have. Only tragedy that silent majority not present there suffer in silence afraid for their lives. But it’s a great idea when a Stalinist, communist a nazi or whoever supporting any rotten ideology is subject to live by his “religion” and experience it up close and personal.

    So, enjoy it, comrades!

  • Robert Drake

    Two problems…1) my fiancee’s relatives in Mikolaiv will be very suprized to find out they are part of a CIA “sekt” as they were wary when I first met them that all Americans were “spion” of one sort or another. (this is also about the time that people from what was later oppoblok there were convinced that the Maidan was being controlled from a front in Mikolaiv that included the CIA and was operating out of the “Zoopark” there (the city zoo and amusement park). 2) Ukraine does not want them Donetsk the whole criminal thug morass that exists there of people too attached to Russia to stop killing people and taking vacations in Krim… other than to justify the horrors and loss that were experienced by the people supported by volunteer groups and Pravi Sektor at the airport, where the Ukrainian Border Guards had enough integrity and sense to stop Yanukovich from leaving a country that he had sold out and looted for every last dime that he could before the world discovered that he could not pay back the traunches of loans from Russia without giving them an even larger share of Ukraine.