GRU troop movements hint at new Russian postings in Ukraine

Finnish troops during the Winter War with Russia 


Article by: Kseniya Kirillova
Edited by: James Hydzik

Russian GRU military units are on the move, according to the New Region media center. It’s source, Nikolai Zhigalin, has previously drawn attention by reporting on the “foul of Togliatti”. Specifically, he revealed that currently there is a discussion about disbanding the military unit in which two Russian military men currently imprisoned in Ukraine, Captain Yerofeyev and Sergeant Alexandrov, served before they were taken prisoner.

 Some important documents from Togliatti GRU that recently fell into Zhigalin’s hands seem to confirm his latest allegations. Among the documents is an itinerary, which reflects the movement of 15 privates and four sergeants, and the instructions on their movement. The starting and final points of the route are not indicated, although Nikolai claims that regulations require that they are stated in the itinerary.

“The number of the GRU company, 08 332, indicates that this company is not located in Togliatti. However, I received the documents from Togliatti, therefore, they moved through the city. Well, where they can go? Their usual food supply is for 5 days. So, it is a straight road to Donbas with a stop in Togliatti,” said Nikolai in an exclusive interview with New Region.

New Region, for its part, would appreciate any information on the movement of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine.

Edited by: James Hydzik

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