Should Russia expect more terrorist attacks?



Article by: Ksenija Kirillova

Better to be a victim than an aggressor

Many experts have recently commented on how Russia benefits from the tragedy in Paris. These attacks fit nicely into Russia’s modern geopolitical strategy, the aim of which is to destroy relations between the U.S. and Europe, destabilize the near and far abroad and create an image of Russia as the only global power capable of countering terrorism or, at least, as the “lesser evil” compared to the international terrorist threat. Expert comments and the most superficial analysis of Russian propaganda show that Russia has made the most of the French tragedy.  Russian officials and advocates openly state that the terrorist crisis is due to “American dictates” and “Europe’s weakness”, supposedly “unable to defend its own interests”, and that the best solution for European countries is to “to unite with Russia”. Moreover, as many Russian propagandists accuse the U.S. of creating and “sponsoring Islamic terrorism”, these recent terrorist attacks play right into the hands of anti-American rhetoric launched by the Kremlin media. The renowned American expert, Paul Goble, also argues that Ukraine will fail in the short term, and Putin, on the other hand, will be in a winning position. I would like to point out once again that we are not accusing Russia of organizing these attacks. Moreover, I do not want to build conspiracy theories without concrete facts.

DAESH is a powerful and destructive organization capable of committing the most hideous crimes.

The fore-mentioned facts lead us to the following conclusions:

  1. Russia would be extremely inefficient as an ally of the West in the fight against DAESH as the Kremlin is very interested in seeing DAESH groups continue their work and expansion. Islamic terrorism is beneficial to Putin, as it seriously undermines stronger players in the Middle East, and gives the Russian dictator the opportunity to be seen as a “lesser evil” by the West. This can be confirmed by the actual actions of Russian troops in Syria.
  2. Paul Goble points out that Putin will use this situation to legitimize his own foreign policy in Ukraine, where problems pale in comparison with the threat of global terrorism in the Middle East.
  3. Any new terrorist attack will be used by Russia as an information tool against the European Union-NATO alliance and to weaken ties between the U.S. and Europe, thus undermining the West as a whole. Russia is, in fact, acting as an ally of DAESH in the fight against the West, even if there is no direct link or agreement between them.

Even though Russia has not proved to be effective in the fight against international terrorism, Putin’s image has suddenly improved in the wake of the Paris tragedy, if only because he now looks more like an ally and not an enemy of the Western world. After all, Putin is offering the West “an alternative way of dealing with terrorism in the existing and ineffective world order”. It is obviously better for Putin to look like an ally rather than an unwanted outcast and to hear western countries proclaiming that “he may be a real son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch”. Another thought emerges against this background: Doesn’t the Russian dictator think that playing the victim is more beneficial and more enjoyable than being referred to as the “lesser evil” or “not the most important problem”? Nothing can emphasize the unity of Russia and the West in the fight against a common evil more than a similar fate and tragedy (i.e. terrorist attacks on own territory).

This draws us back to the very suspicious bombings of Moscow apartment buildings in 1999; we can assume that Putin has great experience in constructing an external threat at a time when it is most needed.

Very young men were involved in the Paris terrorist attacks, which were obviously carried out by DAESH militants (we cannot say with absolute certainty that Russian special services played a part or not), so ANY terrorist act in Russia – a country that claims to combat the Islamic state – will be perceived in a similar way. Putin’s adventures in Syria and support for Assad have alienated the entire Sunni world and Russia now has very real enemies. No one will be surprised if something like this happens in Moscow. A similar incident would actually put Russia on a par with France, changing its status from the aggressor to the victim. The victim status in the fight against international terrorism requires an appropriate attitude. At this point, a specific feeling of fear and anxiety appears: might Putin not want to sacrifice a couple of hundred of his countrymen to attain victim status? Hasn’t he, in fact, claimed that “company in distress makes trouble less” (It is easier to bear pain, danger or trouble if other people share it with us-Ed.).  Personally, I sincerely hope that these fears never come true.



Translated by: Christine Chraibi

Source: Novy Region

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  1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Many, many more attacks. And not from just terrorists. Attacks from countries they have terrorized as well.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      No need to attack them at all. The Dwarfstanians are doing a pretty good job of destroying their country and themselves without external help. Alcohol is one killer, HIV/AIDS another, drug abuse (e.g. Krokodil) a third. Then there are such trivia as “safety” at work, slowly imploding health care and education etc etc. Isn’t there a saying along the lines of “Whom the Gods want to destroy, they first make mad”? It seems to me that the country is in the grip of a collective insanity.

  2. Avatar Quartermaster says:

    The more Putin does in the Levant, the more it will be seen that his policy against Ukraine is foolish. If he extends his play to Belarus and the Baltics, it will simply go worse for him, and Russia. With engagement in Syria, Putin will find he’s entering a swamp that will be very hard for him to extricate himself from. Sadly, the people of Russia will pay a very heavy price for that engagement.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      It’s not a matter of if, but when in the case of Belarus. By the end of next year Lukashenko and independent Belarus will be gone. Belarus will be annexed in the same way as the Crimea- little green men and a “referendum”-, Luka will disappear from view forever. With the current crop of western “leaders” the dwarf will get away with this unpunished. To paraphrase Churchill, “Never in human history were so many countries ruled by so few competents.” The only bright spot is that Obama will be gone in 14 months. Sadly, there are no better successors to Hollande and Frau Ribbentrop Merkel in sight- all potential successors are either Putinversteher or Putinknutschler, Sarkozy and Le Pen first and foremost.
      Don’t forget that the dwarf is someone who is obsessed with recreating the USSR, and in his warped mind he needs control of the Ukraine for that. He will pay ANY price to achieve that, foolish or not.

  3. Avatar Forgotten Ghost says:

    While I understand that Euromaidan Press needs to refrain from engaging in “conspiracy theories”, I have already viewed this entire chapter of events as greatly suspect.
    The Kremlin has lied about nearly everything that it has put a statement out for in recent memory, and the a321 crash was quite obviously an attack, everyone could see that from the beginning. Airplanes simply do not fall apart in midair, leaving no time for for a distress call and scatter debris over such a wide area without an explosion. Lavrov, Medvedev and Putin all insisted that a terrorist act was the furthest thing from their minds immediately, and they conveniently announced that it was a bomb on board right after Paris, when they had their upwelling of international support to it’s apex. They also said that it was a specific amount of “TNT” which has varied slightly between Russian media sources. Now, TNT is used in Western missiles, and being that this occurred during an Israeli/US air training exercise nearby, it would seem to be a perfect setup to then blame either of those parties when convenient… “We thought it was a bomb, but we now know it was a missile from those imperialist Western dogs.” or something similar.
    Given the multiple points of coincidence, I would not put it past the Kremlin to have orchestrated this themselves. It would certainly serve them in several ways, and they are already quite suspect in just about every move they make. I feel sympathy for the Russian people, the same as I do for everyone duped in this insanity.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      As the British would say, “The dwarf’s got form”- the 1999 apartment bombings were the KGB/FSB’s work, so it’s by no means beyond the realm of fantasy that the Metrojet bombing was the FSB’s handiwork, . The dwarf will happily sacrifice his fellow Dwarfstanians’ lives if he thinks it will help him achieve his aims.
      There’s an informative article on written by the Russian commentatrix Ania Dorn about the Metrojet bombing and Paris:
      It’s available in several languages in addition to Russian, Ukrainian and English.

      As for the people of Dwarfstan, I don’t feel any sympathy for them at all. They voted for the dwarf, not once but several times. They supported and still support his aggression in the Ukraine. As far as I’m concerned they deserve everything they got, are getting, and will get for their folly, including the collapse of their economy and terrorist attacks.

      1. Avatar Forgotten Ghost says:

        Well, it looks as though I have a new source of analysis to tap into, thanks to you. Greatly appreciated!

        1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

          Ania Dorn has written several articles for, though unfortunately this is so far the only one that has been translated into English. Several others have been translated into German, so they require knowledge of that language to understand them of course, or google translate or similar. Unfortunately a few are only available in Russian and Ukrainian but here again google translate or similar will help.

          Ania’s articles are well worth reading and passing on.

  4. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    Pretty soon the Ukraine will be the least of Tsar Vladimir the not-so-Great’s worries. Dwarfstan is heading for bankruptcy; according to a statement made by Finance Minister Siluanov in the Duma recently the reserve funds, intended for pensions but being raided by the demented dwarf to plug holes in the state budget caused by the collapse of oil and gas prices, will be empty by the end of 2016. Then what?
    Not only that, his alliance with Shia Hezbollah and Iran has pissed off Sunni Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states for so, not to mention his bombing of anti-Assad Sunnis. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are going to drive Dwarfstan oil off the European market by undercutting the dwarf’s price, starting with Poland and the Baltics. Next will be Dwarfstan’s gas, leaving the dwarf with even bigger holes in his budget. If that isn’t enough, Iran’s oil will be coming onto the market by the end of the year. This will drive the price even further down. More holes in Dwarstan’s budget, no $$$ to plug them with.
    Worst of all, his alliance with Hezbollah and Iran has alienated Muslims in Dwarstan itself, who are overwhelmingly Sunni. So are the Muslims in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc. How do you think they react to news reports on Dwarfstan TV of their co-religionists being bombed by Dwarfstan’s air force? There’s also the small matter of alienating most of the Muslim world- Pakistan, Indonesia etc. He’s already alienated Malaysia by shooting down MH17. Nice going, Vlad.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      It’s not the Ukraine that is involved in Syria, has stupidly allied itself to Shia Hezbollah and Iran, and is bombing Sunnis, but Dwarfstan formerly known as Russia. Surely even you know that.
      Dwarfstan has temporary illegal possession of the Crimea, but will have to return it to its rightful owner, the Ukraine, sooner or later.

      1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        By this time next year Dwarfstan will be the failed state, not the Ukraine. Moscow’s treasury will be empty, the country involved in several senseless wars it can’t win. Peking wil be wanting the territories back that Tsar Aleksandr II stole in 1856 and 1860- and it will get them. Japan will want the Kuriles and Sakhalin back. In 2017 we will witness the start of Dwarfstan’s breakup, and it won’t be pretty.
        With a bit of luck we wil see the demented dwarf hanging upside down like Mussolini from Lenin’s mausoleum, with his mattress Alina Kabayeva hanging next to him like Clara Petacci.