Some conspiracy theory: does Russia support ISIS?

The Syrian revolution from Kafranbel participants burn the Russian flag in protest of civilian bombings. Photo:

The Syrian revolution from Kafranbel participants burn the Russian flag in protest of civilian bombings. Photo: 


Article by: M. Bahadırhan Duranoğlu

“Listen, whoever comes to you with this Barzini meeting, he’s the traitor.”
Don Corleone, The Godfather

I condemn the infamous series of terrorist attacks in France, before all else. As a Turk, an ordinary citizen in a country that has been suffering from terrorist activities for more than three decades, I deeply understand those people who lost their beloved in such a monstrous attack. Apart from all analyses, comments, condemnations and all, I still hardly understand how human beings can turn into such vile creatures to commit such a massacre.

I remember a statement by a Turkish intelligence officer about suspicious situations, roughly meaning: “If you do not understand who is the perpetrator, look for who benefits the most.” Clever indeed, almost a cliché, and when I do so I see a vague yet intriguing scheme.

As I referred to in my previous article, “Islamization” of Chechen resistance cost Chechens their war of independence: dubious leaders like Basayev defiled the international image of Chechen freedom fighters, which eventually ceased the international support and a Putin-backed government was able to be established. Rumours of a Basayev-GRU relationship, especially during the Abkhaz-Georgian War, are thought-provoking, and when considered together with the fact that islamist movements made Chechens lose their support, one can even think that likes of Basayev were intentionally placed by a Russian agenda. And now, when I try to see ISIS, or ISIL as a whole, I feel there are some similarities.

ISIL’s core consists of “angry sunni Arabs,” mostly supporters of the pre-American intervention regimes. This becomes clearer when you listen to Raghad Hussein, Saddam’s daughter, expressing her pleasure for ISIS victories, when you consider stories that claim Raghad directly supports the terrorists along with her father’s “loyalists.”  It is no news that Saddam was aligned with Russia rather than the “free world.”

And how does Russia benefit from ISIS?

First, ISIS strengthens Assad’s position: splitting the Syrian opposition in two, and attacking Assad regime’s enemies. The organization is so cruel and infamous, causing so much shock, that even a dictator like Assad seem “preferable,” a “lesser evil,” especially in western eyes. There are also allegations that when Russian intervention took place, they bombed the non-ISIS Syrian Opposition, not ISIS.

There’s another dimension: bombings and attacks in European cities by ISIS cause public outrage and strengthen Euro-skepticism and the far-right parties that are in a curious relationship with Putin. Even anti-Russian Euro-skeptics, like the new government of Poland, undermine the unity and deterrence of EU.

Crimea is the new Czechoslovakia, which should not be offered as a sacrifice to the hunger of a tyrant, whose hunger just grows fiercer the more he is fed

Moreover, I do not believe that the Ankara bombings during a pro-Kurdish rally on 10th October that claimed lives of 105 people simply coincided with Syrian Kurdish Salih Muslim’s meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia. There is also an interview by Muslim which should grab our attention. By the way, according to the press, Putin was the first one to call Turkish President Erdoğan to offer condolences, hence the epigraph.

How does Sergey Markov, Co-Chairman of the National Strategic Council of Russia link Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the Syrian crisis in his post? He says the West should give up with the Ukrainian cause and focus on the crisis in Middle East. Can it be counted as another benefit of Russia from ISIS?

Answers may vary, and my implication that Russia somehow backs ISIS may be wrong. But I am sure that Crimea is the new Czechoslovakia, which should not be offered as a sacrifice to the hunger of a tyrant, whose hunger just grows fiercer the more he is fed. The “free world” should understand that “terrorist” activities in Ukraine, Turkey, or the Middle East are not separate cases but related to each other, which require a firm and equally aggressive endeavor to be eradicated.

Edited by: Alya Shandra

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  • Dan Craig

    “If you do not understand who is the perpetrator, look for who benefits the most.” I heard the same statement on the night of September 11th 2001.

  • laker48

    Totally agree! Ancient Roman crime investigators always tried to find an answer to this fundamental question: “Cui bono?” Nothing has changed since, and I’ve already posted on other comment boards that the Paris terror spree smells FSB/KGB-concocted from a proverbial mile. Same with the Synai midair bombing of the Russian charter jetliner, as the bomb was planted in Egypt where only Russian maintenance personnel has access to the fuel lines. The FSB didn’t hesitate to blow apartment buildings in Moscow and other Russian cities to give Putin pretexts to start the second Chechen war.

  • Nowhere Girl

    That’s it. And we must exert pressure on our governments, remind them not to forget about Ukraine. Any cooperation of Western countries with Putin should be under the condition that Putin completely withdraws from Ukraine and stops interfering in its policy.

  • Forgotten Ghost

    I recall a few years ago, reading an article in a printed defense publication that Israel had just finished forming up a fairly large mercenary force, intended to be used as an undercover “rebel” army. Though I can’t recall the name they gave it (it was in Hebrew), they were quite proud of it, and suggested that their mission was to be the infiltration of neighboring states and Hezbollah. They were initially manned with Israelis, Jordanians, Lebanese, and Saudis as well as a few other nationalities.
    For some, the idea of Russia being at odds with Israel throughout this whole current conflict is considered obvious… and that’s where I beg to differ. The main component in any operation we have witnessed in recent history has been deception. Mossad slogans notwithstanding, it has been the calling card of every coup, strategic move, and of course act of “terror” that the “major players” have been party to. When there is such an operation in play, the posturing, deflection, and maneuvering are often missed until well after the fact, and this makes a case for allowing precedent into our formulations on what we may be dealing with now.
    For instance, the first paragraph I wrote is something that I personally know to be true, which overwhelmingly suggests that Israel created IS. Whether or not they control them still could be debated, but in recent times there were reports of IS wounded being treated in Golan Heights, so it stands to reason that they still serve a commanding role over them. We also know that anyone with internet and an interest in world affairs has probably heard this. So, why would Putin and his cabinet make numerous references to IS being the baby of America, without so much as a peep about Israel’s involvement? In the media (which tends to have blinders on for Israel, say what you will) we have seen in recent months all manner of pot-shots taken at the US, the Saudis, Qatar, Turkey, the UK, Germany, France… heck, just about everyone except for Israel and Russia, in regards to a potential relationship with IS. Meanwhile, Iran has been quietly moving into trade deals and forming partnerships, Syria has been doing a lot of PR, and those “refugees” have been steadily coming in from places that aren’t even near the war zones. Russia won’t speak ill of Israel, yet they will insult and provoke just about everyone else? I sense an unpublicized alliance of sorts, and with Russia, that’s always bad.
    Take note of how Russia’s actions are benefitted by IS. Take not of how Israel’s are also. Now, take note of how Russia’s actions benefit Israel… or could. With lip service to “proper procedure” regarding Assad’s exit from power, Putin is gaining just enough trust to remain in Syria, and keep his presence there. He could very well use that presence to ensure that Golan Heights, with it’s oil, stays in Israeli hands. The Israelis are already planning to build a multi-level bunker complex there, and a project that large requires time and a safe buffer zone from violence in order to complete. For their part in protecting and furthering Israeli interests, it is perfectly reasonable to then guess that IS, which is an Israeli creation, could be used to further Russia’s interests. Many Israelis are from Russia, and the two have always had close ethnic ties to some degree.
    I have heard very little from Netanyahu about Russia lately, though I could have missed it. Regardless, unless Israel was threatening imminent war with Russia, then there is nothing that could disqualify them from being in collusion with Putin’s schemes at present. Perhaps America is about bled dry, and their morale too low to continue being the arms supplier and Middle East muscle for Israel… and Putin wants that job. Syria looks like “tryouts” for Russia. If Putin illustrates a desire to perform false flags against not only Russians, but other citizens, and can keep Israel’s next big money maker safe, then I’m guessing he’ll have a nice retirement position should he survive long enough.
    With all of the insults hurled at America for what Russia does, and Israel does better, I suspect a changing of the guard.
    Well, that’s my current loony conspiracy model. Take it with a grain of salt, because plants crave electrolytes.

  • jan zizka

    Read Alexander Litvinenko’s (Ex KGB ) “Perestroika Deception and New Lies For Old ” in which he details with surprising clarity about the long term strategies of Communist forces(Sino-Russian alliance aka Gog Magog alliance), of which the prime importance was the use of Islamic terrorism against NATO alliance, which started with the staged collapse of USSR and Saddam’s attack on Kuwait.

    We now are begining to see the fruits of these deceptive selfish plans ,which is the rise of Islamic terrorism and it will end only in WW3 aka Gog Magog War which God revealed to prophet Ezekiel some 2700 years ago, in which Gog Magog alliance will fall defeated and completely destroyed in the mountains of Israel- Ezekiel 38,39 chapters- The Holy Bible-The God’s Word-The Holy Scripture.

    Good article, God bless you and all who read this to see the truth and reality.