The last year of Putin’s Russia



Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov stated at the parliamentary hearings in the Federation Council that in 2017 Russia will no longer be able to cover  budget deficits from the Reserve Fund.

“2016 is the last year when we will be able to spend our reserves that way,” he said. “And then we will no longer have these reserves. Therefore the question about consolidating the budget is the number one task on our agenda.”

If Siluanov’s words are translated from the language of budgets, it would be possible to draw a simple conclusion. The year 2016 is the last year in the existence of modern Russia. The last year when Putin will still be able to pay his subjects money they have not earned. Because what is the situation today? In the Russian budget, despite all the cuts, there are still substantial social expenses, money allocated for public sector wages, including law enforcement officers — huge expenses for the army and the security services, this greedy apparatus of a mad regime. But what happens if the price of oil goes down or money is withdrawn from the budget for Putin’s adventures, such as war in Ukraine or Syria? Nothing special — the deficit is covered by funds from the reserve fund.

But in 2017 these opportunities will be gone. And perhaps even earlier. Given that Russia is governed by kleptomaniacs, Siluanov’s words could become a real trigger for them. Confirmation that the looting of Mother Russia needs to happen as soon as possible before Russia gives out her last breath under the Chekist (KGB — Ed.) boot. And they will finish looting her, rest assured. I believe in them.

By the end of 2016, delays in the payments of salaries and pensions will begin. Of course, the first ones to suffer will be doctors and teachers, but events will catch up with the police and security officers as well. All social programs will fold, enterprises will close down, workers will be dismissed. The service sector will collapse because the purchasing power of the population will shrink. This will become the last nail in the coffin of Russian small and medium businesses and will throw new millions of the unemployed into the street. The government will try to control the situation primarily in Moscow because, in fact, when the entire country eats grass and Moscow eats caviar this is equivalent to stability in Russia. But before the end of 2017 there will not be enough money for Moscow or for anything else, not even the army. Soldiers will be begging in the streets. Police will demand bribes, will engage in robbery, will hire out as guards to criminals. The security services will diligently begin to serve the new mafia. Oligarchs will flee the country. Social unrest will begin, the crime level will rise. Russia will plunge back into the early 1990s, with protests, strikes, criminality and hopelessness — but with a far more brutal regime than the Gorbachev government.

By that time people will already begin to forget about Putin’s political adventures. The territorial integrity of the Ukrainian mainland will be restored. The impoverished Crimea will still be controlled by Russia, but negotiations about its return to Ukraine — allowing Putin to save face — will be going full swing. Other geopolitical projects of the last emperor of Russian chauvinists will fold as well.

And all this will only be the beginning of the end.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  1. Dirk Smith says:

    Will result in Maidan Moscow next spring.

    1. kievjoy says:

      A RUSSIAN psychic has said it will be before the end of this year and, evidently, she predicted all this several years ago.

    2. RedSquareMaidan says:

      Red Square Maidan must happen sooner or later.

  2. laker48 says:

    This race to the bottom may start sooner, as the Syrian intervention depletes RuSSia’s resources very fast. Oil and gas prices keep falling, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have already started eating into RuSSia’s global hydrocarbon market shares, and Islamic jihadist may soon start blowing up RuSSian oil and gas pipelines on RuSSian territory. RuSSia’s Fuhrer Shorty the Shirtless has worked hard to eventually get the full taste of his own medicine. We have to remember that RuSSia’s GDP is already smaller than California’s or Texas’s.

    1. Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Agreed. But this will also affect the Ukraine’s economy to some extent, as currently about 15% of total trade is with Dwarfstan. The so-called LNR and DNR will also be hit, and very hard as they are totally dependent on Tsar Vladimir the not-so-Great for any income; the coal that the few mines that are still operating to some extent produce is sold to Dwarfstan, who only buys it for political reasons. He will no longer be able to afford this, not even in worthless rubles. The dwarf’s other pet projects- Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and the Crimea will also be affected; indeed, the subsidies to these have already been cut. So will Belarus, which is totally dependent on Dwarfstan’s subsidies. How will Lukashenko explain this away to the citizens of Belarus, who voted for the stability he promised them, but can now expect the chaos of the 1990s hitting the country?
      The migrant workers from the Stans will be the first to be sacked and will return to Tashkent, Dushanbe etc where nothing but unemployment awaits them- ideal breeding ground for extremists, who are already showing signs of activity in Kirgizstan.

      The question is, what will the dwarf do with financial ruin facing him? Thanks to his stupidity Dwarfstan is already a hotbed of extreme nationalism. His only option, given his views and track record, is attack. He may well advance in the Donbas and elsewhere (Belarus?) in an attempt to deflect attention from Dwarfstan’s internal problems. He can’t afford to withdraw from the Donbas- or the Crimea for that matter- as the nationalists will crucify him for such a betrayal, perhaps literally, if he does. And he doesn’t want the mercenaries returning to Dwarfstan as they will add to the discontent and strengthen the extreme nationalists.
      The dwarf could, of course, use his stolen billions, and those of his chums Medvedev, Rogozin, Lozhvrov, Shoigu and Co, to to avert collapse- but how likely is that? Yanukovich, Azarov and Co are far more likely targets for extortion: “Proffessor Viktor, hand over your loot or you will be on the next plane to Kyiv!”. But how far will that get Dwarfstan’s treasury?
      Kyiv is by no means out of the woods yet and can’t afford to drop its guard for one second.

      1. laker48 says:

        Kyiv should speed up:
        1.Its fight with Byzantine, monumental corruption in order to attract foreign direct investment (FDI);
        2.Build up and train its army at the fastest possible pace;
        3. Invest in its military industrial sector.
        Putin will return to Ukraine regardless to his fortune or misfortune elsewhere, and Ukraine should be prepared to put up a fight again.

        1. Dagwood Bumstead says:

          (2) is already happening, with Poland, the UK, Canada and the US helping to bring the army up to NATO standards. I believe the Netherlands are also quietly helping with improving the army’s logistics though I haven’t found any confirmation of this yet.
          (3) requires money and unfortunately Kyiv has to work under severe financial constraints. Even so, efforts ARE being made to get equipment to the troops. T-64 and T-72 tanks which had been pretty much abandoned for years are being reconditioned and upgraded as fast as possible, for example. This is far cheaper than building a new T-84 and probably faster as well. The T-84 is attracting foreign customers and while it may seem odd to sell them abroad under current circumstances, the sales do bring desperately needed foreign exchange to the country. Which is better at the moment- one new T-84, or three reconditioned and upgraded T-64s or T-72s?
          Modern antitank missiles are a top priority item and Ukrainian industry already has them in its line of products, the Korsar for instance. In Syria Assad’s troops are suffering serious losses of tanks and other armoured vehicles to TOWs supplied by Saudi Arabia, which only emphasises their importance.
          (1) is a long-term project as the corruption that has been built up in the past decades- and presumably already existed in Soviet times- can’t be eliminated overnight. I doubt whether Yatsenyuk is capable of doing this, however, never mind willing, given that he is in the oligarch circle. I’m not too sure about Poroshenko either, though appointing Saakashvili to Odessa was a smart move. The only one I would halfway trust to actually DO something substantial is Yulia. She is no friend of the oligarchs and made enemies of at least Akhmetov, Pinchuk and Firtash when she was Prime Minister, if they weren’t her enemies before that. She probably made enemies of Boiko and the others as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they influenced Proffessor Viktor to launch his neo-Stalinist show trial against her (in exchange for a “small” fee of course), though PV had reasons of his own to want to get rid of her, as she was his most dangerous political enemy by far.

          1. laker48 says:

            Tymoshenko is crooked as well, and she threw Ukraine on the mercy of Gazprom. If Saakashvili succeeds in Odessa, he’ll become a good replacement for Yatsenyuk, with Yatsenyuk sent as an ambassador to the UK or the US. The real fight for Ukraine hasn’t even started yet. Canada and Poland, the two staunchest supporters of Ukraine, didn’t send advanced anti-tank missiles there for the fear of selling them by the corrupt Ukrainian military to the terrorists or RuSSia. It was openly debated in Canada a year or so ago.

            The only chance for Ukraine can be created by further weakening RuSSia that is economically and politically on its last legs. The keys are in the White House and Capitol Hill. The US, together with its NATO and EU allies, should reconsider a revival of the cold war CoCom that banned transfers of ANY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY to the Soviet Union or any Soviet block country. The same should be imposed on RuSSia and its satellites.

            According to some RuSSian analysts, RuSSia may experience another country-wide revolution at the end of 2017, caused by the empty government coffers and Shorty’s inability to bribe the society, with the catalyst being a new US president who, regardless of the party, will become much tougher on RuSSia than Obambler, albeit he has done an excellent job by draining RuSSian financial and political resources.

          2. Dagwood Bumstead says:

            I disagree about Yulia. The Ukraine was already at Gazprom’s mercy before she became PM as the country was fully dependent on Moscow’s gas. Don’t forget that when the dwarf cut off the gas in the middle of the winter of 2009 he also cut off most of Eastern Europe- Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary etc. The whole EU was screaming at Yulia to get the gas flowing again ASAP. Under such circumstances she made the best of a bad situation in my opinion. And she did manage to cut out RosUkrEnergo, a company that was owned by Firtash and did nothing but buy gas from Gazprom and sell it on to Kyiv, pocketing billions for doing nothing. If Firtash wasn’t her enemy already, henceforth she was assured of his hostility towards her.
            Furthermore, nobody could have foreseen the tremendous effect the US shale gas and oil would have on the prices of oil and gas several years later- both were expected to increase, not collapse. I worked for one of the oil majors for many years and I didn’t see it coming, nor did any of my (former) colleagues.
            Where both Yulia and Yushchenko failed was that they did not get any of the oil majors to explore the waters around the Crimea for oil and gas deposits- this was one of the very few things Proffessor Viktor did do right. But it was also one of the reasons for the dwarf’s illegal invasion, occupation and annexation of the Crimea; in his warped Weltanschauung, he simply could not permit Kyiv to become less dependent on Dwarfstan’s oil and gas, he would lose his hold on the Ukraine.

            I agree about reinstating CoCom. To a certain extent, this is already in place again as the sanctions prohibit the transfer of certain technologies to Dwarfstan, most notably in the oil and gas industry which is the country’s sole real source of income, apart from its armaments industry.
            Whether Dwarfstan will experience another revolution remains to be seen. Personally I don’t expect it to happen soon as the Dwarfstanians have been brainwashed by a deluge of propaganda about the Evil Gay West being responsible for all of Dwarfstan’s woes. Lost your job at the local hospital, Ivan Sergeievich? it’s Gay Europe’s fault! Lost your teaching job at school 127, Anna Nikolayevna? It’s all the fault of the Evil US! And it’s Canada’s fault that you can’t get any medicines, Elena Yurievna! It will never be the fault of the dwarf’s idiotic policies…. and sadly most will believe this.

          3. kievjoy says:

            Yep, she made an agreement where the price doubled and she got her share of the profits. I wouldn’t trust her further than I can throw her and neither do the majority of Ukrainians.

          4. laker48 says:

            She also tends to overplay the populist card. She’s not trustworthy, as most if not all other oligarchs. I’m neither Ukrainian nor I live in Ukraine, but I’m a staunch supporter of Ukraine’s independence, as its population has the right to live free and with dignity. Ukraine is already growing its new, Western-educated elites who will eventually replace the corrupt oligarchs the present Ukrainian political elite is made of.

            Another potential pitfall are far-right, infiltrated by RuSSian agents ultra-nationalistic groups attracting uneducated, populist crowd and clandestinely financed by the Kremlin. This phenomenon plays into the Kremlin hands by giving Shorty the arguments in his interaction with the EU and North America that Ukraine doesn’t respect human rights and universal European and Western civilisation values.

          5. kievjoy says:

            I agree about the far right. I said to a few people when they started causing trouble that if they were to be allowed to take over it would be swapping one dictatorship for another.

          6. laker48 says:

            Nail, hammer, hit, DONE!

          7. Dagwood Bumstead says:

            How long can Dwarfstan finance these groups and individuals, when money is slowly but surely running out? I doubt that the Kremlin kleptocrats will finance them out of their own pockets.
            The dwarf is facing far tougher opposition in Syria than he expected, what’s left of Assad’s army is next to useless. And the Syrian oppositon groups have already received TOW antitank missiles from Saudi Arabia and are using them to great effect. Handheld SAMs such as the SA-7 are on their way and will begin to make their mark next month. Syria’s skies won’t be as safe as they are now for the dwarf’s planes and he can expect to lose helicopters and planes, adding to the cost of this war.
            Given the dwarf’s character he won’t back down even if it would be the most sensible thing to do. Sooner or later he will be forced to send more troops to Syria to prop up Assad’s army, not to mention retain his bases at Tartus and Latakia. Adding to his problems is that Dwarfstan has no border with Syria; his supply lines are long and vulnerable and I’m surprised that IS or Al-Nusra haven’t attacked them yet. His obsession with retaining his Syrian bases may cost him dearly.
            All this is to the advantage of the Ukraine- the more troops and material the dwarf commits to Syria the better as it reduces the forces the dwarf can deploy in the Donbas or elsewhere. It’s even better when the dwarf loses planes, helicopters and personnel.

          8. laker48 says:

            Shorty is being cornered rapidly, both militarily and economically. The new Canadian government has started making noises that it’ll impose new sanctions on RuSSia in the Minsk agreements are not fully implemented as scheduled, i.e. by the end of this year, and the Obama administration keeps saying the same all the time.

            RuSSia is likey doomed to bog down in Syria, as Shorty has been punching way above his weight for few years now, and the US government and Congress know this all too well. Perhaps he was lured into Syria in order to spread him thinner, while giving Ukraine some extra time to realign its resources and fight corruption more effectively while the external pressure from the east started vanishing.

            The Saudis have also found a willing ally in Poland that is as much interested in squeezing RuSSia out of the EU hydrocarbon markets as Saudi Arabia is. The Gdansk Naftoport will expand by 2017 its crude oil handling capacity from present 34 to 100 million tons (714 million barrels) per year, at least 75 million tons of which will be resold to the former Soviet republics, block countries and eastern part of Germany. Even at the price of $45 per barrel, it’ll deprive RuSSia of some $32 billion annual sales revenue. The Doomsday is looming large in RuSSia.

          9. Dagwood Bumstead says:

            With all the problems he already had, the last thing the dwarf should have done is piss off the Saudis by a) entering into an alliance with Shia Iran and Hezbollah, and b) starting to bomb Sunni muslims. One wonders whether his advisers have any idea how stupid this is, or if they did know whether he ignored them. Did he even know how much the Saudis hate Assad? He’s about to find out the hard way.
            Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states can easily undercut Dwarfstan’s minimum oil price and still show a profit. It costs about $8 per barrel to bring Saudi oil to the surface, but about 30-35 for a barrel of Dwarfstan’s oil. SA will happily sell its oil to Poland and will match or undercut the dwarf’s. Poland will happily accept, especially if it means hurting Dwarfstan. The Saudis gain through greater volume of sales, compensating for a lower price, Poland gets a good business deal, the dwarf gets nothing.
            But if SA REALLY wants to kick the dwarf where it hurts, it should get the Dutch refineries to dump the dwarf’s oil for SA oil. Most refineries in Rotterdam have switched to Dwarfstan’s oil and Rotterdam is a very important hub for the oil trade, a lot of the oil processed in Rotterdam is shipped to other countries. And don’t forget that the ayatollahs need cash, and the Iran nuclear deal means that Teheran’s oil will hit the market by the end of the year. This will also have a downward effect on the oil price. I never understood why the dwarf supported the Iran nuclear deal as Teheran’s oil entering the market is not to Dwarfstan’s advantage. His alliance with the ayatollahs will offer few long-term benefits; they have their own agenda and I doubt whether it includes Dwarfstan long-term.

          10. laker48 says:

            It’s funny that Polish companies will take part in Iran’s expansion of its oil and gas extraction, and Poland has already confirmed that it will buy Iranian oil and LNG.

            Poland has four large ports that can handle crude oil shipments, so the losses of Dwarfstan may become bigger than $32 billion. BTW, the Saudis have been able for at least five years now to create crude oil blends identical with Brent, Ural blend or Iranian crude, similar to RuSSian Ural blend, and the cost of bringing Saudi and UAE oil to the nearest sea port is below $10 per barrel.

            The Saudis initially targeted US shale drillers, but they didn’t anticipate their flexibility and resilience. Over 80% of US frackers have dramatically reduced their costs and now can produce at or below $20 per barrel at the wellhead, plus or minus $5.

            Now, with US frackers still pumping, SA and the UAE have to look for new markets. A year ago, SA started offering $5 per barrel discounts for three years to all Asian buyers who will switch from Iranian and/or RuSSian crude to Saudi. This seems to work and Rosneft claims that the Saudis play the same game in Poland, what is detrimental and devastating for Dwarfstan. The fun has just started.

          11. Dagwood Bumstead says:

            In theory, Belarus, which gets all of its oil and gas from Dwarfstan, could also benefit from a switch. But Belarus is totally dependent on Moscow for all of its trade so this is unlikely. Furthermore, the dwarf will not hesitate to invade Belarus- he knows that resistance from Lukashenko’s army is unlikely, given that it is full of Dwarfstan moles to an even greater extent than the Ukrainian army was.
            The dwarf has great difficulty in selling oil and gas to Asia because nearly all of the oil and gas industry’s infrastructure is oriented to supplying Europe. Right now his only option is to transport oil to Asia by ship from either the Baltic or Black Seas. Stupidly, he wasted billions on North Stream instead of starting a pipeline eastwards, purely to thwart Kyiv, nothing else. Economically North Stream was pointless, so were/are South Stream and his latest pet project, Turk Stream. But he has pissed off Erdogan and the majority of Turks by persecuting the Crimean Tatars, whom the Turks consider ethnic and religious brothers and sisters, and Erdogan is in no hurry to conclude a deal with the dwarf. He can afford to wait, the dwarf can’t.
            As for the dwarf’s Great Hope China, his Great Gas Deal has been put on hold indefinitely by Peking. Again, the dwarf can’t wait- Peking can, and will impose its terms on Moscow when it considers the time is ripe.
            A probem for the dwarf is that in winter he HAS to keep the oil flowing through the pipelines in northern regions. If he doesn’t, it will freeze solid and block the lines and getting the flow started again in spring will be very difficult. So if the Saudis go ahead with Poland, he may be forced to sell his oil at increasing loss just to prevent the lines becoming blocked. If/when the fun starts, it won’t be fun for the dwarf and his crooked chums- or for the citizens of Dwarfstan.

          12. laker48 says:

            “A problem for the dwarf is that in winter he HAS to keep the oil flowing through the pipelines in northern regions. If he doesn’t, it will freeze solid and block the lines and getting the flow started again in spring will be very difficult.”

            Right you are, but this will likely happen no sooner than in the winter after next. Better late than never, though.

            Also, in 2016, the global LNG carrier fleet capacity will double, and most newly-built carriers will have regassing facilities on board. This will drive LNG shipping rates dramatically down, thus making its prices at delivery hubs competitive in relation to prices of piped gas. The EU’s unused LNG terminal regassing capacity is close to 200 bcm per year, some 30 to 40 bcm more than total EU and Turkey gas imports from RuSSia. The only thing needed is a well-developed network of interconnectors.

            Here are the links to two websites listing all LNG carriers in service, under construction and scheduled to be built.

          13. RedSquareMaidan says:

            She has such a great chance to unify Ukraine and lead after she was released during Maidan. But all she could do was talk about herself. Maidan was not about her.

          14. RedSquareMaidan says:

            “The” Ukraine only exists in the Kremlin. Ukraine has been freed from the Soviet bondage since 1991. Please, let’s not remind Ukrainians that they used to be an occupied territory like “The” Donbas and “The” Crimea.

      2. kievjoy says:

        Coal etc isn’t sold to the dwarf, it’s given to him, unless that’s changed over recent months.

        1. Dagwood Bumstead says:

          If the coal is “given”, it’s probably in exchange for the various weapons and ammunition the dwarf supplies the Kolorads with. He can then sell it on; if Kyiv buys the coal, it is actually subsidising the dwarf’s war against the Ukraine. All the more reason NOT to buy ANY coal from the dwarf, or electricity. And it’s not like the dwarf is doing anything for the people in the so-called LNR and DNR whom he supposedly wants to protect against the “Kyiv fascists”- he isn’t making any effort at all to restore the territory under his occupation in any way, such as improving health care. Nor, for that matter, are Zakharchenko, Pushilin, Plotnitsky and Co.
          Coal isn’t a Donbas monopoly and can be obtained from far more reliable suppliers- the US, South Africa or Australia for example. The shipping costs have to be added to the price of the coal itself, but this disadvantage should be offset against the price of subsidising the occupation of the Donbas.

          1. kievjoy says:

            It’s the terrorists who give him the coal/ When the so called Humanitarian Aid lorries go back many are filled with the coal and also factory equipment that’s been stripped out and taken to Russia. Donbass area is the part of Ukraine where the majority of the high grade coal comes from. Ukraine bought some from South Africa and the quality wasn’t that good.

          2. laker48 says:

            If you ca read Polish, you’ll be shell-shocked after having gone through a long, albeit incomplete list of devastation and looting inflicted by the terrorists and their RuSSian sponsors on Donbas.
            It’s worth verification by people on the ground and publication in English.

          3. Dagwood Bumstead says:

            I have no problem READING Polish, but understanding it is another matter :). I’ll run Google translate or similar on the article; even if the translation isn’t 100% I will get the gist of it.

          4. laker48 says:

            There are many Ukrainians fluent in Polish and English, but perhaps unaware of this publication. I’ve just posted it for further verification on the ground by the locals and spreading world-wide by credible news sources working in Donbas, foreign journalists included. We all have to contribute to the ultimate and world-wide exposure of the Kremlin’s criminality and lies spread by its propaganda to cover everything up.

            The Soviets were very much alike, as they dismantled and looted all infrastructure from Polish territories they had “liberated” in 1944 and 1945. The Polish National Memory Institute (IPN) has estimated the value of just stolen by the Soviets Polish national property in the years 1944-1950, not counting war devastation and Soviet vandalism, at around $60 billion in today’s dollars. History is repeating itself.

          5. Dagwood Bumstead says:

            I’m pretty sure that Kyiv is well aware of what Dwarfstan has looted or destroyed, both in the so-called LNR and in the DNR. It will add the cost to the bill Moscow will eventually have to pay. I knew that Dwarfstan was looting or destroying everything of value in the Donbas, though had not seen a full list yet. Thank you for this.

            And yes, I know that the Russians looted everything in Pommerania, Silesia and around Stettin, territories that were awarded to Poland post-WW2. The synthetic oil plant “Hydrierwerke Pölitz” is a prime example. Located just north of Stettin in territory to become Polish, the Russians refused to hand over control to Warsaw until everything that could be carted off had been sent back to Russia, leaving the Poles with an empty ruin. You can still see the ruins, by the way. Curiously, the Russians left the Bunawerke at Auschwitz-Monowitz pretty much intact- perhaps because it was on territory that had been Polish pre-war?
            To be fair, the British, French and Americans did their fair share of looting in their zones as well. The tooling that made the Diana air rifles, for example, was seized and carted off to the UK, where it was used to produce the Milbro Caledonian Diana air rifles. Volkswagen, ironically, escaped this fate because the British car industry representatives who visited the plant said “That silly little car will never amount to anything.”

          6. laker48 says:

            The $60 billion includes only the value of Soviet-looted Polish territories that were under Polish administration between 1918 and 1939. The looting of the so called Recovered Territories belonging to Germany before WW2 is not included as well as the Polish territories occupied by the Soviets in the years 1939-1941 that are now territories of Ukraine. The number would have likely doubled or even tripled if the aforementioned territories were included.

          7. kievjoy says:

            I’ve had personal contact with quite a few refugees from Donbass and they confirmed a lot a what was being taken at the beginning. Also a lot of the REAL humanitarian aid is taken by the terrorists and the ordinary people still living there are expected to buy it. If they have no money the terrorists take any valubles they have before giving them any food.

          8. laker48 says:

            What else would you expect from members of criminal gangs?

  3. Dagwood Bumstead says:

    “Police WILL demand bribes”? Surely that is already the case, and has been so for years?

  4. Jacks Channel says:

    I am in the process of examining old Soviet law concerning the gifting of Crimea to Ukraine. Anyone have anything on that.?

    Was it illegal.? I don’t think so after what I read initially. If it was, they could have easily gotten it back through the courts decades ago. The land grab was all about the loss of Ukraine to the West by the citizens of Ukraine, and the loss of Simferopol to NATO in the future.

    1. Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Nobody ever protested against its legality or otherwise in the USSR- not Brezhnev, not Andropov, not Chernenko, not Gorbachev.
      More to the point, both Yeltsin and the demented dwarf himself explicitly recognised that the Crimea is part of the Ukraine in several treaties and agreements they signed with the Ukraine.
      As for building a port elsewhere, Dwarfstan doesn’t have to. It already has Novorossiisk. As president, Yushchenko announced that as far as he was concerned the treaty with Russia concerning the use of Sevastopol by the Russian Black Sea Fleet would not be renewed when it expired in 2017, and pointed out that Russia did not need Sevastopol as it already had Novorossiisk, and that 25 years was long enough for Russia to make any improvements the transfer to Novorossiisk might require. Unfortunately Proffessor Viktor Yanukovich did renew the treaty for a further 25 years, no doubt in exchange for a “small donation” into his offshore bank account.
      There was no likelihood of NATO establishing a presence on Ukrainian soil; the Ukrainian constitution forbids foreign troops on its soil and furthermore there was hardly any support for NATO membership in the Ukraine before 2014; 10 to 15% at best supported Ukrainian NATO membership pre-Maidan. Now, however, there is a clear majority for membership according to opinion polls, for which the dwarf can only blame himself.

    2. kievjoy says:

      If you want to know who it originally belonged to go back a few centuries. About 500 years ago it belonged to Turkey.

      1. Dagwood Bumstead says:

        But to whom did the Crimea belong before it was part of the Ottoman Empire? Presumaby, Batu Khan and his Golden Horde, and before that probably Kyiv Rus. The demented dwarf admitted as much when he made such a noise about Prince Volodomir being converted to Christianity at Chersonets in 988, overlooking the fact that Volodomir was a Prince of Kyiv, NOT Moscow- which didn’t even exist in 988. It was founded by Yuri Dolgoruky, another Prince of Kyiv, about 150 years later.
        As for converting to Christianity, Princess Olga of Kyiv converted to Christianity some 40 years before Volodomir did. But I suppose the dwarf does not consider her important because she was a woman.

        1. kievjoy says:

          I’ve had Ukrainian friends tell me that Moscow was founded about 400 years after Kyiv, but won’t argue about that (also a Russian history professor also said the same). However long it was, Kyiv existed first and wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the descendants of the Kyiv founders.

          1. Dagwood Bumstead says:

            There’s a series of photos on the net which illustrates that Kyiv existed well before Moscow was founded. It shows, on one had, part of Kyiv in a given year- the foundations of the Church of the Tithes, St. Sophia for instance. The photo for Moscow in the same year show nothing but forest. Similar photos for St Petersburg would probably show a swamp.

            It always annoys Dwarfstanians enormously when I not too subtly remind them that Kyiv was already a large and very important European city and religious centre plus capital of a vast empire when Moscow was nothing but a small collection of peasant mud huts, if that, and that St Petersburg didn’t even exist in any form at all. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  5. gmab says:

    Knowing Putin, he’ll start selling off his nuclear arsenal to countless subcultures that still exist on this planet. Anything to keep himself in power for another few years.

  6. Vol Ya says:

    Let’s hope it turns out this way. It can’t come soon enough. I am just hoping that putin is stupid enough to get russia entangled in the conflict in Syria with the radical muslims. They will finish him off for sure. ISIS has already opened up a branch in russia. Don’t underestimate what that could do to Russia. putin = idiot