Luhansk Governor to dismiss all teachers who support “LPR”



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Luhansk Governor Heorhiy Tuka said he would seek the dismissal of all the teachers who have supported Russian-backed proxies of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk People’s Republic”.

“I will never get tired of fighting with the teachers who were actively involved in pro-Russian protest movements and campaigned in favour of the pseudo-referendum, but continued working at their schools and teaching children.” said the governor.

He added that the dismissal of these people was one of his top priorities and that he would carry out this task very meticulously.

Translated by: Christine Chraibi
Source: LuhanskyRadar

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  • Dagwood Bumstead

    When the so-called LNR and DNR collapse the collaborators will flee across the border to Dwarfstan, so there probably won’t be anybody to sack.

    • Dalton

      Let’s hope

      • George Evans

        you ..and the other trolls here…are in denial…

        the mob currently running Ukraine have been SACKED already by the decent people in the Donbass…

        get used to it…

        • Dalton

          Waste of bandwidth

          • George Evans

            I knw about your trouble,dill..
            I only include you to try to help you…

          • Brent

            Doofus, none of us wants or needs your help. You’re nothing more than comic relief with your nonsensical posts.

            But funny to see your bum buddy and cubicle mate “Kiko” still the only one upvoting any of your lies!

          • George Evans

            you need help, urgently, bent…

          • George Evans

            do your own homework,bent…

        • Brent

          “the decent people running the Donbass”….now there’s an oxymoron!!!! Kind of like “intelligent, believable George Evans”!!! You must believe in those “Russian values” Putin the mafia boss keeps spouting on about….

          • George Evans

            still cutting and pasting, but still not thinking,bent….

          • Brent

            Name one ‘decent’ person who has been in charge of these terrorist entities that Putin has tried to install in Ukraine. They’re all kleptocrats, just like your hero “Volya”.

            Prove me wrong that your capable of a lucid well thought debate on the subject and not just a mindless sheeple regurgitating nonsense. You accuse me of not thinking, but I challenge you on this subject. NAME ONE that hasn’t been a crook or made money off Russia’s invasion.

          • George Evans

            what about Boris, then…

            get out of that one,bent…

          • Brent

            “Boris” who???

          • Brent

            Still waiting to hear who this mysterious “Boris” is….was this the guy who worked with Natasha trying to foil Rocky & Bullwinkle???

            You thought you would get away with making up more lies and throwing out the first Russian name you could think of, you mindless little lying sheeple…..

          • George Evans

            you haven,t even heard of Boris Finkknuckle, I,ll bet…..bent…

            you know so much, you know nothing….

          • Brent

            Just as I thought….MORE LIES FROM GEORGE EVANS…..

            But think about it. You couldn’t even name ONE honest leader for those thugs…and you think they are so righteous. I guess that explains what you are all about “George”…..lies, lies, and more lies….

          • George Evans

            you still don,t get it, bent…

            I don,t dance to your loony toon….

            If you are too lazy to check,so be it…but don,t be rude…

          • Brent

            So I catch you lying and making up people, and your only defense is to make it a personal attack. There is no “Boris”. You haven’t named one decent person in the DPR or LPR leadership. You’re not even man enough to own up to it.

            Thanks for proving you are nothing more than a lying troll. You make it so easy. And you wonder why you have no credibility?

          • George Evans

            but you are the idiot,bent…

            you don,t even know Vladimir,either…

            ignoramus is the only word for you…

            but I,ll keep trying to educate you, even though ,in the wirdes of the song….”it,s a long,long road.”.

          • Brent

            Maybe you should concentrate on finding the mythical “Boris” you admire so much….maybe he’s in Putin’s mythical “Novorossiya”

            Thanks again for proving what a liar you are. You Russians have no credibility left.

          • George Evans

            but I know, are the one who can,t identify him…

            might have to get Poirot on the job, bent…

    • George Evans

      in denial,bum…

  • ivan

    slava tuka !! putin khujlo !!

  • Being

    I would welcome you Luhansk Governor Heorhiy Tuka to Czech to continue your work :) in parliament, TVs, media etc.
    Good Luck at your work.

    • George Evans

      it would be good riddance from the decent people of Ukraine too….