For Russians, Ukraine is a South Korea to Russia’s North, Zhordan says

A panorama of Kyiv

A panorama of Kyiv 

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In Soviet times, “there was no other Russian country with an alternative system” to which Russians could go while remaining in their own cultural world, Ihor Zhordan says. “East Germany had the West, and North Korea, the South.” But Russians could go only to Israel or the West. Aksyonov’s “’The Island of Crimea’ remained only a literary image.”

Now, however, Russians have just such an alternative in Ukraine, a place they can go while remaining in a familiar cultural world, the result of Ukraine’s “transformation from a post-Soviet remnant into a European country, the Russian commentator continues.

Zhordan’s comments come on the heels of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin’s declaration today that “all those who cannot live in the conditions of present-day Russia and who want to come to Ukraine should be welcomed … and it is very important to us that they come here and devote their efforts … to the building of a new European Ukraine.”

Viewed from even a longer historical perspective than the divisions of the cold war, the Russian commentator says, something extremely interesting is happening: “Russian civilization arose out of Kyivan Rus. Then the Horde came which destroyed Kyivan Rus and at the same time sowed the seeds out of which grew Muscovy.”

Over time, he continues, “Muscovy grew into an empire” which suppressed the personalities of its subjects. It “was able to destroy Novgorod the Great which was its alternative,” and for centuries, maintained itself as a political-cultural community to which there was no obvious alternative left standing.

“However, all empires are mortal because in the final analysis they lose in competition with their dynamic neighbors,” and “at the same time, in Muscovy inevitably arose personalities who although harmed by this system” came to adopt values opposed to those of Muscovy but reflected those of Kyivan Rus and then Novgorod the Great.

Ever more Russians are coming from Russia to Ukraine, and while they are very aware of Ukraine’s shortcomings, “the spirit of freedom” allow them to recover “feelings of their own dignity” and become “passionate patriots of Ukraine,” Zhordan says.

“This means,” he says, “that we are in a great historical period. On the one hand, the twilight of Muscovy is occurring, the fall of the imperial ‘House of Usher.’ And at the same time, the restoration of Kyivan Rus is taking place on a new turn of the historical spiral in the form of free Ukraine.”

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  1. Avatar Free Ruslan says:

    Please help make Ukraine as democratic as possible.
    Please help free Ruslan Kotsaba
    Donate, write, spread the word!
    October 1st, his next hearing date, is approaching fast. Please help.

    1. Avatar Eddy Verhaeghe says:

      Stick to the subject!

      1. Avatar Free Ruslan says:

        Start building your 3rd Rome with freeing one innocent person

  2. Avatar Eddy Verhaeghe says:

    If Muscovy likes it or not, Kyiv will become the 3rd Rome.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      The dwarf and his chum patriarch Kirill won’t like that one bit, and they will do everything they can to prevent it. And that includes a full invasion by Dwarfstan troops.

      The dwarf can’t withdraw form Donbas and the Crimea because he would be crucified by the nationalists at the very least. The status quo is unaffordable because he would then have to rebuild what his Kolorads have destroyed- but he has no cash for that unless he and his crooked mates give up their loot. Highly unlikely.

      Right now he has to cut back the subsidies for his colonies Transnistria, Abkhazia, S. Ossetia and the Crimea, plus such trifles as health care, education, infrastructure etc etc. And Dwarfstan still has to pay the 52 billion to the Yukos shareholders, billions in debt to western banks which it can’t refinance and the biggest killer: triilions in debt to the US. So his only option is to attack and take all of the Ukraine by force; there’s no chance of Moscow forcing Kyiv to toe the line otherwise .
      In summary there’s little point in Russians escaping Dwarfstan by moving to the Ukraine as the dwarf will occupy the country after occupying Belarus first- or try to, anyway. Furthermore, I’m not sure it would be wise for Kyiv to allow them into the country at the moment.