German neo-Nazis carry “DNR” flag while Kremlin tries to portray it as anti-fascist



War in the Donbas

In Heidenau (Germany) neo-Nazi marchers carried the flag of the illegal “DNR” group. Journalist Boris Reitschuster reported this on his Facebook page.

He noted that among the participants were well-known representatives of neo-Nazi movement.

.”..In the foreground – the flag of the DNR, a criminal pseudo state that the Kremlin and its hired hands are trying to proclaim in eastern Ukraine… German supporters of Putin, a lá Schröder, Augstein and Eppler should now feel very uncomfortable,” – wrote Reitschuster.

As the journalist added, the absurdity of this situation is that “Kremlin propaganda tries to present “DNR” as a bulwark against fascism.”

Translated by: A. N.
Source: Novosti Donbasa

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  • Dirk Smith

    Not a big revelation here.

    • Oknemfrod

      Birds of a feather flock together.

  • Dirk Smith

    Russism is a mental disorder.

  • Nikita

    i dont see nazis , just germans with a national flag.

    • BCHistorian

      Perhaps you should read the article. Just because they’re not goose-stepping and giving the stiff-armed salute doesn’t mean they are not nazis.