17 bodies found in Luhansk, victims of militant “Bryanka USSR” battalion

Fugitive "Bryanka USSR" Battalion Commander Dmitry Pindyurin "Lyuty" (Photo: novostimira.net) 

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Earlier we published a translation of an interview about atrocities committed by an armed unit inside militant-occupied Luhansk Oblast. The horrifying details were provided by former fighters who had served in the “Bryanka USSR” battalion, but who have since escaped to Russia, in fear for their lives.

The battalion commander, Dmitry Pindyurin nicknamed “Lyuty” (“Ferocious”), was implicated in shootings, looting, extortion and other criminal acts that have terrorized the region. According to InfoResist.org Pindyurin has now also disappeared, having escaped with his mistress to Moscow. Local authorities are investigating his alleged crimes and have so far discovered 17 bodies.

Pindyurin’s former cohorts reported his flight on the “Bryanka USSR” battalion’s social network page. They announced the gruesome discovery of 17 bodies as victims of the now fugitive battalion commander and his men. The VK post also asks citizens to come forward with any information they have about extortion, looting, false imprisonment and any other crimes.

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