Europe pressuring Ukraine to meet Kremlin’s demands

President Petro Poroshenko, Commissioner Johannes Hahn

President Petro Poroshenko, Commissioner Johannes Hahn 


Article by: Serhiy Sydorenko, European Pravda, June 23, 2015

Despite the European Union’s  apparent support of Ukraine, Brussels sometimes comes up with ideas that evoke amazement among Ukrainians who wonder how it is possible to have such a wrong perception of reality.

The only consolation (for Ukrainians) lies in the hope that a public airing of the inappropriateness of the proposals of the EU representatives will convince them  to abandon what they have started. Therefore, we hope that our publication will help stop the new initiative of the European Commission, which, to put it mildly, is rather hostile to Ukraine.

European Pravda  has learned that Johannes Hahn, the commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, during his visit to Kyiv last week, tried to convince Ukrainian authorities that Kyiv needs to carry out the “last” points of the Minsk agreement and not wait for Russia and the Russian-controlled militants to carry out their portion of the agreement.

What are they asking of Ukraine?  

The new proposal so far does not yet have the status of an “official EU requirement.” It is more likely that the EU is currently “testing” the reaction of the Ukrainian side regarding the idea of a “mild renegotiation” of the requirements of the Minsk agreement.

But even Kyiv’s unconditionally firm response during the first round of the negotiations did not prevent the members of the European Commission from raising the issue again.

European Pravda’s correspondent was present during a closed session where one of the highest officials of the European Commission responsible for Ukraine (we agreed not to disclose his name) suddenly announced that there were problems in Kyiv’s implementation of the Minsk Agreement.

“Yes, we are talking about Russia’s violations of the Minsk Agreement,” he said. “But is Ukraine doing everything to comply with the Minsk requirements? Why don’t you move ahead with providing special status to the Donbas? After all, you can do that  immediately and demonstrate Kyiv’s good will toward carrying out Minsk,” the official explained.

The arguments of the Ukrainian politicians who were at the meeting that the Minsk Agreement deliberately consists of separate stages and that there is no point in carrying out the last point when Moscow is not even complying with the first one had no effect on the EU representative. He continued to insist that Ukraine needs to fulfill the Minsk agreement “in advance.”

The Verkhovna Rada is already aware of the new EU requirement.

“Rumors emerged last week and were later confirmed,” Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, first deputy head of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, told European Pravda.

“The Europeans are demanding that we propose a strategy for the special status of Donbas. And they want this status not to be limited to three years (as in the law about the status of certain territories) but to be made permanent,” she said.

According to Klympush-Tsintsadze,  somehow the complex approach to carrying out the Minsk-2 Agreements is being negated suddenly. “Despite the fact that the first steps have not even been carried out — the ceasefire is not respected, the heavy weaponry has not been withdrawn, our hostages have not been returned — but the EU is telling Kyiv to carry out the fifth or seventh step,” she said.

Kyiv’s Reaction

Multiple government sources confirmed that this idea first appeared during Hahn’s visit to Kyiv. And one of his meetings turned out to be almost completely dedicated to this idea.

The official participants in the negotiations with Hahn refuse to comment officially, explaining that the situation is “too sensitive.”

However, as a result of discussions “not on record” European Pravda was able to put together a scenario of the negotiations.

“The negotiations that were held in the Verkhovna Rada were incredibly complex and emotional. Voices were raised. The Ukrainian participants considered this idea practically a betrayal on Hahn’s part. Europeans, on the other hand, tried to make the case the Ukraine itself must demonstrate greater flexibility and progress on the Minsk issue in order to remove any claims on the part of Russia,” one of the negotiators told European Pravda

“At one point the Ukrainian representative even told the commissioner that he is advocating the same position as the Moscow representatives,” another source said. After emotional and fruitless negotiations in the Rada, Commissioner Hahn went to meet the president.

“There the negotiations were not as emotional. The commissioner was more constructive with President Poroshenko and paid more attention to reports on the violations of the Minsk agreement by Russia,” one of the Verkhovna Rada participants reported. However, another source insisted that during Hahn’s negotiations with Poroshenko the Europeans again — perhaps in milder terms — raised the question of Ukraine “going ahead” in carrying out the Minsk requirements.

Meanwhile, our source at the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs says the situation should not be  overly dramatized and that there are no “demands” on the part of the EU.

According to the diplomat, so far Kyiv is not being asked to grant  special status to the Donbas but to “discuss” the possibility of such a provision.

“The EU wants for all the Minsk questions to be discussed in the subgroups of the Interim Contact Group  in order to avoid taboos on certain topics, including this one. But this is an informal discussion, an exchange of ideas. The official dialogue will begin only after the elections with the legitimately elected representatives (of several regions of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts)” the Foreign Ministry source said.

Instead of an epilogue

At present it is difficult to say if this unexpected proposal by the European Commission, which was made twice in just a few days (first in Kyiv during the visit of the European commissioner and then at a closed session at the EU), will advance further.

Much depends on how categorically this option was refused by the Ukrainian side. For now, all sources without exception say they are against any revision of the Minsk agreements even a “modest revision.”

“My conversations indicate that at the EU they sometimes act as though they want to achieve elections in the Donbas without thinking too much about how to conduct them at present,” said one of our sources who is involved in the “Minsk dialogue” on the Ukrainian side.

“They want the imitation of success in the settlement. However, they do not have any answers to our questions about why they’re not reacting to the destruction of Shyrokino, Debaltsevo, Uhlehorsk. This is very frightening because it means we are being left to face Russia alone.  But our position is firm: the Minsk agreements are a composite and currently no point of the Minsk agreement is being fulfilled,” he concluded.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: European Pravda (division of Ukrayinska Pravda)

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  • Rods

    I’ve got a much better suggestion, as Johannes Hahn, the commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy is Austrian, why doesn’t he offer Austria to Putin, lock, stock and barrel as a good neighbourly peace offering to Putin in Exchange for leaving East Ukraine and Crimea to their right owners, the Ukrainian people. I’m sure the Austrian people will understand as Putin’s T72’s followed by his drunken rabble, sorry Red Army, blitz their way through in their normal scorched earth policy. Putin’s Mafia gangs will be the Austrians new rulers complete with their full range of human rights abuses.

    Thought not, just prepared to play fast and loose with the interests of the Ukrainian people and their country, for his and Brussels political convenience.

    Sorry, Johannes Hahn you won’t be flying back to Belgium, waving a flimsy piece of paper at Brussels Airport proclaiming a grubby, sold out, peace in our time. Your Ukrainian victory medal from Putin won’t be in the post either.

    • puttypants

      great retort Rods. I agree give up Austria to Putin. Maybe than he’ll get out of Ukraine. Austria is a beautiful country not as beautiful or large as Ukraine but Putin won’t have to invest any money to fix it like he should in Ukraine.

      • Czech Friend

        as it happens many ruskies live and whitewash their dirty money in Austria.

  • optionrider

    RuSSia has a sharp economic knife put to its throat, while Ukraine is about to pass the turning point of the crisis and start dramatically reform its economic, political and social systems. There are at least two game-changers that may significantly reinforce Ukraine’s bargaining position while weakening RuSSia’s even more.

    In about six weeks Poland will have a new, pro-Ukrainian, pro-American and anti-RuSSian president whose party will likely win the October parliamentary election in Poland. Poland will definitely change its course as of August this year and officially demand from the EU to scrap the Normandy format and introduce the EU, the US and NATO as the equal partners in negotiations about Ukraine’s future.

    The present government of Poland will likely not oppose, as it’s getting weaker and more unpopular by the week, and will promise and do anything to win the Polish electorate that is over 80% anti-RuSSian and close to 70% pro-Ukrainian. There’s also growing impatience among Canadian and US lawmakers who demand that RuSSia pull out of Ukraine and return Crimea. They won’t compromise on either, no matter what the EU says or does.

    The US has already started the deployment of heavy weapons in Poland and nuclear warheads may soon follow. BTW, the whole Kaliningrad district is within the shelling range of heavy Polish artillery equipped with high-power thermobaric shells. RuSSia is being cornered. Poland also has AGM-158 JASSM missiles fired from its F-16 fighter jets and will have AGM-158 JASSM-ER with the range of over 1000 km by yearend. Both types can carry nuclear warheads and AGM-158 JASSM-ERs can reach all major RuSSian cities and military bases in Europe.

    • Czech Friend

      let’s keep our fingers crossed

  • Michel Cloarec

    The Minsk agreements is a package ! All of it , not only small part of it at a time , that would be used against Ukraine by the stooges and putin .

    • Czech Friend

      Minsk agreement is a temporary crutch if anything. There can be no agreements with war criminals like Putler.

      Once we have real leaders he will be put down like a rabid dog he is and he can wipe his sorry pedo ass with “Minsk agreement” right in the tiny cell in Hague.

  • evanlarkspur

    Putin is allowed to play these dogs as if they are violins. Have they no honor or integrity at all?
    There are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Putin has said so repeatedly. So the breakdown of law and order in Ukraine is a purely internal affair, about which Ukraine can ask assistance of her friends and allies. Let’s just go in and help Ukraine restore the rule of law in her own borders. Putin can be warned along with all neighboring countries that any of their citizens there illegally are subject to treatment as criminal combatants. All done.

  • Czech Friend

    Do not back down to corrupt and cowardly Eurocrats like Hahn, Ukraine. You have everything at stake while these idiots want to have a good line in their CVs.

    Go public and seek support where it matters.


    It will be very interesting to watch what EU says towards the popular protests in Armenia. If it does nothing then thug Putler has been successful with his bullying and Ukraine can be certain they will betray her.

  • Being

    How dare EU is to fight ISIS while convincing, advicing to give the Ukrainian territory to RUS terrorists? Shame you idio.s Get out of there and leave such job for capable persons.

  • FunkyWinkerbean

    And echoes of “Peace in our time” were heard through the halls of the EU Parliament…

  • Gryzelda Wrr, Polish Emirates

    The only response to the commissioner Hahn should be: F. O. If he asks for something more elaborate, ask him to go to Donbass with no arms and no guards.

    He wants Ukraine to prove its commitment to Minsk agreements, because the painful truth is that the EU has no plan B. But who is going to judge whether Ukraine is truly committed to the agreements? Putin? Putin will blame Ukraine, US and Nato no matter you or we really do.

    • Czech Friend

      EU is becoming more and more pathetic. Just watch their silence on Armenia.

      They let the Putler bully get away with his spheres of influence.