Russia creating prerequisite for invasion of Baltic states?

NATO drills in the Baltic sea

NATO drills in the Baltic sea 

Military analysis

Article by: Nicole Gallina

Russia is pushing its preparations to create a prerequisite for an invasion of the Baltic states.

On June 11, Russian hackers posted an announcement on the site of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense: The ongoing NATO exercise Saber Strike is preparing the annexation of Kaliningrad. This fake was widely spread in Russian propaganda media (for example LifeNews or Sputnik) and surely is believed by the Russian public.

Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence website hacked

The Pew Research Center study on NATO published yesterday found that Russians are clear in their beliefs: Russians support the president, and think NATO is an existential military threat.

On the countrary, the study found European allies do not support the use of military force in the case of military aggression against an ally. The higest rates were found in Italy (51%) and Germany (58%). Recently, the Russian president visited Italy, and ensured further support. Additionally, the German parliament is paralyzed by a Russian cyberattack and the server has to be rebuild in the next months (This could be important in an Article 5 case as the German parliament would have to meet and to decide on measures. As Germany has been Russia’s main negotiation partner since its aggression against Ukraine started in February last year, nothing would be decided without German backing).

And what about the recent declaration of the Russian president that only an insane person could imagine Russia attacking NATO?

The statement actually confirms Russia’s interest in the Baltics. More than public statements we should stick to statements the Russian president has made in private conversations. And the Pew survey underlined that NATO countries sharing a border with Russia are not considered to be full members by older NATO members, worth the military effort. Also in the Russian logic the Baltics – countries without permanent NATO (=US)-bases – are no real members, and an attack on them is not a direct attack of NATO.

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  • John Christmas

    Russia has a very good reason to invade Latvia, because the corrupt Latvian government is protecting a circle of offshore banks that have facilitated over $100 bln of capital flight from Russia over the past 20 years. NATO would be wise to shut down these banks immediately.

    • Eddy Verhaeghe

      Oh yes? And Russia most probably also has the right to invade Austria, Cyprys, Switserland, the United Kingdom and all other financial centers that were used by Russian oligarchs, politicians, siloviki, etc…? Countries that were used to shelter a huge multiple of that $ 100 billion.

      • Milton Devonair

        Yup, but just think in reverse, think of all the countries that have had their countries looted by the corrupt apes of russia? I think that every country that is by russia, or not even by them, should invade apeland russia and try and stop the russians continual invading and looting.

    • Milton Devonair

      So, because people are trying to protect their money from a corrupt, criminal russian government that wants to steal it, they use outside businesses that will provide them that service.
      And you want the corrupt russian apes to invade and murder all of those providing that service to people?

      creatures like you are scary if you live in a free country as you are the enemy of free people wherever your @ss sits and webbed feet stand.

    • Brent

      So now Putin’s ‘protecting bankers’???? Is this the new spin in the Kremlin playbook to justify invading Latvia?

      is there no end to the lies and bullsh*t you trolls will spread and justify killing people?

    • Villemar

      Wow, could you pick a more obvious troll name? Lol “John Christmas”

      • Racquel

        LOL. I recently came across a troll named “Leroy Ferguson,” a Soviet/Russia buff.

        • Czech Friend

          they must have an app for those names…

    • Kruton

      Death to all Bolshevik child killers!Glory to Right Sector!!

    • Czech Friend

      NATO’s job is shutting down banks?

      Oh yeah, but your nickname says it all, Putinobot. :-)

  • Dagwood Bumstead

    As Dwarf 2 IS insane, the threat to the Baltics of a Dwarfstan invasion is very real indeed.