US Defence Minister: Sanctions are ineffective, we need stronger political and military measures


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US Defence Minister Ashton Carter think that economic sanctions, imposed on Russia since March 2014, are ineffective. He believes new political and military countermeasures are necessary.

Carter underlined that the West has to change policy towards Russia, since economic sanctions have not stopped Russia and it continues to support terrorists in eatern Ukrainian region. He agreed that sanctions made some impact on Putin, but doubts whether economic measures will stop him from his plans.

He proposed to use political and military measures and recommended to raise number of military trainings and joint military programs with Washington’s allies. He also observed that NATO must enhance its intelligence efforts.

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  1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

    The extra training would be welcome, but what is really needed is a hefty supply of antitank weapons. But no matter what Mr. Carter thinks, as long as Obama and Merkel remain flatly opposed to any weapon deliveries to Kyiv it will be irrelevant.

    Merkel fully deserves the name Frau Ribbentrop.

    1. Avatar Jens A says:

      It seems from your name, that you are not Ukrainian. But if you were, you have a very strange way to talk about one of those who try the most to help you. Maybe not exactly the way you want, but never the less, Germany do help Ukraine a lot. This is for sure not the way to make Germany do more and in another way.

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        I recognize Germany has done a lot to hold the EU together and keep the sanctions in place because many EU nations are ready to jump ship and let Ukraine fend for itself. Merkl has also pledged 500 million Euro to rebuild Donbass. Smartly, that money is withheld until there is peace.

        However, Germany helped arm and train Russia’s army (40 million Euro in weapons in 2012 and they built the new training base in southwest Russia worth $140 million). For Germany to then take the stance that Ukraine should not even received defensive weapons when it willingly helped arm and train Russia’s invading army definitely irks me.

        1. Avatar Jens A says:

          To wait for peace before rebuilding is common sense. Having close ties to a former KGB colonel even in 1999 does not. I apologise that out countries failed to see it. I did, however, cry out at the top of my lungs from day one against that criminal!

      2. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        I’m sorry, but I disagree. Merkel is a hypocrite.One one hand she is supplying weapons to the Kurds including Milan antitank missiles, saying “The Kurds have a right to defend themselves.” At the same time she flatly refuses to send antitank missiles to Kyiv, saying that she doesn’t want to escalate, indicating that in her view the Ukrainians do NOT have a right to defend themselves. But Dwarf 2 is constantly escalating, sending a stream of weapons, ammo, mercenaries and Russian army soldiers into the Donbass.She clearly chooses not to see this, which makes me wonder whether she is in Dwarf 2’s pocket.
        Merkel clearly doesn’t care about the Ukrainians dying, but is horrified at the thought of even ONE Russian being killed- and heaven forbid that a Russian be killed by a German missile!

  2. Avatar Rods says:

    Well said, but I won’t be holding my breath expecting anything more than empty words by the top politicians that ultimately shape policy and have the final say when it comes to defending the 74 years of peace under the principles of the old internationally agreed world order. This should include a robust response to upholding the principles of the Budapest Memorandum by supplying defensive weapons to Ukraine to help them defend their territory.

    These very same Western politicians have given Putin a green light this week where there has been no response to the blatant attack by Russian troops on Maryinka, I’m now very concerned that we are about to see a major escalation of violence by Putin as his full summer campaign starts. The ceasefire as part of Putin’s Minsk II reward for the violent annexation of more of Ukrainian territory gave Putin the breathing space he needed to resupply, train, rest and rotate his troops ready for the next phase. So he can then consolidate any gains though this next round of violence by the West rewarding him with Minsk III, which will then signal the start of the next ceasefire, resupply, violence, reward cycle and so on.

    You can’t meaningfully judge politicians on their words, only on their actions and deeds. This bluntly means all Western politicians, with no exceptions, where they have all more or less followed the same appeasement path, they have not only failed Ukraine but all citizens of the world that want the continuance of peace. They have sadly surrendered, without a fight, our current world order and peace as we used to know it, based upon the 1975 Helsinki Final act.

    Putin now firmly knows, along with all other observing dictators, that violence pays and will be positively rewarded in any subsequent peace agreements which involve Western politicians!

    1. Avatar gmab says:


    2. Avatar Brent says:

      Well said. Even if the G7 and then Europe continue the current sanctions with no further escalation, this serves notice that Russia’s recent escalation will continue to go unanswered. Sadly the Western leaders like Merkl and Obama can’t seem to understand this.

  3. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    Sanctions definitely need to be increased against putin and his oligarchs, their assets abroad need to be frozen or confiscated. Also Europe and Ukraine must completely stop buying any natural gas from russia. This loss of revenue and hard currency will definitely hurt russia. There is no shortage of natural gas and LNG these days. Lithuania has totally freed itself of russian gas so this can and needs to be done.

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Agreed! Stop funding his war machine. But also start restricting his oligarchs and cabinet from traveling to their European vacation homes, like Russia is restricting entry to so many EU members of government.

  4. Avatar Murf says:

    If this guy keeps speaking the truth he is going to go the same way of his predecessors. Quickly!

    1. Avatar Brent says:

      Sadly, the only powerful American that is still unwilling to supply Ukraine with defensive weapons remains to be Obama. He was also the same person who called ISIS “The J.V. Team” in January of 2014, so maybe if the rest of his cabinet can finally convince Obama to supply weapons that will help Ukraine, then finally there may be some help.

      1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        Two chances of that happening, I’m afraid. One is slim, the other fat.

      2. Avatar Murf says:

        Aside from normalizing relations with Cuba and improving ties with India has Obama done ANYTHING well (forget good or great) in foreign policy?
        He might be more successful if he just looked a problem, figured out what he should do and then do the exact opposite.

  5. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    those “sanctions” are ineffective because they were meant to be so. Opportunity from our spineless cowardly leaders towards war criminal Putler to realise error of his ways and act like a human-being for once.

    And wait, it’s getting tougher now! After G7 summit the leaders are READY to ponder more sanctions if Putin doesn’t abide by Minsk II. By that they probably mean more than dozen dead Ukrainian soldiers a day during the “ceasefire”.

    So where is this big stick we are carrying because I only see us speaking softly.

  6. Avatar what's what says:

    It would be SOOOOOOOOOO nice if Obama finally woke up and took the advice of Ashton Carter, the Secretary of Defense that HE himself nominated! One can only hope and pray, (and call the white house & your representatives.)