Street named after Heroes of Euromaidan to appear in Warsaw

Protests against the criminal and oppressive regime of Yanukovich during the Revolution of Dignity, winter 2014, on Kyiv's Maidan Nezalezhnosti square.

Protests against the criminal and oppressive regime of Yanukovich during the Revolution of Dignity, winter 2014, on Kyiv's Maidan Nezalezhnosti square. 

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Article by: Alya Shandra

Polish activists, politicians and civic activists are collecting signatures on a petition to rename one of the streets of Warsaw to Heroes of Maidan, as reported by the Open Dialog Foundation, one of the organizers of the initiative. Since many events connected with Ukraine, began or ended at the monument and park named after Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko, the organizers propose to rename an adjacent street, Spatserowa. There are no residential buildings and institutions on the street, which will make the renaming easier.

A briefing and collecting of signatures was initiated at the corner of Spatserowa and Klonowa on May 21. Supporters of the initiative can express their support in the center Ukraiński Świat.

“Naming streets of Warsaw after battles that took place in neighboring states in the name of common values, in particular, those described in the Polish constitution, ​​is an ancient tradition. An example is the street named after the Hungarian uprising in the area of Ursyniv. Kyiv’s Euromaidan revolution, as a main symbol of heroism and struggle for European ideals, also deserves celebration in Warsaw, especially considering that Kyiv and Warsaw are sister cities, and that the Polish capital for over a year is a center of solidarity and help of the Polish community to Ukraine and Ukrainians,”

said Bartosz Kramek, chairman of the Open Dialog Foundation  and one of the initiators of the initiative. The applications to rename the street, which will be sent to the local authorities, has already been signed by activists, politicians, scholars and ordinary residents. The initiative has already been supported by Polish MP Małgorzata Gosiewska, former Polish Minister of Defense Janusz Onyszkiewicz, former mayor Marcin Święcicki, among others. The full petition in the Polish language is available here.

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  • Nowhere Girl

    Even better – Spacerowa runs along the back fence of the Russian Embassy. Its park, by the way (Russia has a huge terrain in Warsaw, much bigger than other embassies), has already unofficially been renamed Nadiya Savchenko Park…

  • Jack McColley

    Ukrainians and Poles have a long history with each other, not all of it happy, but ethnically they are very close even though Poland is predominantly Roman Catholic and Ukraine is Orthodox. They have a common distrust of and animosity toward the former USSR and the current Russian government. I see them cooperating more and more against their common enemy.