‘Crimea Today – Rome Tomorrow!’ — a photo from Russia

The sign in Kaluga, Russia says "Crimea Today - Rome Tomorrow! Happy Victory Day of May 9!" (Image: KP-Kaluga, May 2015)

The sign in Kaluga, Russia says "Crimea Today - Rome Tomorrow! Happy Victory Day of May 9!" (Image: KP-Kaluga, May 2015) 

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The non-stop drumbeat of chauvinism and alleged superiority of Russia coming from the top of the Kremlin and amplified by the Russian media has been resonating with the Russian populace and creating horrific visions of the future for the entire world, the visions where Russia is an all-powerful global aggressor and the world is bent to Putin’s power.

An especially poignant and unmasked example of this effect is the banner ostensibly commemorating the World War II Victory, in the above photograph. The banner says: “Crimea Today – Rome Tomorrow! Happy Great Victory Day of May 9!” The idea of connecting the Allied Victory in the World War II  with Hitler-like Anschluss of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula by Putin’s military is sacrilegious to the spirit of the allied sacrifice, but extending it to call for a continued aggression toward other European countries is unthinkable. But it is “thinkable” in Russia!

The words “Crimea” and “Rome” rhyme in Russian, the slogan is short and catchy. The banner is huge and is placed along of a well-traveled city road. Someone clearly expended significant marketing effort and money to devise, design, manufacture and place it.

This banner is located in the Russian provincial city of Kaluga, which is about 100 miles (180 km) from Moscow. It is part of a series of celebratory banners including the one in the photograph below, which displays victorious battles of the Moscow Princedom, Russian Imperial and Soviet armies over the history. This banner would not be surprising, if it also did not include the Battle of Debaltseve in Ukraine with the Russian army’s supposed “victory” dated 19 February, 2015.

While talking into TV cameras for international audiences, Putin insists that Russian army is not fighting Ukraine in Donbas, this propaganda effort targeting Russian domestic audience clearly states otherwise.

The Victory Day sign in the city of Kaluga, Russia displays historical battles with participation of Russian and Soviet armies, but it also includes the Battle of Debaltseve in Ukraine, February 2015 (Image: KP40.ru, May 2015)

This Victory Day banner in the city of Kaluga, Russia displays historical battles with participation of Russian and Soviet armies, but it also includes the Battle of Debaltseve in Ukraine, February 2015 (Image: KP40.ru, May 2015)

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  1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    Are those flammable?

  2. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Ukraine destroyed the soviet union and we WILL destroy the monkey mockal federation.
    Smert mockalyam.

    1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      Why, that’s easy – by virtue of becoming independent. Ukraine was the agricultural, industrial, and – to a degree – military core of the Soviet Union. There can be no “union” when one of its principal parties is glaringly absent. No wonder Putler is trying to drag it back, come hell or high water by hook or by crook. Too bad, dwarfy – it’s gone. Forever.

      1. Avatar Yuriy says:

        Funny, actually, Russia, as a republic, declared sovereignty before the Ukraine did. And a bunch of other republics as well.
        Overall, there is nothing special in what Ukraine did, to add to the fall of the soviet Union.

        1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

          Now you’ve invented a time machine, haven’t you?
          Rada declared independence in August 1991, and on December 1, 1991, the ensuing referendum and elections took place in Ukraine. Russia became a separate entity (Russian Federation in lieu of the RSFSR) on December 25, 1991 as a result of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, rather than owing to any explicit declaration of independence. The dissolution was chiefly due to Ukraine – heretofore the most important in all aspects part of the Soviet Union other than RSFSR – having become independent, so your odd notion that Ukraine did “nothing special” in this regard, doesn’t hold water. Let me also remind you that earlier that year, on March 17, a referendum was held in Russia, and an overwhelming majority voted *in favor* of preserving the shrunk version of the Soviet Union (i.e. sans the Balts who had seceded earlier). Without the Balts, it was still thinkable – after all, they only became “Soviet republics” after the land grab of 1940, – however with Ukraine gone, there could be another Soviet Union no more than a rectangle can remain a rectangle if one of its corners is cut off. So, for all intents and purposes, Mazepa is quite right.

          1. Avatar Yuriy says:

            Well, looks like nobody remembers anymore 🙂

            Russian Federation declared sovereignty June 12, 1990. Then Ukraine declared sovereignty July 16, 1990.

            The independence, that was approved by Ukrainian referendum a week before Belavezha Accords, was unlikely to be a major factor in the fall itself. Especially counting that couple month before (March of 1991) it Ukraine on a referendum voted for staying sovereign country as part of the Soviet Union.

          2. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            Really? Then go on and correct the Wiki articles on both Ukraine and Russia with the newly-discovered dates. Let’s see how that goes.

          3. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            You’re talking about meaningless “declarations of sovereignty” by the then two *Soviet Socialist* “republics” with no apparent intent, at the time, to separate themselves from the Soviet Union and which aren’t germane to the issues being discussed. The point at hand you’ve argued all along is whether or not the declaration of *independence* (that is, not “sovereignty” within the Soviet Union – if such a joke could ever exist) by Ukraine has had a decisive impact on the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Equally misleading is your pointing at “a week before the Belovezha Accords” because independence was proclaimed in August, and the results of the referendum had been a foregone conclusion, so the parties at Belovezha had already known for months that Ukraine would have been gone – and that was the single most important factor that precipitated the breakout.
            The simple fact of the matter is, there is no Russian “empire” – at least in the sense the newly-fangled Russian imperialists see it – without the Ukrainians, which, in their sheer lunacy, they declare “the same” people as the Russians. Hence the entire insane war the latter have perpetrated on Ukraine first by annexing Crimea, then by invading the East.
            The only thing the Ukrainians want from the Russians is encapsulated by the word of Les’ Poderv’janskij, as apt as it can be: “Від’єбіться!”

          4. Avatar Yuriy says:

            Absolutely meaningless 🙂
            What did that declaration declare for Ukraine – nothing. Just Self-Determination of the Ukrainian Nation, Rule of the People, State Power, Citizenship of the Ukrainian SSR, Territorial Supremacy, Economic Independence, Environmental Safety, Cultural Development, External and Internal Security, and International Relations. Basically nothing.

            Well that and Declaration of Independence, just for laughs I guess, saying that it “Implementing the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine”.

            Now, sorry for misleading you about Belovezha Accords, but if you read carefully, I specifically stated that I am talking about the referendum. I actually participated in it, and believe me, it took a lot of properly directed information materials to make sure people would vote the right way.(If you want, I can try to find you some of it). It was not that certain at the time of declaring, especially counting that 70% of Ukraine voted for staying in a Soviet Union on March 17th on the same year.

            Even George Bush did a speech then, trying to convince Ukraine to stay in Soviet Union ( August 1st, 1991, I wonder if expenses for his travel are included in Nulands 5 bil. That would be just funny)


            As to who wants what, I will not argue with you, I moved out of Ukraine about 15 years ago, don’t have any close friends or relatives either there or in Russia.

          5. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            For laughs? The implementation is what matters – without it, it’s all but words.
            I’ll take your word for swaying the people the right way to vote at the referendum – I defer to your judgement on this since I was not there at the time – but will still note that 90 per cent yeas and 10 nays as a result seem to be pretty indicative of the mood from onset.
            That the US wanted the entire thing to stay as one whole is not surprising and logical – it’s much easier to deal with one entity than many, particularly considering the nukes.
            I had moved out of Ukraine before you but still have plenty of close relatives and close friends in Ukraine, Russia, and other former “SSR”s and get a valuable feedback from them all.

          6. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

            YOU CAN´t BE PART of something which does not exist. Your words . Sovjet union did not exist anymore . Sovereign means 1 and you can´t sovereign to 2 .

          7. Avatar Yuriy says:

            Exactly my point. Soviet Union was already dead in summer of 1990, it just did not know it yet.

        2. Avatar Mazepa says:

          As we say in Ukraine, ‘cerdechno dyakuyu’ Oknemfrod for sharing the facts with this ignorant mockal. Unlike the mockal propaganda which has been promoted for over 300 years, the ENTIRE WORLD knows very well that it was Ukraine that DESTROYED the fascist soviet union.
          However, we WILL destroy the mockal federation as well. We WiLL cut monkey putin’s throat and also eliminate monkey lavrov and kirill.
          Smert mockalyam.
          Unlike the mockal swine, we ALWAYS keep our promises.

          1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

            Будь ласка, нізащо.

          2. Avatar Mazepa says:

            Slava Ukrayini! Slava Chechniyi! Heroyam Slava!
            Smert mockalyam.
            We guarantee it…

    2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      simple logic
      As soon as the europeans goes out with their dogs in the morning , they consult the poo. And say , that is a russia ! fat and useless !

  3. Avatar Dalton says:

    I wonder if we can convince ISIS that their brothers in Chechnya need their help. At least they have US arms.

  4. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    Russia is a third world backwards country. Poor and uncivilized. Nobody is afraid of them. Everyone despises them for their primitive ways.

    Their fans cannot even accept sporting defeat and are booing whistling to the US anthem at World Hockey Championship. Bunch of Putin biker thugs have to use help of their embassies to make a “victory tour of Europe” which these scumbags shamelessly stole from the Soviet veterans who were actually fighting the evil they now present.

    No one likes them, they had a chance to become civilized yet said no and chose a war criminal cowardly rat for leader. They deserve everything that’s coming to them.

    Shame on you, “victorious nation”.

  5. Avatar Jens A says:

    At least this slogan is kind of honest. It does clearly state that this message comes from imperialistic people. Even the most apeacement loving European must be able to understand that message!

    1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      They won’t even if it were a baseball bat hitting them on the forehead. If they’ve mastered anything well, that is burying their heads in the sand.

      1. Avatar commieslayer says:

        You are mistaken. I know that it’s painful for Ukrainians to see how slow the West moves, but that has always been the case.
        However they will move, and when they finally move, they move decisively. The crisis in Ukraine took everyone in the West by surprise.

        1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

          I sure hope I am mistaken but, unfortunately, have seen little evidence thus far.

  6. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

    Wonder when brainless putinoids get tired of chewing this cud at last.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      They won’t, because they have nothing else.

  7. Avatar puttypants says:

    They are insane!!

    1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      …and there’s method in their madness, too…

  8. Avatar puttypants says:

    When did she brag about that and where is that written? I’d like to hear that one? USA gave money to Russia for democracy and that’s over 20 years.

    1. Avatar Murf says:

      I would just like to see REAL evidence that minor diplomat Viki Nuland can allocate 5 billion to anything. That is a bit above her pay grade.
      Even for the US 5 billion is a lot of money.
      No Wiki leaks documentation.
      No hackaratso down loads.
      Just an illegally obtained recording talking about wanting to spend the money.

      1. Avatar Yuriy says:

        She didn’t allocate 5 bil. When asked about the recording, she said the following:

        “The United States has invested some five billion dollars in Ukraine since 1991 when it became an independent state again after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And that money has been spent on supporting the aspirations of the Ukrainian people to have a strong, democratic government that represents their interests. But we certainly didn’t spend any money supporting the Maidan; that was a spontaneous movement, which is a far cry from what we are concerned Russia is up to now in eastern Ukraine.”

        Now, of course everyone will choose what to hear in those words in accordance to his personal believes.

        hope this link fits your requirements:

        1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

          >Now, of course everyone will choose what to hear in those words in accordance to his personal believes.<

          I don't see how her words you're citing can be [mis]interpreted to mean anything but what they plainly mean.

          1. Avatar Yuriy says:

            Basically she said that US spend 5 bil since 1991 to modify Ukrainian government over that time.

            Now, some will take it as she put it, defining those modifications as making it strong and democratic government representing the people.

            Others would say – she confirmed that they spend 5 bil to change the government to their liking. And accuse her of lying about everything else (and it is not something unheard of for a person at her position)

            Personally, I think there is a little bit of both. But hey, thats just my opinion.

          2. Avatar commieslayer says:

            Why of course, it could ONLY be a Western conspiracy. There couldn’t possibly be any reason why Ukrainians, of their own will and thinking, might want to escape Mother Russia’s domination and the extreme corruption that comes with it. Only aliens or Westerners could possibly be responsible for Ukrainians thinking such dirty thoughts.

        2. Avatar Murf says:

          Thank you Yuriy. A straight answer, they tend to be as rare as Unicorns.
          Kinda makes a lie of all that US installed Junta BS.

      2. Avatar Andrew Chmilewsky says:

        The so-called 5 billion (spent in small bills no doubt! 🙂 ) was for all monies in exchange for Ukie nukes…. The U.S. “worries” and esp. Ruskie SCREAMING about “Ukes have nukes!! Ukes have nukes!”

        Well…. now the Russo-mongols have threatened the West with nukes! 🙂
        Hope the U.S. is so happy about pleasing Russia and disarming Ukeland… U.S. sank unbelievable billions into “aid” for Russia…. while not giving Ukraine anything UNLESS they give up their nukes to Russia. Bush the Elder @ss, made his famous “Chiken Kyiv speech” — to kiss the @ss of the Russians, to warn the Ukes about “Ukrainian suicidal nationalism”. Obviously that ignorant old idiot got that term from the Ruskie…. that ignorant fool!

    2. Avatar disqus_tKUiAezKl2 says:

      The last four American presidents have had the most corrupt governments in the history of the world. It’s all about money. The American congress is owned by every corporation, special interest, foreign government and crazy billionaire that has their price. Lobby money runs everything. Oligarchs bribe foreign governments and bend them to American bankers’, Military Industria Complexl, George Soros’, etc, etc will. WAKE UP.

      Greg Hunter’s YouTube channel

      1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

        So now. Citing wackos, eh? A reference to Roberts, who has lately gone off the deep edge, is enough to discredit anything you say. Bah.

        1. Avatar disqus_tKUiAezKl2 says:

          Killing people, in the name of democracy just makes us, all, murderers. America should not be in Ukraine, Afganistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Syria, etc. It makes us murderers.. Regardless of whether you’re a paid troll or you, really, believe the propaganda, some will never wake up. I wish you, all, well, and hope that, in the, unlikely, chance that I could be right, please, stock up on fuel, food, supplies, drink, meds, a wood stove and a lot of wood. Just in case. Peace.

          1. Avatar commieslayer says:

            And no doubt but that our deliverance can only come from pure, virginal, unblemished Russia, led as it is by its idealistic, truthful and impeccable great and dear leader Putin. There couldn’t possibly be anything and anyone else to save us from our own mistakes and our white men’s guilt.

          2. Avatar kievjoy says:

            Don’t tell me you’re another idiot who believes it when Russia says our shops are empty. We have 11 people in this house and I easily get five large carrier bags of food every week. It’s the occupied areas where the shops are empty. We did for a while have rolling electric cuts, but that stopped months ago. If by stoking up on drink you mean vodka, or whatever, Ukrainians do like a drink on special occasions, but can easily do without.

          3. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Unlike Russia, the US did not send its army to occupy the Crimea or fight in the Donbass- not to mention the thousands of Russian mercenaries, paid by Moscow, that are fighting there. Some 80-85% of those fighting for the so-called LNR and DNR are Russians, only 15-20% locals.

      2. Avatar commieslayer says:

        Wow ! How about the Russian government ? Why is it, pray tell, that Russia’s corruption perception index is so close to that of Nigeria ?

        1. Avatar disqus_tKUiAezKl2 says:

          Russia is not in Mexico or Canada but America is in Ukraine (Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Syria, etc.) It’s all for the central banksters, oligarchs, Military Industrial Complex and those who pay off politicians. I’m not saying Russia doesn’t have corruption. I’m saying you get your information from the worst of the worst. It’s all propaganda. Americans are murdering innocents for banksters, the Military Industrial Complex and oligarchs who own the politicians. It’s all for the money and power. WAKE UP.

          1. Avatar commieslayer says:

            Russia would love to be in Mexico or Canada, but it can’t. During the Cold War (when it could) it literally had its fingers in every pie all over the world: from Afghanistan to Nicaragua. The only reason why their reach is shorter now is that their strength is lower — not because they would in any way be morally superior.
            It is said to see that some Western citizens happily play the role which soviet siloviki used to describe as that of “useful idiots”.

          2. Avatar disqus_tKUiAezKl2 says:

            We are all idiots, each in our own way. Russia should not have been in Cuba in 1962 so JFK got them out, almost starting WWIII, in the process. Now America is what the USSR was. WE are responsible for our corrupt government starting wars for the Military Industrial Complex, banksters and other countries who all pay our congress. WE are murderers because, now, we Americans have our fingers in every pie. Killing millions of innocents as we go.

          3. Avatar Yuriy says:

            Not a very good example, the only reason Russia got to Cuba was to chase out US nuclear missiles from Turkey and Italy.

          4. Avatar disqus_tKUiAezKl2 says:

            The USSR WAS the bad guy. NOW America is the bad guy. To believe everything one government says, as if that one is perfect, is naive. America is at war with other countries because their leaders don’t want central banks. It’s all about corruption. Question everything, even (or especially) your own government.

          5. Avatar commieslayer says:

            It is also extremely naive to believe every piece of propaganda put out by the Russian government through outlets such as Russia TV and through its many Moscow-funded defenders within the West.

          6. Avatar puttypants says:

            How is Russia the good guy in the situation with Ukraine? They attacked Ukraine, annexed a sovereign country’s territory and are fighting a proxy war in east Ukraine? People are dying. Shouldn’t Ukraine be able to choose their own government etc.? Russia does not own Ukraine! How can you possibly say Russia is the good guy in this situation? They causeing division, formenting unrest in Moldova, in Georgia, in Chechnya and now with azerbijan and armenia. They have supported the brutal government of Assad in Syria and Iran. They’ve helped foment problems in the middle-east by supplying weapons to crazy people. They want to return to the Imperial empire and the surrounding countries don’t want anything to do with that. They don’t want Russia’s boot on their necks anymore. How can you think Russia is the good guy in this?

          7. Avatar Czech Friend says:

            no one can at this point in time when all the Russian lies have been exposed.

            Putin could have “bought” Crimea but chose to steal like a criminal he is and thousands of Ukraininas died, millions displaced.

            How can anyone with a conscience neglect that?

          8. Avatar puttypants says:

            Czech Friend..you know it was Ukrainian Kozaks that fought the ottamon empire for Crimea. Historically, Greeks, Armenians and Crimean Tartars lived there until after WW2 when Stalin settled them there. So here’s another great Russian lie that the world just believes and no one questions not even historians.

          9. Avatar puttypants says:

            Additionally, Crimea is geographically attached to Ukraine. What a bunch of crap those bastard spin and get away with. But it’s Ukraine’s fault. Ukrainian nationalists are the only ones who have ever really fought hard for Ukraine’s independence so I hate all the bad mouthing they get. I don’t care what your ethenticity if you live in Ukraine and are a patriot than you need to be thankful for the nationalist or today Ukraine wouldn’t have it’s beautiful language, culture, customs and music etc., etc.,,,,,,,

          10. Avatar commieslayer says:

            The Russians don’t get away with it, at least not among Western governments and not among educated Westerners. No Western historian can hold his laughter when hearing Russia’s tall tales about that subject. Those Russian tales are beyond ridiculous and are being treated as such.

          11. Avatar commieslayer says:

            Indeed it was the Zaporozhian Sich that did most of the the fighting against the Tatars. Russia got involved mostly in order to grab the Cossack State as a new imperial territory. Russia fought Turkey in Crimea because the Crimean Khanate was a vassal to the Ottoman Empire and because Russia wanted to expand in the Balcans and so it needed the Budjak as a corrdior as well as Crimea as a naval base. The Tatars had already been weakened by the Cossacks for 200 years when Russia arrived in the region. That history is understood by most Western historians, though it is not known to most western citizens. Russia’s “history based” claim to Crimea is very tenuous to say the least.

          12. Avatar NATOcracy says:

            BS. There was no Ukraine in those times, they were Malorussians.

            There were around 200.000 of Tatars in Crimea before WWII.

          13. Avatar commieslayer says:

            You russian Vatniks never cease to amuse us. Now go play with your toys.

          14. Avatar NATOcracy says:

            Who told you that I’m a Russian?
            Unlike you I have some knowledge in history.

          15. Avatar commieslayer says:

            Your language and vatnik attitude give you away. Malorussia exists only in Russian propaganda, it never had any historic reality. Your arrogance shows just how much you are likely to understand of any subject, history included.

          16. Avatar NATOcracy says:

            Ok, provide ONE historical document that mention ‘Ukraine’ before 20th century. Or show me some ‘Ukrainians’ in censuses from The Russian Empire or The Austro-Hungarian Empire.
            The Cossacks considered themselves part of the Russian world, check Khmelnitskii’s speech.

          17. Avatar Czech Friend says:

            there you go.

            empire of lies, I meant to say, gas station of lies…

          18. Avatar puttypants says:

            czech Friend why are you calling me a liar?

          19. Avatar commieslayer says:

            All Eastern European countries are increasing their defense budgets and asking desperately for help from NATO to strengthen their defenses against Russia. That in itself tells us what people who live nearby Russia think of the situation. It would seem that those people cannot afford the luxury to be cut off from reality. That is a luxury that disqus_tKUiAezKl2 can afford precisely because her or his life is so safe and comfortable by comparison, a fact which may well be worth pondering.

          20. Avatar disqus_tKUiAezKl2 says:

            I have offered you alternative sites that are more truthful than the propaganda machine. You get your news from liars and thieves and, yes, people are dying. The problem seems to be that the sheeple believe everything they’re told. Question everything, especially, your own government.

          21. Avatar commieslayer says:

            The sites you offered mostly lie within the wacko sphere. Hardly credible as sources of information. No doubt that you are so brainwashed after reading that stuff.

          22. Avatar kievjoy says:

            Tell that to the people who are internally displaced because they were beaten up of chased up the street for speaking their own language (Ukrainian). I’ve only been screamed at once for speaking English and that was by a pro-Russian guy. My neighbours speak mostly Russian or Serjik. my oldest kids speak Russian, my youngest speak Ukrainian. None of them have found a problem with it.

          23. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

            Problem is, even “liberal” Russians think that the Ukraine belongs to Russia and that Kyiv should obey Moscow without question. They still don’t understand that Russia has lost its colonial empire, just as Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands did. Get used to it and accept it, Russians- the Germans, British, French, Belgians, Portugese and Dutch did.

          24. Avatar puttypants says:

            I can’t imagine how they could think that? I’ve known all my life I was Ukrainian. I always believed Ukraine was a country recently I find out via Putin there is no such thing. Do they really believe that? I’ve met many Russians living in Ukraine…they understood well that it was Ukraine…Most had a superior and chavinistic attitude towards Ukrainians even when they were married to one especially the men. That mentality has always fascinated me. Are they all delusional?
            My parents escaped Ukraine in 1944. I was born in a german labor camp. I grew up in the states by worked in Kiev and Moscow for 6 years. I could never understand why Russians had this superior attitude. One of my best friends in Kiev was aRussian woman who did not have this attitude and still doesn’t.

          25. Avatar kievjoy says:

            We do question our governments in most countries. You’re not allowed to in Russia.

          26. Avatar commieslayer says:

            America has huge problems and its democracy is degenerating in some ways into a plutocracy. It also has huge debt, incompletely solved racial issues and a host of other problems. But by and large there is no comparison to the USSR. The US doesn’t murder millions of its own citizens in gulags. The US has reasonably free elections and a reasonably free press. The US has a standard of living far higher than Russia or the Soviet Union ever had. The level of corruption in the US is higher that Americans want but it is incomparably lower than in Russia.

          27. Avatar Yuriy says:

            The main difference is that out two evils US is trying to pick the lesser one but USSR school teaches you to pick both. 🙂

          28. Avatar disqus_tKUiAezKl2 says:

            America’s democrats and republicans passed laws making it impossible for other political parties’ candidates to run for office. Democrats and republicans passed laws making bribery legal and called it lobbying. As a result, America is now fascist. They put up the candidates their owners want. The “free” press is owned by the same corporations, special interests, foreign governments and oligarchs that own the politicians. Americans live in a Culture of Corruption and most don’t know it. It’s why we’re called “sheeple”. Our standard of living is high but it’s temporary. The Federal Reserve, owned by banksters, gives banks Trillion$, in effect, looting Americans future and treasury. At some point, probably, in my lifetime, we will become a banana republic because of it. All for the money. And, in a way, our country is killing us. Our food is toxic. Our health care is murderously expensive. Our schools are propaganda machines. Our Bill of Rights is, almost, dead. But, apparently, our propaganda machine is functioning perfectly.

          29. Avatar commieslayer says:

            And still, with all your hyperbole, the US is MUCH better than the USSR or Russia ever was.

          30. Avatar puttypants says:

            disqus and commieslayer…I agree with everything commieslayer said. Please find a government that is less corrupt than the US. Despite all the things wrong with America people still live better here than almost anywhere else in the world. America like everyother country that becomes too diverse has to deal with more problems. We’re working on them. The entire world seems to be in an uproar and basically it’s about economics. No doubt the 1% and oligarchs have too much of the pie. We can’t let companies get too big too fail. In America we have free will to either support them with our purchasing power or not. I pay more and buy from small companies. If everyone did that they would be able to spread the money around in a democratic fashion and we the people would chose who we support. I believe we can change that in a smart way without redistribution of wealth by government. No government in the world is good enough to be given that kind of power. Communism all over the world has proven that over and over again.

          31. Avatar puttypants says:

            I meant to say I agree with everything you said but I still say USA is 100times better than Russia and Putin!!! I agree with you we’re losing it but we haven’t gone all the way yet so I continue to hold out hope. However, I do believe USA and UK should honor their commitment to protect Ukraine’s soverneity. Ukraine needs defensive weapons NOW AND THEY NEED ECONOMIC HELP..I believe Ukraine has the potential to be the best country in the world if it does all the right things for the future. Right now they should be going alternative energy as much as they can which included winterizing their homes. They need to go back to organic farming as much as possible and start going in those directions. They need to keep their politicians feet to the fire to do the right things towards a decent future. Ukraine needs to win this fight and make friends with all their neighbors..be a peaceful country…how do they keep Putin out is the question?

          32. Avatar kievjoy says:

            For the most part, Ukraine does organic gardening. I didn’t realise how bad the seeds etc were in America until I had an American friend come and he asked why I had seeds in jars. I told him they were from last year’s plants, he told me they wouldn’t grow cos all plants now are sterile. I had to explain to him that I and my neighbours have always done that and they’ve always grown. The cess pit feeds the field, we have a compost bin to put in the weeds to rot down as mulch, next door has a cow and again, the dung is used on the field. It’s very rare to see GMOs over here, but if there are any, they are labelled. I don’t think we could get much more organic.

          33. Avatar puttypants says:

            I know the people are because it makes sense to be organic as I am. Both fortunately, and unfortunately, once you have big players come into the agri market…you will get more GMO’s. I know your big farmers use chemicals because I worked in Kiev when Dupont came into the market. The devil always seems to win.

          34. Avatar kievjoy says:

            Some of the bigger farmers use chemicals (mostly for Colarado Beatles), but they do try to avoid them otherwise when possible. GMOs aren’t that easy to get over here TTL and most don’t use them. A lot of the big farms though not all, try not to use GMOs and they are labelled so they know what they’re getting.

          35. Avatar puttypants says:

            That does my heart good to hear your say that. I’ve always believed we were people of the earth. That’s one of the reasons I’m so proud of being Ukrainian.

          36. Avatar puttypants says:

            Kievjoy…I’ve been trying to find someone in US who would be willing to figure out a way to do alternative energy. They’re all begging for help here from the US government. Alternative people have no money here either.

          37. Avatar kievjoy says:

            In Russia you vote for Putin or loose your job. A Russian friend came to Ukraine because they brought a load of papers to the factory where she worked, already filled in and were told to put their details on and sign. When she refused she was fired, without being given the wages that were owed to her. Because of the reason she was fired she couldn’t get another job, hence coming to Ukraine. She noticed a difference in the atmosphere here within her first week, even under Yanokovitch. Are your elections in America like that.

  9. Avatar LorCanada says:

    The tiresome ruskie hacksters drag in Nuland when they run out of ideas. See this for more accurate information:

    RE: NULAND — from The Guardian comment section:

    5 billion since 1991 is not that much. Here is what Nuland said: ” Since Ukraine’s independence in 1991 the United States have supported Ukrainians to build democratic skills and institutions as they promote civic participation and good governance, all of which are pre-conditions for Ukraine to achieve the European aspirations. We have invested over 5 billion dollars to assist Ukraine in these goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous democratic Ukraine.”
    Those who did not study English well in school, study now and stop spreading false information.

  10. Avatar LorCanada says:

    Someone ought to tell those ruskie puffed up emperialist wannabees that Rome was eventually overrun by the wild-eyed hordes from the north of Europe. Maybe ISIS will be those hordes who might get to Rome’s gates, that is Moscow, and vanquished them.

  11. Avatar evanlarkspur says:

    Their reach exceeds their grasp, as a little glance through history shows is usual for Russia.

  12. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    After the struggles, the beat, the invasion in WWII . One would think that russia has understood that war means million of deads !