Expert: hidden truth about Ukraine challenges perspectives of new world paradigm

Myroslav Marynovych . Photo by

Myroslav Marynovych . Photo by 


Article by: Oleksandr Yaroshchuk

Myroslav Marynovych, a well-known former Ukrainian dissident, historian and a famous religious expert, conceives that Russian information war is more powerful and terrible than a military one, because “Putin undermines the very ability of people to distinguish between the truth and lies”. Putin uses two ways to do this: he “constructs lies around deep stereotypes, routed in basic cultural instincts” and he “misuses the basic principles of post-moderning”, where false opinions are excepted for granted as truth without critics and rejection.

As the result, by using fake information and misleading legitimate opinions, “Russian propaganda destroys the whole system” and prevents it from an ability to define the truth.

Unfortunately, the West and Western people are also among the targeted audience of Russian propaganda. “Both, the Russian people and some people in the west are influenced by these techniques; to say nothing about the Ukrainian people, who are victims of them”, – designated Myroslav Marynovych.

Therefore, he argues that the truth, which is threatened by Putin’s regime, is one of the key prerequisites for a new paradigm. “Without the ability to recognize and appreciate the truth, the new paradigm would simply mean the death of the humanity”.

The more threats we have, the bigger role of the Euromaidan in safeguarding human society. What the Euromaidan did was not simply fight for democracy, the rule of law, and European values (of course, without diminishing these struggles): it showed that a new paradigm is possible. Everything was there: cooperation between people, a common goal, willingness to find and demand truth. The task of the Post-Maidan Ukraine is to help find the way how to restore the ethical dimension of truth not only in Ukraine, but in Europe as well.

The need for truth and a new paradigm is evident and can not be put into question. “The West is in crisis”, honestly admitted Karl Gershman, the President of the National Endowment for Democracy. “Without the truth, we will not be able to reinvent European civilization. Actually, Ukraine is carrying out today the main task of European civilization: to unite cultural essences of various types of Europe,” M.Marynovych is convinced. “But if the truth about Ukraine still would be hidden, the world will not understand Ukraine and the role it is playing today in saving the entire European civilization”.

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  • Michel Cloarec

    I have been reading BS from russia propaganda agency , whatever it is . for the last 15 months . I svear on my honnor, that not one minute I changed my mind .
    When one think of the costs for russia and its propaganda. I would call that ineptocracy . a..k.a. throw money by the window . The jihadists are trying the same thing. Out of Europe they managed to radicalize 3000 young persons to come to their war and be killed. Counter-productive I would say !

    • TheBlogFodder

      I only wish all people understood as you do that anything coming out of Russia is a lie and propaganda. So many seem to think that it is “another point of view”. The only way to combat it is with truth constantly put to the forefront.

      • Michel Cloarec

        Main hobby the last 15 months.

        If you can get it. There is the new agreement from Bruxelles European commission coming out today !

        It comes as follow. + this extract which means that putin is working with Ukraine more than what we think. It explains why putin did not recognized lpr/dpr cesspit and the word novorossia is not in use anymore.

        European Commission – Fact Sheet

        European Commission support for Ukraine

        Brussels, 27 April 2015

        “Consultations on the implementation of the Agreement including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area have taken place with the Russian Federation as well as with both Ukraine and Russia in a trilateral format. The importance of promoting trade liberalisation in support of growth and greater prosperity, in line with their WTO obligations, has been agreed on all by all sides”

        • puttypants

          When is Russia getting out of Ukraine, when will they stop persecuting and lying about Ukraine? Those lies are out there and no matter what happens good or bad we must clear up our past, present and future. Ukraine has been damaged since the russian revolution and from the time of the tsars. We must start getting our truth out!! Ukrainians are stereotyped as anti-semites and nazi collaborators and as never being a country with a language and culture of our own. That’s why there is no sympathy for Ukraine in the world.

          • Borys Potytorsky

            the truth is out there in Ukraine, certainly not in the ruSSia, aka the land of lies, fabrications, untruths, propaganda, made up news, phoney newscasts truly the kings of bullshit mountain this ruSSia place.