Night Wolves. Russian killing machine factory

Vladimir Putin riding with the Night Wolves 


Article by: Wojciech Mucha

Editor’s note. As of 25 April 2015, the Night Wolves had been denied Schengen visas and permission to pass on the territories of the countries of their route; however, the motorcycle squad had departed from Moscow. We however are publishing this article as it reveals the network connected to the Wolves.

We finally debunk the myth about the peaceful character of the Night Wolves (Nochnye Volki) organisation. Analysing the connections of the Wolves in Russia and Western Europe, Gazeta Polska discovered a network of organisations gathering hundreds of people ready to fight in any conditions and capable of using any type of weapon, trained in the most brutal systems of martial arts. The tentacles of the structure seem to have been built for years, and extend into plenty of countries. This is more than just a structure based on a motorbike club and love of the two wheels, as it goes beyond what is imaginable for an average Polish or EU citizen – experts alert.

Continuing in Poland is a festival of coaxing the population into acceptance of the Paths of Glory rally organised by Russian nationalists, to reach Berlin via Minsk, Brest, Wrocław, (allegedly also Warsaw), Oświęcim (Auschwitz), Brno, Bratislava, Vienna, Munich, Prague, Torgau, and Karlshorst. Every now and then we are being persuaded that ‘all bikers are a family’, and the Night Wolves – Vladimir Putin’s favourite gang – are actually sheep on two wheels. Playing the first fiddle in such rhetoric are both leaders of marginal political groupings (pro-Russian Zmiana [Change] party, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, Grzegorz Braun), social activists (Wiktor Węgrzyn, organiser of the so-called Katyń Rally, declaring nothing less than protection for the Russian rally), and ordinary people, frequently ignorant of how serious the situation is (or pretending such ignorance).

The holding of the Wolves

The Night Wolves are, besides the International Alliance of Assault Forces, part of ‘Wolf’ Holding of Security Structures. Its core, however, is a security agency of the same name. Its head is Gennady A. Nikulov: a military man, remaining in the structures of power since the Soviet times, that recently awarded a medal for ‘recovery of Crimea’ by the Russian Ministry of Defence. The Wolf Holding recognises the setting up of the motorbike club, which is about to enter Poland, a great reason to be proud.

Just the logo of the organisation leaves no place for illusions: everything revolves around the same people.


Logo of Wolf holding

The company offers detective services, armed and unarmed protection of buildings and premises, property in transit (also in own armoured vehicles), and installation of monitoring and tracking systems. The website includes also an offer of ‘conducting controls in offices, with the use of a lie detector’.

The structure of the holding proves that the Assault Alliance and Night Wolves are autonomous structures, reporting directly to Nikulov. Besides them, there are several other departments, from ‘special preparation’ and protection to human resources and finance. Importantly, the department of ‘protection’ has its branches, besides Moscow, Tver, and Volgograd, in the so-called ‘Novorossiya’ (the occupied parts of Ukraine – editor’s note). This is significant, as the security agency organises among others, Self-defence of Sevastopol, whose line-up includes Alexander Zaldostanov, the leader of Night Wolves.

Wolf Holding organisation chart

Wolf Holding organisation chart

Sebastopol Selfdefence Association organised by Wolf Holding – Centre for Special Combat Preparation

Sevastopol Selfdefence Association organised by Wolf Holding – Centre for Special Combat Preparation

 International “Wolf” production centre

This , however, is not the end of ‘the Wolf business’. Another organisation, directly connected through a member of the board of Wolf Holding is the Wolf International Centre for Special Training. In this case, even the logo of the school is an identical twin of the logo of the rally that intends to cross Poland in a few days to reach Germany.

The logo of the rally about to cross Poland, and the logos of the individual branches of schools of martial arts. The bikers, holding, and school use near identical logos.

The website of the Wolf International Centre for Special Training informs that it conducts training in Sistema martial arts (created for the needs of Russian special services, focused on highest efficiency), with the training agenda including the use of the knife, psychological and technical training, and special training for security and military. Once this is combined with shooting instruction, we achieve the full set of ‘skills’ of a Wolf graduate. Training also takes place in difficult conditions (winter) and /or in an environment identical with the theatre of war. It seems that the brain behind the Centre is Denis Ryauzov, a Russian and a graduate of a course in assault combat at one of Russian military institutions of higher education. He is the one who runs training all over the world: in Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Italy, Hungary, and obviously in Russia. Denis Ryauzov is at the same time a member of the highest management of the Wolf Holding. He trains representatives of special forces, police, and army, as well as civilians.

Logo of the Izhevsk (Russia) Branch of the Wolf Centre; visible at the bottom are the logos  of Night Wolves, the Wolf Holding, and the Assault Alliance

Logo of the Izhevsk (Russia) Branch of the Wolf Centre; visible at the bottom are the logos of Night Wolves, the Wolf Holding, and the Assault Alliance

Management of ‘Wolf’, with Gennady Nikulov first, and Denis Ryauzov third from the top

Management of ‘Wolf’, with Gennady Nikulov first, and Denis Ryauzov third from the top

Posters from training sessions Ryauzov conducts in Europe

 ‘Wherever we are, Russia is there too’

Another interesting phenomenon, besides the schools of martial arts, is that there are motorbike clubs in Western Europe that are connected to Night Wolves. It is so in Germany and Switzerland. For example, the Swiss branch of Night Wolves has its seat in Regensdorf, a district of Zürich. РусскиѢ Мотоциклисты Switzerland (Russian Bikers – Switzerland) boast connections to both the people running the martial arts school and Russian bikers. They pose in photographs e.g. in Crimea and in a bar that belongs to Russian Night Wolves – the same in which the members of the Katyń Rally were once partying. Obviously, they also have their branch of Sistema school. They also announce participation in the Raid on Reichstag – the final of the motorbike rally planned for 9 May in Berlin and other ‘jaunts’ accompanying it to commemorate the 70th anniversary of ending the Second World War.

A photograph from the website of the Swiss branch of the Sistema martial arts school

This, however, is not the end. The plans we reached prove that participants in the rally across Poland can include bikers from a number of European countries (Night Wolves have their branches in the West), also ones not recognised by the international community. For example, getting ready to enter Poland are bikers from Dagestan: Black Eagles a twin of Night Wolves. Its members do not conceal their support for the policy of Vladimir Putin, either. ‘We are of different nationality, yet the most important is that we consider ourselves Russian bikers’, they write on their website. It’s easy to find clips on the Internet in which they parade either with the flag of ‘Novorossiya’ as Kremlin propaganda refers to the occupied eastern parts of Ukraine, or with banners speaking of liberation of Crimea. ‘They are highly watchful and hardly talkative. When I talked to their leader, he maintained that there are “problems with visas”’, Paweł Bobołowicz, Ukrainian correspondent of Wnet Radio, investigating the case together with us, explained. ‘He claims that the question of the visas may render their visit impossible, yet it is evident that they too have intended to enter Poland’, he adds. A testimony to who the people gathered around this company are can be the fact that their rallies attract people from Abkhazia, Novorossiya, and Southern Ossetia. ‘None of these “countries” is recognised by Poland’, Bobołowicz remarks.

Black Eagles participated in a manifestation commemorating the rally across the countries of the former Soviet Union, organised as part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The photograph shows the route of the rally with a visible logo of anti-Maydan organisation

Black Eagles participated in a manifestation commemorating the rally across the countries of the former Soviet Union, organised as part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The photograph shows the route of the rally with a visible logo of anti-Maydan organisation

A commentary from Jarosław Podworski, a Polish biker, organiser of humanitarian aid for Ukraine, a member of Pokolenie (Generation) Association, and organiser of opposition against the Night Wolves rally across Poland:

‘The connections of Night Wolves are highly dangerous, it is not only a structure based on the motorbike club and the love of two-wheelers, as it goes beyond a framework comprehensible for an average Polish or EU citizen.

‘The construction of power structures based on combat systems and also use of assorted weapons, teaching “black” or “green” tactics is the prologue to setting up groups that can provide the aggressor with resources in future.

‘Links between these groups point to a single direction – to the East. The philosophy of martial arts and military discipline build closely-knit teams of ”faithful soldiers”. Various other factors, including social engineering and manipulation may additionally control the attitudes of people trained in this way. In the Islamic State, it is the religion, and in this case – it may be the vision of Russia’s “Messianic” role among people who perceive a different order of the world and who subscribe to different values. Our concept of war boils down to what happened 70 years ago.

Now war looks entirely different. Crimea was an example.’

Wojciech Mucha / Gazeta Polska, in collaboration with: Paweł Bobołowicz / Radio Wnet, JP, MR, MP

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    Can this get any more ridiculous? Thanks to Poland and to Germany for setting the proper tone for Europe’s response.

    1. Avatar gmab says:

      Typical wimp Putin, riding the back of an ethnic Ukrainian.

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    1. Avatar The truth says:

      salvages = banditos

  6. Avatar rgb says:

    Another shame on Putin/Russia. They show no respect for other countries but have a hard time understanding why other countries have no respect for them.

    If they really wanted to celebrate the anniversary of WWII in this way, they should have done it for the 50th or wait for the 100th. This ride is nothing but a provocation, not a celebration, like the Russian planes flying around endangering civilians in the air just outside the western sovereign countries.

    1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

      Just like the “humanitarian convoys.” The good news is most of those return as Cargo 200 deliveries.

      1. Avatar gmab says:

        I saw a pic by a clever Ukrainian- Cargo 200+ marked on a truck (not photo shopped).

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