Neither terrorists, rebels, nor separatists, but occupation force fights against Ukrainian army

"DNR" militants

"DNR" militants 


Article by: Olena Bilozerska

6 April, 2015| I don’t know about you, but it bothers me when our military adversaries are referred to in such terms as the following:

a) Terrorists (the preferred description for the most of the [Ukrainian] mass media). By no means are they terrorists when they represent defined combat positions. I think the definition of who terrorists are is common knowledge for most people, even without the help of a dictionary. For me, they are people who take hostages and then make certain demands, threatening non-compliance with “otherwise we will kill them.”

– terrorists purposely conduct acts of terror with the goal of destroying civilians (explosions in populated areas, for example.)
– subversives (in times of peace) exist for the purpose of destabilizing very powerful politicians or such similar groups (however, if tomorrow one of our groups of raiders carries out an attack against any of the leaders of the DNR, such an act would not be of terrorism by of war).

As for our adversaries, they are engaging in open warfare. Not only that, but with terrorism, the weapons are typically limited, whereas what these people fight with can be called anything but poor.

b) “Insurgents of Novorossia” or more simply, “insurgents”, that is “rebels” (as they are called by the majority of the press, has now been uncritically accepted by some of the Ukrainian mass media as well). They are as much “insurgents” as they are “terrorists”. During the Maidan there were insurgents, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) was a group of insurgents, and in Cuba or Columbia there are rebels. However, a movement that exhibits a complete external organization cannot possibly be identified as insurgents.

c) “Separatists,” is the word most often used to refer to them. Our front line fighters, for example, have shortened the word to “separy” and call them that exclusively. It is a word I often say, and it has entered our vocabulary in the same manner that “Fritz” did in the Second World War. The problem is that separatists could be found in Scotland and Chechnya, but what is really happening in Ukraine is a dispute with a neighbouring country that is hostile to us, and these people are not only their agents of influence are also their soldiers.

The fact that Russia refuses to acknowledge them as their army has the same meaning as the fact that Ukraine still has not recognized the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps Right Sektor as our army [editor’s note: at the time of publication, the Right Sector had already become part of Ukraine’s Army]: their identity has however been confirmed by the existence of the war itself. How is anything different?

Finally, then, who are they really?

To us as Ukrainian fighters, they are an occupation force (those who are citizens of the Russian Federation) and the others are collaborators (those who are citizens of Ukraine); that includes their army, together with the artillery and everything else – an army of Russians and collaborators.

Journalists, especially the international journalists for whom it is essential “to maintain objectivity”, should refer to them as pro-Russian fighters.

Translated by: Jeffrey Stephaniuk
Source: Olena Bilozerska’s FB

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  • Michel Cloarec

    Putin did start this mess ! So they are terrorists supporting the army of russia .
    They were terrorists at the start last year when they attacked the funds transport from Kiev, when they exploded the ATM ! it is terrorism ! To fund their activities they acted as terrorists with support from Russia . OK they became useful idiots !
    But they are still terrorists !
    The term pro-russian fighters is in use in the media !
    Those pro-russian fighters and their trolls have plenty names for ATO and Ukraine army !

    • gmab

      agree with you 100%.

  • Lev Havryliv

    Olena Bilozerska is 100% correct.

    This is war. There is a Russian occupation force in Donetsk and Luhansk and there are Ukrainian collaborators.

    Peace and stability in east Ukraine will not be restored until the Russian occupants are driven out and the collaborators are brought to justice.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Terrorists murder without the sanction of declared war, which Putin is too cowardly to declare. They are not soldiers, who act OFFICIALLY for their nation.

  • gmab

    DOn’t agree. THey are terrorists first & foremost. Thousands of Ukrainian civilians & soldiers in Donbass were kidnapped & held for ransom by Russian, Chechen mercenaries,volunteers & collaborators. Some families paid up & some could not. No one has declared war so targeted destruction of thousands of industries, mines, schools, churches, bus,& train systems, bridges as well as targeting civilian homes, local buses and/or hiding behind them as shields, is what terrorist do. I don’t see any difference between Putler & Bin Laden. One uses tanks, the other planes. I get po’d when news agencies call them “Ukrainian separists”.

  • Brent

    Would you care to explain this to the families of Volodymyr Rybak and Yuri Papravko who were found gutted and drowned in a stream out of Slovyansk? Wasn’t Russian citizen “Strelkov”/Girkin implicated in their deaths?

    Would you care to explain this to the innocent people in Kharkiv and Odessa murdered or injured by bombs set off by FSB sponsored groups?

    Would you care to explain this to the hundreds of kidnapped or ransomed innocent citizens of Donbass that were held captive in basements throughout the region by Russian sponsored, supported and supplied terrorists?

    Here’s an article by Alexander Motyl that did an analysis of the U.S. and EU definitions of terrorism. I think Russia has clearly exceeded the required threshold. Are they just not ‘brown’ enough or our leaders that scared to openly admit they have stood by and done nothing and let Russia unleash its terrorists and neo-Nazi’s upon the citizens of Ukraine?