20 questions for those who back Putin’s aggression in Ukraine

One of the groups of Russian special forces and mercenaries that started the Russian invasion in Donbas, Ukraine

One of the groups of Russian special forces and mercenaries that started the Russian invasion in Donbas, Ukraine 

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Victor Kadochnikov, Russian Blogger

Victor Kadochnikov (Image: rufabula.com)

Viktor Kadochnikov, a Russian blogger, poses 20 questions that he suggests those who support Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine should be asking themselves. If they do and if they are honest, they won’t be able to support the Kremlin leader’s policies any more.

Below, in summary form, are the 20 questions he says they should be confronted with.

  1. “Why are Donetsk and Luhansk ‘Novorossiya,’ but when a passenger jet crashes in its territory, it is instantly transformed into Ukraine?”
  2. “Mercenary activity is a crime in Russia. Why don’t ‘the militia men’–who come from Russia and are paid for combat–not fall under this provision of the law?”
  3. “How can one explain the fact” that Moscow has brought criminal charges [exclusively] against Russian citizens who are fighting for Ukraine but not against Russians who are fighting in Ukraine against the Ukrainian government?
  4. Do you consider the use by the [Russian] ‘militias’ of civilians as human shields something deserving of respect?
  5. “The war is costing Ukraine several million dollars a day. It is logical to assume that it isn’t costing its opponent any less. Do you really think that Russia isn’t giving the so-called Novorossiya military and financial help?”
  6. “Why is it that everywhere where the so-called militias ‘liberate,’ there is war? … Why are the so-called [Ukrainian] ‘punitive operations’ only where there are ‘militias’?”
  7. “Why must Ukraine hand over to [Russian] band formations territories that legally belong to it? If the Ukrainian military doesn’t want to do this, does that make them punitive detachments?”
  8. Given the number of times Vladimir Putin has changed his story on Crimea, “is it possible to believe him now when he asserts that there are no Russian forces in the Donbas? If so, then why?”
  9. How would you react if some American said–as Igor “Strelkov” Girkin has–that without their invasion, nothing much would have occurred?
  10. The Russian defense ministry has promised to provide five million rubles to the families of soldiers who “have died at the Ukrainian border. Are you not interested in why [the details of their deaths] are being hidden from you?”
  11. Given that Moscow forcefully disperses opposition meetings and imprisons its participants on made-up charges, how do you think Vladimir Putin would react if some group seized administration buildings and proclaimed the creation of its own statehood on Russian territory? Would Putin take measures or perhaps sit down with the terrorists “to negotiate” as he demands that Kyiv do?
  12. “Why does every Ukrainian patriot, who wears Ukrainian symbols, sings the Ukrainian hymn, supports the unity of his country and speaks against separatism automatically become a Banderite and fascist? Under what article of the [Russian Federation] criminal code?”
  13. Are all pieces of evidence of the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine–even those offered by Russian soldiers themselves–forgeries produced in the West?
  14. “Comrade Putin frequently has declared that Russia is not a side in the conflict and that he personally respects and supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine. If that is really so, then why hasn’t Russia closed the border from its side so that volunteers (and not only they) from the Russian Federation do not have the opportunity to cross it in order to fight against the territorial integrity of Ukraine?”
  15. The Russian government last August explained the appearance of Russian troops in Ukraine by saying that they had crossed the border by mistake. “Do you really believe this? What would be your reaction if NATO soldiers ‘accidentally became confused’ somewhere near Vladivostok?”
  16. “Why has Russia not once condemned the ‘Novorossiya’ militants and not once called on them to lay down their arms first? At the same time, officials of the Russian Federation have frequently called on Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms and leave the Ukrainian Donbas to the bandits. Why all [Russian] federal media gives positive coverage to only one side?”
  17. How do you explain the fact that the forces of the ‘DNR’ and ‘LNR,’ hard-pressed as they were last August, suddenly “opened a new front in the direction of Mariupol and seized Novoazovsk? Who did this in fact: the forces of ‘the militias,’ whom the Ukrainian army had successfully contained or Russian soldiers without uniform markings who supposedly weren’t there?”
  18. Why does Belarus, a state aligned so “close to Russia, support the territorial integrity of Ukraine and not agree with Putin’s imperialist plans? Why does Lukashenka, Putin’s ally in the Customs Union believe that there is no fascism as a mass phenomenon in Ukraine and say that it is necessary to destroy the militants fighting against Ukraine?”
  19. Do you believe Russian officials when they say that the 12 Pskov paratroopers did not die fighting in Ukraine but rather “by chance” died from heart attacks, suicides and accidents all at the same time?
  20. “What are the ‘Novorossiya’ militants fighting for and what is the use of what they are doing?”

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  • puttypants

    All excellent questions. I will modify some of these but certainly start using those question. Unfortunately, most of the time we are argueing with Putin trolls which makes it difficult. They always change the subject.

    • canuke

      Puttypants’ point exactly. Your comment is meaningless. I found the article above superb. Each and every question is spot on. If you have an answer to any of the questions, please share them with us. Otherwise, I agree with puttypants 100%.

    • Brent

      Lisa you dumb troll. ANSWER TWO OF THE QUESTIONS TO PROVE US WRONG ABOUT YOU. Not twenty. Just two. Can your little sheep brain handle that? Or do you have to go ask your supervisor how you should answer?

      • Andrew Chmilewsky

        Hey Brent! :)

        I see you have met the talented Lisa Karpova, the Russka journalist!

        She makes more money being a troll than a journalist you know…. Her English is pretty good too…. and IT IS HER REAL NAME AT LEAST!!!
        — for THIS ACCOUNT anyway…. fer her others … nope…. they have to have about 10 to 15 accounts… part of the job.

        • Brent

          I didn’t know that as that’s the first time I’ve seen her on this site, unless I didn’t really notice her before. She must have been ‘reassigned’ like so many before!. It’s too bad she never learned about that thing called “journalistic integrity” at Journalism School!!!

          I often wonder what will happen to all those journalists who keep spreading the Kremlin propaganda when Russia implodes. They’ll never get another job in any reputable media after their ‘performance’. But then again, they can all continue in the ‘fiction’ category as novelists!

          • Andrew Chmilewsky

            You can look her up…. she was a journalist…. a “real one”…. a Soviet one back in the day as well ….but… so “ok”…. she’s making a living… her ENGLISH IS EXCELLENT! Really!

            So, she’s “working” — better money doing “this” than journalism from what I’ve read…. No hassles being a “crusader type”.

            She’s making a few bucks…. above average… So… ok…. “I guess”…. anyway.

      • Tim Chrisolm

        most likely she is gonna need allota help trying to answer just 2 of those questions. Probably more help than even her supervisor can provide. Here is something interesting to think about: a poll taken of Russian citizens of which 67% said it was OK for the Russian media to stretch the truth and 53% said it was OK for the Russian media to outright lie to them. Sheep being lead to slaughter—willingly.

    • Andrew Chmilewsky

      Long time no see Lisa!

      How are you?

    • The truth

      Lisa having PMS is feeling very bad , and has to spew her viper venom !

  • puttypants

    pictures worth a thousand words.

  • Brent

    Excellent article. I’ve tried to ask the many Russian sheeple some of these questions and they can’t come up with anything other than to tell me I’m lying or redirect the conversation to “NATO”, “Kosovo”, “how many millions the U.S. has killed”, or some other b.s.

    • Andrew Chmilewsky

      What else do they have to say in terms of being “logical” Brent?

      That’s why God punished them and made them Russo-mongoloids….

      • Andrew Chmilewsky

        Well…. they ARE Russo-mongoloidols …. are they not? — IF you wish to be more ACCURATE…

        Why the “mongoloidOLS”? — for the various Siberian tribes….. (other then the Finnic and Ugric tribes) — Kalmyks, etc…. etc… That sort of thing….

        As for Poles?? — Got no problem with Poles…. They happen to be SLAVIC…. like *me*… and NOT — like YOU it would so appear, I suspect… Ivan.

        How do we put it? — For the way things are, are they way things are.

        I merely state “facts”…. if you wish to add “commentary” … you may do so.

        Much better than LYING and CLAIMING “one people” and etc… nonsense… and OTHER LIES, is it not? Truth does NOT disturb me… nor am I FOOL ENOUGH nor IGNORANT ENOUGH to REPEAT the LIES of CENTURIES… I’ll let “others” — try to “sell” that… Not my “job”…. I’m not Russian.

        I do NOT have a need to LIE… Truth I find to be most annoying for some people… for some odd reason…. it would so appear…

        • Andrew Chmilewsky

          For one thing, my dear Ivan, I do not see, how WE — “in the West”… in which I was BORN IN, unlike YOU, judging by your POOR ENGLISH, tell OTHER PEOPLE WHAT TO THINK.

          NOR, do *I* need your Russo-mongolian PERMISSION to “think” — OBJECTIVELY.. and HONESTLY….


          BTW, do YOU have any PROBLEMS with Russo-mongoloians? If so, DO DESCRIBE what the problem IS…. Otherwise, why do YOU, “divide” people as “living in the West” and as evidently others, evidently, who do NOT live “in the West”? — Possibly “Eurasian” perhaps? — I am a WESTERNER — and NOT …. I should presume, some sort of “Eurasian” something or other… Possibly “Russo-mongolian” like YOU? — Do YOU have a “problem” with that? If so, WHAT IS IT? Pray tell….

          And PERHAPS, you may wish to inform your KHAN, about how to behave in a CIVILIZED WESTERN MANNER, rather than some sort of ASIATIC PRIMITIVE SAVAGE FROM SIBERIA….

          If I NEED your PERMISSION as to what I may say, I’ll ASK for it. But so far, I live in a free country, and I do NOT have to.

          Have a nice evening in St. Petersburg on your shift!

          • Andrew Chmilewsky

            Correct your English above.

            (It’s HEMNO!)

            As for my use of caps?
            What of it?
            Do I need your PERMISSION for such? :)

            Get THAT point?
            Your “kind” — are REAL “control freaks” — aren’t they now? :)

            It’s really a PATHOLOGY, not that YOU, would THINK of such… because YOU CAN’T.

            Nor do YOU — SEE IT… THAT WAY… the way **WE** do.

            For **YOU** CAN’T….

            Not my problem, Russo-mongolian man…. Nor do **I** have to LIE…. like a little faqqot… How about YOU? 😉

            Or was that “politically incorrect” for you? Oh my!

            And just after your “we in the West” BS! Dear me!


            Te BRESHESH!

          • Andrew Chmilewsky

            говно IS NOT Ukie. Do NOT pretend it is… you don’t know what you “think” you do. Bzzzt!!!! — Wrong faqqot!
            Learn English AND Ukie before you open your MOUTH. :)

            Typing does not make saliva flow either….

          • The truth

            Presomptuous megaloman !

        • Andrew Chmilewsky

          Next time, tell *me* — how “we live in the West.”

          How TF would YOU know?
          Considering WTF you do for a few bucks? (very few!) — (and for a LOT of dishonesty!)

          • Milan Schulz

            just don’t pay the toll

        • The truth

          Who is using the WE ? 500 000 000 ? Don´t count me in it ! I forbidd you !

        • The truth

          Do you try to make people to believe that the moscovites are civilized ? YOU CRAZY ! Get an history book ! several and come back in 70 years !

        • The truth

          The prophet is creeping out ! It is Spring, the bugs are coming out of hibernation . Pleague !

      • Pavel Tsarevskiy

        I know this famous Galician joke about how to call Russians. Yet it seems that you have not been to Mongolia and Tatarstan. Both are really great places and have nothing to do with your xenophobia.

  • http://www.robintel.ro robintel

    Logic and reason have nothing to do with war.

    Putin is a warmonger and, thus, his actions fall short of logic and reason.

    Not only he will pay for his crimes, but also the people empowering him will pay. This makes me sad, because a lot of innocent Russians will suffer greatly due to this maniac.

    • canuke

      Nicely said (as opposed to the hystrionics of Ivan above). Very well said, robintel!

      • canuke

        No, Ivan. Sorry to burst your bubble. The whole world knows that it’s your beloved leader, Vlad Putler who has disrupted peace in Europe. Unfortunately, he and his ilk are the ones who endanger the world. But, please, answer one or more questions that this brave young man asks in his article. Even one would be a start to a civilized conversation instead of the histrionics which are the norm from the troll community.

        • Brent

          Ukraine started the Anti Terrorist Operation AFTER Strelkov and Russian soldiers started seizing government buildings in Donbass. This was also after many local citizens had been murdered by the Russian invaders and their local terrorist puppets.

          To try and claim it’s Ukraine’s fault for not closing their airspace is ridiculous and nothing more than Kremlin propaganda trying to deflect Russia’s hand in supplying the BUK missiile system (and likely the operators of this complex piece of equipment).

          Yes, it’s “childish” to ask questions about an invading army and country from Russia that is murdering innocent citizens in Ukraine. GO HOME. You’re not even wanted by many of the local population you think you’re there to ‘save’. They are tired of the broken Russian promises, and mayhem brought by Putin’s terrorists

        • canuke

          Old news, poor Ivan. The issue with internationally recognized air corridors has been discussed ad nauseum in the past. It doesn’t work that way, and besides, awfully lame to conveniently use Novorossiya when there’s anything positive, and of course, Ukraine when it’s negative. Come on now, no one falls for that. Second point: huh? We are discussing Russian law. Everything else is irrelevant. That is not an answer to a very straight forward question. Nor, for the third. Sorry, no one buys the argument that, “everyone does it, so it’s OK for Russian to do it”. Sorry to say that, no, not everyone does it. Childish questions? Perhaps, but often they are the ones that can awaken the world. Just ask the 17 year old Pakistani Nobel Prize laureate, Malala Yousafzai. You can call her naive, in your way of thinking. I would call her extraordinary.

        • The truth

          Now you are puzzled ! Novorussia does not exist, but in the heads of some extremist fascists used by your beloved putin.

      • Andrew Chmilewsky

        You’re right on this point.

        What makes me different from you, is that I can be objective. :)

        • Andrew Chmilewsky

          I do not think, “formal logic” is quite your bag little man.

          You just made “a false equivalence”…
          I don’t have to read your BS from of all places — WIKI :)

          Nope! Not quite good enough…. Just “do your shift” … “put in your time”…. deal with the ignorant… try and “fool” them… if that’s what it takes to “get you hard.”

          Otherwise, how do I put it, “somewhat”— “gracefully” ???

          STAY WITHIN YOUR LEVEL…. your Russo-mongolian level… I think you get the point here… Or do you need such to be explained? — I’ll let you do that…. I’m sure you can figure it out…. in time anyway…

          • Andrew Chmilewsky

            Didn’t say I was “smart” — as you noted… DID SAY… I was “objective” — by implication.

            You have NOTHING to thank me for….
            I did not at all consider your “tastes”… and more than I would your “ethics”. 😉

            I have DEALT ENOUGH with Russo-mongolians…. for a VERY LONG TIME…. Not a bright bunch… for the most part anyway… And that HORDE MENTALITY… and that HORDE ETHICS… (i.e. NONE!).

          • The truth

            I would not trust you as a cars salesman !

        • Murf

          By that logic if you deny it’s propaganda then it is

      • The truth

        Hitler and Stalin were only sheeps of Mussolini !
        Putin as an offspring of these 2 is only copying the theories of fascism ! He has no choice , there is nothing left to choose.

  • Villemar

    My, what a sad failure of a troll they’ve sent. Perhaps they are only able to staff 55 Savushkina Street with the shittiest, most desperate deadenders now?

    • Villemar

      Cool story bro

      • Andrew Chmilewsky

        yeah…. at least you get paid to be a lying fool! Most impressive! :)

      • Villemar

        U mad bruh?

    • Brent


      Yup, newly minted idiot troll freshly out of 55 Savushkina…..they’re really sending you new trolls out there clueless…

  • Jens A

    He is really brave and he gives us hope that there will emerge a better Russia after the end of Putinism

  • Lev Havryliv

    Very incisive questions. The Putin-apologists have no answers but they continue their lying propaganda and disinformation.

    Congratulations Viktor Kadochnikov. I hope your questions get wide coverage within Russia. The Russian state media is in the grip of anti-Ukrainian hysteria based on lies.

  • Vol Ya

    Bravo Viktor. This list of 20 questions need to be sent to every media outlet in Russia. The russian people need to wake up. Ignorance can no longer be an excuse for them. And every time you encounter a russian troll just ask them one of these 20 questions.

    • Jack McColley

      None of these questsions will be published in any Russian Media Outlet. That’s the proof the questions go directly to the truth of Russian involvement. No troll can answer why none will be published. They also know, unless they have begun to believe their own lies.

  • Lev Havryliv

    Typical troll response. According to them Ukrainians are just a plaything of Russia and the West.

    They frequently imply that the EuroMaidan was a CIA plot. And when Russia’s military aggression is demonstrated to them, they say that the U.S. is just as bad.

    • Brent

      Why should you? Your ‘rubble’ is worth 1.9 U.S. PENNIES.

      Is that the sign of a great nation? Your money is worth sh*t…..literally….

  • Garry Simkin

    no one with half a brain would take anything putin would say to be the truth . hes a compulsive lair and is the most evil leader in the world today .a good article,well written

    • Garry Simkin

      well ivan i guess you are a brain dead russian who needs his government to think for him .i come from a free open country where our vote counts for something .we have a lot of sheep but not russian ones that follow each other around .

      • Andrew Chmilewsky

        Can you imagine a job Garry, where you have to LIE CONTINUOUSLY for 12 hour shifts? :)

        What it must do to your mind?

        • Andrew Chmilewsky

          I like it better when you ATTEMPT to correct my Ukrainian… :) FUNNY!

          Rather like your shitty “Anglish.” Not an educated fellow are you now…. See what happens when you have shitty Russo-mongolian teachers who don’t know — (drum roll here!) HEMNO?

          You monhols — use a lot of Gs in your nasty sounding, CONSONANT HEAVY LANGUAGE…. Ukes should REFORM your LANGUAGE AGAIN…. as they did 2 or was it 3? times before… when Ruski said…. “man, it’s hard talking this hemno…” :) A rather DARK, short, and stupid people… for the most part…. Genetics… Not an insult quite. Observations…. by many. See “Empire of the Czars” ….

          • Andrew Chmilewsky

            You are obviously Russian. You don’t know :) “HEMNO” :)

            Didn’t you read, how (the RUSSIAN NATIONAL) “Prime Minister” :) of :)
            “The Donetsk People’s Republic” :)

            { Always that COMMUNIST *HEMNO* that you Ruskie LOVE so much! :) }

            who was appointed DIRECTLY by Mad Vlad Putin, was later on removed by Putin, for CHILD RAPE? — All of the so-called “leaders” were Ruski nationals… till now…. Interesting how you “THOUGHT” you could correct my Ukie… Problem is, Russo-mongolians, don’t know their own history. All governments tend to lie in terms of “official history” but the problem is, you monHols (note the “h”) either do believe it — or PRETEND to. It’s an intellectual weakness. It’s why you will always be, very bluntly, “weak.”

            Rather, “inferior” … even your use of the rhetoric above. DULL! Over stylized. Hyperbole. You are clearly a mix of being bored on your shift… and, rather …. “Ruskie”… it IS a “mentality”…. Ultimately, it’s both genetic and cultural. How weak you are. How it is. Not my problem. Good that you are dying out though. Gives the more Asiatic and Moslem among you the chance to take over as you fade out. Certainly they can’t do any worse than the Russo-mongoloidols. Better for us Slavs as well. How it is.

            Well… you have to make 200 characters at least to get paid for the post. Go annoy someone else, like you said,. you ARE losing money.
            And YOU, are not in the better paid rank of trolls. Judging by your nasty “Anglish” as it were. :)

            Funny when you attempt to do Ukie and you do NOT know *hemno*. (hint! 😉 No go make up a new account or something…. something you “honest Ruski” do… :) Perhaps you can provoke a reaction from someone somewhere… and it may just get you hard. 😉

          • Andrew Chmilewsky

            “banderian” — very shitty “Anglish” here… wrong form… VERY!

            IF you knew any English and/or Ukie… you wouldn’t put it this way. Not very educated…. Yet you attempt to pretend to be in the West. Lie better. :)
            It’s how you get off after all… 😉

            Hmm…. probably you didn’t get that one.. Well… study more! :)

          • Andrew Chmilewsky

            “ancestor” ??? === your “Anglish” is really “hemno”… truly! Don’t pretend to be an American…. you can’t do it! It’s really too hard for you Russo-mongolians to “do” — “Anglish.” — You don’t have the genes for it. English is an Indo-European language…. and Russo-mongoloidols — ARE NOT! — How it is… so much for the BS Putin sell of :)
            “… Ukrainians and Russians are one people, perhaps not scientifically, but I know we are one people.” — Putin :)
            Very intelligent! :)

            I have a lot of his most *STUPIT* hemno… What a moron! It’s why your economy sucks…. but you DUM @sses are all hyped up…. :)

            Hey…. do your shift….

        • Vol Ya

          Ivan If you are losing money by being on this forum then go away. No one will miss you, you ruski troll. In fact just go back to Russia please. You don’t deserve to live in a free and democratic country. Join your fascist friends in Russia. You are all alike and you deserve one another. May you and Putin both burn in hell.

          • The truth

            You have to explain what is a democratical country . How would he knows ?

          • The truth

            That is a bad work from RT associated with Sputnik news.
            So only propaganda and lies ! You have been fooled !

  • Andrew Chmilewsky

    “What bullshit naive questions. The war in Ukraine is between the USA and
    Russia. In that war any means are “justified” from both sides. If
    Ukrainians had not been brainless pawns, the would have never ended up
    in this situation in the first place. That’s my answer to all your 20


    See? You are INDEED a real Russo-mongolian! :)

    I can tell by your “thinking” and what you “say” here!

    Most wise! :)

    But …. you got PAID for it! 😉

    Such an @ss!!! :)

    A real Ruskie shiesskopf…

  • Brent

    The only ‘brainless, naive’ person appears to be you. You’re still regurgitating the Kremlin lies and propaganda that the revolution in Ukraine had anything to do with the USA. It did not. Yanukovych was corrupt and refused to sign the EU Association agreement his government had been negotiating with the EU for two years. His government sent Berkut officers to attack sleeping student protesters at Maidan on November 30th. Maybe it’s acceptable in Russia to attack innocent unarmed students, but not in the civilized World that Ukraine aspires to join.

    You probably still believe the lies from the Kremlin about Victoria Nuland’s magic cookies and $5 billion in ‘overthrow your corrupt government’ funds too, don’t you? You’re being an idiot because that aid went to Ukraine since it declared independence from the Soviet Union since 1991. RUSSIA RECEIVED MORE AID FROM THE U.S. IN THAT SAME TIME, and continued to accept U.S. aid until 2012.

    Sadly, you likely never saw any benefit because of Putin’s corruption. He has over $200 billion stolen from Russia and you mindless sheep still defend him and believe he’s helping you. He puts sanctions on Western food and it costs you more He even banned women’s lace panties in 2014 and you fools still support him. That’s the kind of leader you have. That’s how mindless you are that you still support him while he ruins your country.

  • Vol Ya

    It is interesting that these questions were thought up by a Russian citizen. Maybe there are a few russians out there who are not brain dead and actually think for themselves. But unfortunately for them their leader Putin has destroyed their country. If Russia is such a great country how come they can’t even build a decent car. Have you ever seen or driven in one of their Lada’s. It is a joke. Even Moscovites are too embarrassed to drive one.