Former “DNR” fighter: ‘Russia will always push us in the back to fight…’

Russian invasion in Ukraine

Russian invasion in Ukraine (Photo: social networks) 

Op-ed, War in the Donbas

Article by: Serg Marco

I got a call from a friend, my child’s godfather living in Serbia. It just so happened that a fair number of former “DNR” fighters moved there recently. He told me this story.

Previously I was a Ukrainian, wanted to become a Russian, but became an outcast. I will try to live with that.

He met a former “DNR” artilleryman. One of the man’s legs does not bend. An arm is damaged too. He lost two fingers on one hand. When he goes through an airport metal detector, shrapnel in his body sets it off… In general, you can say that the “Russian world” visited his body…

So my friend asked him: – Why the hell did you do it all? You called for foreign troops, received weapons, flattened your own houses, and now you came here, to Serbia… Why?

– Yes, but we did not want that. Now the war is continuing because someone’s house was ruined by artillery, someone’s relative got killed, but we did not want to fight, we wanted federalization, separation from oligarchs in Kyiv…

– So, you installed Putin’s minions instead? Well, is it better?

The man suddenly exploded: – No, not better! Worse! Do you know how badly tired we are of the war? We would do anything to stop it! We talked with Ukrainian Army soldiers on the topic constantly — what we could do to stop the war! We’d start firing and their commander would call us and say: “Guys, my people want to get together for a meal, let’s pause the fire for a couple of hours.” And we’d stop firing! Because they were closer to us than the Chechens that were sent to us supposedly to “help” but who in actuality watched that we don’t stop fighting. If we were not pushed in the back to fight, we would have negotiated a peace already a long time ago!

Russian special forces from Chechnya (Image:

Russian special forces soldiers from Chechnya (Image:

– Why aren’t you negotiating a peace agreement now?

– Because we are not given an opportunity. That’s why I left. Russia will always push us in the back to fight to break the truce and to “liberate” new cities. When I understood this – I got sick to my stomach. And I left.

– So, what now?

– I don’t know what to do now. My wife and daughter lost their lives there. I am now here. Previously I was a Ukrainian, wanted to become a Russian, but became an outcast. I will try to live with that.

Translated by: A. N.

Source: UAINFO

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  1. Avatar Jens A says:

    “Converts” like the person here, could well be of great value for Ukraine’s freedom. Personally I would not exactly have warm feelings to such a guy, but to get peace one must make it with the enemies.

    1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      The are many misdirected persons , this one admit it was wrong. He is not alone !

      An estimated 100 Russian soldiers are fighting on the Ukrainian side to defend the nation against the combined Russian-separatist invasion of the eastern Donbas.

      Many of them are motivated by their opposition to President Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship, with the war in Ukraine providing them with the most direct and dramatic battlefield to oppose the Kremlin.

      Many of the fighters are Russian nationalists who believe in close affinity between the Russian and Ukrainian nations and who think that Putin is a lethal threat to both entities.

      Their existence also discredits incessant Kremlin propaganda that Russian speakers are being persecuted in Ukraine.

      Two of the most prominent Ukrainian nationalist groups, the Dnipropetrovsk-based Right Sector and the Kharkiv-based Patriot of Ukraine – the core of the Azov Regiment — are mostly Russian-speaking. The units include many ethnic Russians, both Ukrainian-born and Russian-born, testimony to the centuries of interlocking blood ties between Russians and Ukrainians

    2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

      Press the button.. BOOOOOOOOOOOM !!!!!!!!!

    3. Avatar Jens A says:

      You are still not to be taken serious

      1. Avatar The truth says:

        IMPOSSIBLE in english IMPOSSIBLE in french
        That michaelinlondonnutcase123456789 has only one alternative ! Guess ?

  2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Russia’s political system is not a pretty site. Much has been written about Putin’s kleptocracy, the repression of domestic dissent, the rampant corruption, and the Orwellian control of the information space. All these are but symptoms of a less visible but far more disconcerting transformations within Russia’s political core: Russia is turning into a garrison state.

  3. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    Good for that loser from donbas. he helped start a war in ukraine against a democratically elected government in kiev. now he has lost his wife and daughter and received personal injuries. good for him. karma can be a real biitch.