Ukraine is Putin’s Afghanistan — Polish analyst

Adam Michnik 


The fact that Ukraine’s army has stopped the Russian invasion is Russia’s second instance of defeat since the USSR was “kicked in the teeth” in Afghanistan, says Adam Michnik, political activist, dissident, and editor-in-chief of Poland’s largest newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, reports European Pravda, citing the Polish TVN24 news channel.

“Ukraine has stopped Putin’s advance. This is the second such instance. The USSR had come to Czechoslovakia and Hungary, but it was kicked in the teeth in Afghanistan. Now the Russians have been defeated again in Ukraine. Ukraine is their second Afghanistan,” he said.

According to Michnik, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has caught himself in his own trap. His first error was to force Viktor Yanukovych to reject the EU Association Agreement. His second was to think that Ukrainians could be broken by force. His third was to assume that NATO and the EU would not react too strongly to local conflicts and that he could seize eastern Ukraine as easily as Crimea.

“This turned out not to be the case. After the Olympics, when Yanukovych was still president of Ukraine, Putin held all the cards. Now he is an isolated politician. Everyone knows he is a liar and no one believes anything he says. The only thing the Western politicians fear is his unpredictability,” he said.

Michnik believes Russia’s only hope lies in the establishment of democracy in Ukraine. This is why the West must help Ukraine to build such a democracy. And this is why the West must allow weapons to be supplied to Ukraine.

“Because he (Putin) only understands the language of force, and he wants to take Ukraine without war. He must be made to understand that he will not take it without war,” Michnik noted.

He described the political regime in the Russian Federation as “rotting authoritarianism.”

“I was wrong when I thought that Putin is a typical Soviet KGB man. In general they are predictable, and Putin is not” he said.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Pravda

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  1. Avatar puttypants says:

    Mr. Michnik…unfortunately, Putler may prove you wrong. It seems he has 60,000 Russian troops amassed on Ukrainian border. We pray they are struck down.

  2. Avatar jmundstuk says:

    This seems optimistic. Russia has not thrown all its weight into Ukraine as it did, did it not?, in Afghanistan.

    1. Avatar LorCanada says:

      Putin wouldn’t be very popular among the Russian people if he openly invaded all of Ukraine. After all, wars cost money and Ukraine isn’t really considered a threat to the ordinary Russians. Just my two cents.

      1. Avatar Melp says:

        so one solution would be to give ukrainians a voice in russia.

  3. Avatar Lydia Singura says:

    Put has consistently lied to the world about not being involved in Ukraine. He cannot face a full invasion even with his 60,000 troops because he knows all bets would be off and he would definetly feel the wrath of the free world !!!! However, I do feel the US should provide lethal weapons now, so that Putin is aware that it will be a great cost to him and his people if he tries to invade. He only understands power !!!!