OSCE bans exhibition on Crimea

Photo: Reuters/Scanpix 


We have become used to the fact that OSCE-observers are fooled by Russia and their proxies in the Donbas – most recently, it has concerned the withdrawl of heavy weapons from the contact line. The deputy chief of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, the Swiss Alexander Hug, went so far to say it was also important what the OSCE did not report. So, if they do not say that there are Russian troops and weapons, for example near the contact line, does this mean that the troops and weapons are actually there? Interesting logic.

But there is still more space for scandal:

According to Delfi, the Lithuanian and Ukrainian delegations had planned an exhibition on Crimea, but it was prevented in the OSCE-building in Vienna by the head of the OSCE Zannier and the Serbian representation. The exhibition would have also shown photographs with “little green men” and unmarked military equipment. Apparently, this was too much for the OSCE. The press secretary of the Lithuanian foreign ministry said, this was the first time in OSCE’s history an exhibition exposing human rights violations was banned.

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  1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    OSCE is part of the problem; not a part of the solution to peace.

  2. Avatar what's what says:

    osce is working AGAINST ukraine. They’ve been bought & black-mailed by pukin for decades. look at frederica mogherini, High Representative/Vice-President of OSCE – a card-carrying member of the italian communist party (symbol is a red hammer & sickle), til the party changed its name to “socialist.” these disgusting creatures are more than eager to destroy ukraine to please their czar & fuhrer, pukin.

  3. Avatar Brent says:

    It looks more and more like the OSCE is a bought and paid for proxy of Russia, just like Merkl, Hollande, Orban, Syrizia et al….

  4. Avatar puttypants says:

    For sure OSCE has been a problem all along. I just don’t know what Ukraine can do. They have no one to help them. Ukraine should go after clinton since they contributed 10 million dollars to his foundation. What the hell have they gotten for it. He should be writing about the Budepest Memorandum since it was signed during his administration.

    1. Avatar kievjoy says:

      Forget Budapest and any other agreements, we’re on our own. America and Europe want us to act as a shield between them and Russia, but won’t help apart from a few countries sending soldiers to help trian our’s in warfare. Poroshenko is trying to get help, but knows we’ll probably have to go it alone. People think he’s doing nothing, but he is in the background, but he doesn’t make a big thing of it cos he doesn’t want Russia to know.