Interest in a palace coup against Putin said growing among Russian elites



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Despite his efforts, Vladimir Putin is not a remake of Stalin and thus could be overthrown in a coup because he has not only violated the social contract he had with the Russian people but has with the murder of Boris Nemtsov shown that he is prepared to kill members of the elite who cross him, according to Ivan Yakovina.

As a result, the former online specialist and current Ukrainian Novoye vremya correspondent says, some in the elite are already thinking that they must strike before he turns on them; and unlike Stalin, Putin won’t find it easy to prevent them from doing so and succeeding.

Putin has been trying to transform himself into the Stalin of today both by his foreign policy actions and by his moves at home, shifting from “’soft’” suppression of those who oppose him to prison and exile and now to “the physical elimination” of their leaders with the murder of Boris Nemtsov.

“The murder of a representative of the contemporary Russian ‘nobility,’ a former vice premier who was close to Boris Yeltsin and someone who was personally acquainted with many world leaders,” Yakovina says, “is a signal to all representatives of this class, the highly-placed bureaucrats, the oligarchs near the throne and the many-starred generals.”

Until Nemtsov’s murder, “the unwritten rules” or more precisely “understandings” included the idea that once you entered the very highest circles, you might suffer if you crossed the Kremlin leader but you would not lose your life and your relatives would not lose theirs either.

“In Russia where human life is cheap,” the commentator says, “such a privilege is worth a lot.” And Nemtsov’s murder calls that into question for those around Putin himself, none of whom believe the tales the regime has put about concerning who is to blame. Those tales, Yakovina says, are “for ‘the 86 percent’ and the West.”

Russia’s “ministers, oligarchs and generals understand perfectly who in fact did away with the politician … and from now on, anyone suspected of disloyalty could be next.” That has to worry them because “the occasions for such suspicions are becoming ever greater,” the analyst suggests.

Russia’s “ministers, oligarchs and generals understand perfectly who in fact did away with the politician … and from now on, anyone suspected of disloyalty could be next.”

Many have talked about the ways in which the violation of the social contract between Putin and the population have occurred, but this violation of the one between the Kremlin leader and the top elite is much more serious, at least as far as the politics in Moscow in the coming days, weeks and months are concerned.

Putin’s “legitimacy” in their eyes is disappearing, and many of them – and not just the opposition but his most active supporters in the past – are now talking about the risks to themselves and what they should do to prevent him from acting against him as he has against Nemtsov.

Obviously, Putin is concerned about this. “In recent times, he has become paranoid in his fears of an attack,” Yakovina says. He has increased his guard force, he has reduced the circle with who he is in contact, and he has “almost ceased to appear in public.” And viewed from Putin’s perspective, killing Nemtsov was a way to increase his personal security.

That is because, the analyst continues, “in an atmosphere of total terror and general suspiciousness, it will be much more difficult for the elites to organize a conspiracy.” But it won’t be impossible because “building a wall against a putsch in contemporary Russia is not so simple.”

“The main problem is that Putin is not Stalin,” Yakovina says. He is only a pale copy of the original. Moreover, he is surrounded by a different kind of elite, something that will mean that the use of repression will not have the same consequences for him as it did for the Soviet dictator.

“In the Russian elite” now, he continues, there are a large number of willful and energetic people who emerged from “’the wild ‘90s’ not only alive but also extremely cruel and successful.” Such people are unlikely to sit idly by and wait until they follow Nemtsov into the grave.

Instead, Yakovina says, they are going to focus on the source of their “financial and political problems and the threat to their security and the cause of Western sanctions.” That source has a name – Vladimir Putin – and ever more of them are going to want him out of the way.

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  • James Godber

    hope this story is right

  • Charles J. Kollman

    Take note! Putin got divorced this was for protection of both him and his wife. Where are his children and what name do they use. In past the Russian President always gave the people of Russia congratulations on New years Eve from the Kremlin. The past two years Putin has given this at other places that only a few knew where he was. At Christmas yes he was seen in Church again people were not told in advance where. They got Stalin yes and it was Kennedy. I can not comment on Stalin, but with Kennedy, it was not so much John as it was with his brother Bobby. They got to Bobby first with killing John. It’ like putting your hand in a cookie jar and in this case the jar was Bobby and the cookie was John. To much was not right on Nov.22,1963. And after many questions not answered and many others that could have had some info died or were killed. This was an inside job and help of many. Look at the paper trail and where does it go and from this who got to gain.Many many criminals that were politicians and in elected government have come out of Texas.

  • On the Balcony

    True or false, one can only hope such ruminations leads to the end of Putin’s reign.

  • puttypants

    Let’s hope this story is true but they need to act quickly.

  • Czech Friend

    Every day this monster is being let alive we are closer to big war. Assassination of Putin is not only good for Russia but for the whole world which makes it even more appealing.

    Take him down and ideally make sure his replacement can be truly reasoned with.

    • evanlarkspur

      No one needs to believe “the media.” Simply observing Putin’s actions is enogh to know what he is, and to know what you are for defending him. Your kind are always so quick to label everyone a “fascist” or a “nazi,” when the facts on the ground, plain for all to see, demonstrate that once again, it is Russia that is championing fascism and behaving like Nazis.

      We don’t want you among us. Go back and befoul Russia with your narrow-minded brutality. We were wrong to give you another chance among civilized people, and we will correct our mistake as we shut you out of civilized institutions. The decent people among you are leaving as quickly as they can, and we welcome them. The remains of you can consume each other in your racial superiority.

      • Dirk Smith

        OOPS, you forgot to mention MH17, the downing of the Polish Govt. plane in Smolensk in 2010, poisoning of Yushchenko/Litvinenko, Moscow/Chechnya bombings, the murder of several journalists, imprisonment/murder of political rivals, bombing of civilians in Mariupol/Debaltseve, etc. Your admiration of a state terrorist is impressive.

        • Dirk Smith

          You mean like the CIA-led Nazi coup in Kyiv? LOL. Or the pre-planned downing of MH17 by Kyiv & Washington? You’re not normal; you support fascism.

          • Dirk Smith

            So you support Moscow’s mafia?

          • Dirk Smith

            Is that why the fascist oligarchy controls the media in third-world Russia? Here is the list of journalists murdered by the KGB dwarf:

            Akhmednabi Akhmednabiyev, Novoye Delo, Mikhail Beketov, Khimkinskaya Pravda, Kazbek Gekkiyev, VGTRK Gadzhimurad Kamalov, Chernovik Abdulmalik Akhmedilov, Hakikat
            and Sogratl Natalya Estemirova, Novaya Gazeta, Kavkazsky Uzel Anastasiya Baburova, Novaya Gazeta Telman (Abdulla) Alishayev, TV-Chirkei Magomed Yevloyev, Ingushetiya Ivan Safronov, Kommersant Maksim Maksimov, Gorod Anna
            Politkovskaya, Novaya Gazeta Vagif Kochetkov, Trud and Tulsky Molodoi Kommunar Magomedzagid Varisov, Novoye Delo Pavel Makeev, Puls Paul Klebnikov, Forbes Russia Adlan
            Khasanov, Reuters Aleksei Sidorov, Tolyatinskoye Obozreniye Yuri
            Shchekochikhin, Novaya Gazeta Roddy Scott, Frontline Valery Ivanov, Tolyatinskoye Obozreniye Natalya Skryl, Nashe Vremya Eduard Markevich, Novy Reft Igor Domnikov, Novaya Gazeta Aleksandr Yefremov, Nashe Vremya Vladimir Yatsina, ITAR-TASS Shamil Gigayev, Nokh Cho TV Ramzan Mezhidov, TV Tsentr Supian Ependiyev, Groznensky Rabochy Anatoly
            Levin-Utkin, Yurichichesky Peterburg Segodnya Larisa Yudina, Sovietskaya Kalmykia Segodnya Ramzan Khadzhiev, Russian Public TV (ORT) Viktor Mikhailov, Zabaikalsky Rabochy Nina
            Yefimova, Vozrozhdeniye Nadezhda Chaikova, Obshchaya Gazeta Viktor Pimenov, Vaynakh Television Felix Solovyov, freelance Vadim Alferyev, Segodnyashnyaya Gazeta Shamkhan Kagirov, Rossiskaya Gazeta and Vozrozheniye Natalya Alyakina,
            Focus and RUFA Farkhad Kerimov, Associated Press TV Vladislav Listyev, Russian Public Television (OTR) Viatcheslav Rudnev, Freelancer Jochen Piest, Stern Vladimir Zhitarenko, Krasnaya Zvezda Cynthia Elbaum, Freelancer Dmitry Kholodov, Mosckovski Komsomolets Yuri Soltis, Interfax Aleksandr Smirnov, Molodyozhny
            Kuryer Aleksandr Sidelnikov, Lennauchfilm Studio Sergei Krasilnikov, Ostankino Television Company Yvan
            Scopan, TF-1 Television Company Vladimir Drobyshev, Nature and Man Igor Belozyorov, Ostankino State Broadcasting Company Rory Peck, ARD Television Company Dmitry Krikoryants, Expresskhronika Vyacheslav Yaroshenko, Korruptsiya i
            Prestupnost Shafig Amrakhov, RIA 51 Ilyas Shurpayev, Channel One Gadzhi Abashilov, Dagestan Vyacheslav Ifanov, Novoye Televideniye Aleiska Yevgeny Gerasimenko, Saratovsky Rasklad
            Ilya Zimin, NTV Dmitry Shvets, TV-21 Northwestern Broadcasting Sergei Kalinovsky, Moskovsky Komsomolets Adam Tepsurgayev, Reuters Sergey Ivanov, Lada-TV Iskandar Khatloni, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Sergey Novikov, Radio Vesna Vadim Rudenko, ORT Valentina Neverova, Pravo Ivan Fedyunin,
            Bryanskie Izvestia Valery Krivosheyev, komsomolskaya Pravda Oleg Slabynko, Russian Television Channel 2 Andrew Shumack, Freelancer Sergei Ivanov, Nevskoye Vremya Maxim Chabalin, Nevskoye Vremya Felix Titov, Nevskoye Vremya Andrei
            Aizderdzis, Who’s Who Sergei Dubov, Vsyo Dlya Vas, International and Moscow Business Week
            Your support of fascism is revolting.

          • Dirk Smith

            You support treasonous thieves like Yanukovych and mafioso like the botox dwarf and I’m nuts? LOL……..

          • LorCanada

            Hristo — Truth hurts, doesn’t it!

          • Hurd Harley

            You are not only a fascist, but by supporting the terrorist criminal and murderer, Putin, You are also a murderer.

          • MrRainbowBotox

            Putler === fascism, so you does not support fascism but you support the botox guy, strange type of logic!!

          • Darius Obuolys

            Ukraine parliament has only 5% nationalists, so does that make Ukraine government nazis?
            On the other hand, Putin is 110% pedophile, dictator, murderer

      • Murf

        I guess invading a country and sparking a rebellion kinda cancels out his so called “good deeds.”

        • MrRainbowBotox

          Again a quote from the handbook Troll 101!

        • Murf

          Crimea was Ukrainian. Whether Russia liked it or not. By international treaty that Russia agreed to until Putin changed his mind. Streklov admitted it. Not much point in deigning it now.(although I do realize it is a Pavlovian response.)
          Streklov also spilled the beans on Donbas. Not to mention the thousands of pics of advanced Russian equipment. Hundreds of eye accounts. Satellite photos, video testimony by Russian soldiers, and an ounce of common sense (Which is a deficiency most Putin bots have.)
          So yea, Putin could give Ukraine 100 billion dollars and it still wouldn’t make up for the suffering that A hole was caused.

          • Murf

            Yes it was.
            Russia as a UN member agreed to the national boundaries. It reaffirmed it in the Budapest Memorandum.
            According the Soviet archive, when Khrushchev transferred Crimea to Ukraine and equal amount to territory was taken away. Planning on giving that back? Many Russians claim the Crimea was illegal. Which laws ,specifically, were broken?
            Ya know lately Russians have a disturbing tendency to say any thing they don’t like is illegal. There is even a nut job who claims the sale of Alaska is illegal.
            Tell me, Russian occupation of:
            Kurill Islands.
            Parts of Finland.
            Every thing east of the Ural mountains.
            Are all of these occupations legal and why.

          • Turtler

            CLAIMS are weak evidence at best.

            Personally, I reject the legality of the Soviet Union and its’ regime save for convenience. But the fact of the matter is that even after those wretched excuses for human beings were overthrown, the new treaties entered into recognized Crimea as a lawful part of Ukraine.

            Case in point: the Stevastopol lease and the Budapest Memorandum. Amongst others.

            Educate yourself.

          • LorCanada

            In 1954 Khrushchev lawfully ‘gifted’ Crimea to Ukraine, and that’s over 60 years ago; they have had self-autonomy to decide on their governance and it has all been within the framework of being part of UKRAINE, as one nation, not a divided one.

          • Turtler

            “Crimea was never Ukrainian lawfully.”

            Not so. Ukraine’s constitution said otherwise, and just about every treaty made by Ukraine, Russia, or both admitted it was so. So why the sudden about face now.

        • LorCanada

          Hristo — It is YOU who are brainwashed, sorry to say. The world leaders have condemned Putin for his LAND GRAB of Crimea and invasion of east Ukraine, and as a result have levied sanctions against Russia – frozen assets of Putin’s buddies, trade restrictions, etc. Under Putin the Russian ruble has taken a nosedive, Russia’s credit rating is now listed as “junk”, and investors are fleeing in the opposite direction!
          Recently the International Police, INTERPOL, has issued a warrant for the arrest of Yanukovych and I hope they get him soon and justice is done. Corrupt leaders are of no use to society.

          • LorCanada

            You still are an idiot! Putin started his war against Ukraine and the world responded by condemning his aggression. Got that? Or is your brain too brainwashed to hope for better things?

          • Turtler

            “Wrong, these are NATO leaders, US stooges,”

            Blah Blah Blah….

            First time I’ve ever heard flipping Lukashenko be referred to as a NATO leader or US Stooge.

            they are waging war on Russia.”

            Dear Hristo, if that were true we would no longer be talking.

            Because the Russian military would have ceased to exist, with the Putin regime following soon after.

            But we have not. Where has a single NATO member given open combat to Russia? Where is the declaration of war? Where is the televised admittance of Obama that he authorized an invasion of Russia?

            Where is your proof?

            “So how do you want them to react?”

            Waging war on Putin would be an improvement, though not the optimal one. Supporting the attempts of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia to defend themselves and crush Putin’s attempts to destabilize them would be.

            you see how Harper reacts? As soon as Obama farts, Harper gets diarrhea.”

            No, I don’t see that. In case you haven’t noticed, Harper isn’t easy to get along with and does not like Obama much. Or vice versa.

            Acting like he is somehow a puppet reads rather like ignorance. And frankly, projection.

            “Their motives are political and have nothing to do with fair,
            democratic, freedom or truth.”

            Whereas Putin I’m suuuuuurreeee does…Even after specifically condemning them (especially democracy).

            Get a life.

      • Joe S

        You very, very, very funny man. I never laughed so hard in my life. Me thinks you should have another wodka.

        • Brent

          And here’s a joke for you…

          Three Bulgarian are bragging about their sons.
          “My son is soldier. He have rape as many women as want,” say first Bulgarian.
          “Zo?” second say, “My son is farmer. He have all potato he want!”
          Third Bulgarian wait long time, then say, “My son is die at birth. For him, struggle is over.”
          “Wow! You win” say others….

      • evanlarkspur

        Hey Putinbot, you are in the wrong place to come posting such ridiculous lists of utter falsehoods that can only be swallowed by people who have no alternative but state run media. The huge body of evidence from numerous independent sources regarding what you and your scumbags are doing in ukraine is well known in the west, and not repressed as it is in Russia. Some of us have extensive personal experience in Ukraine before your war there, and friends and family there keeping us posted on real events. So there is no fertile ground here, particularly on THIS forum, for your pathetic lies. Have your handlers beat you, and remember- I will spend on coffee this morning what you will make in a week, only to have half of it stolen from you by your own police. And those two realities are why Ukraine wants to join us, and leave you behind.

        Good luck with that “we will survive” thing. Sounds pleasant.

        • evanlarkspur

          But your heart lies in the Kremlin. Poor Putinbot.

          • MrRainbowBotox

            Nice description of yourself, seems it is now troll level 1- instead of level 1–!!

        • Brent

          So you live in Canada? Hmmm, lots of racists comments by you. Maybe you can tell me where and I can let CSIS come knocking on your door and you can deported back to Bulgaria….kind of funny how you mock the West, praise Putin, and live in Canada…..

          • Brent

            I am Canadian. Born and raised. I’ve never hidden that fact. I’m also not Polish and not a Nazi.

            You have the right to an opinion in Canada, but we do have strong laws against racism. Want to bet your ‘status’ on whether you can become the next Ernst Zundel? Want to let CSIS decide?

            Seriously, why do you live in Canada when you hate the West so much? Aren’t you being a hypocrite? Have you sold your Bulgarian soul for the ‘good life’ of Canada and yet you cry so much about the evil liberal West?

          • Brent

            If you claimed to be ‘for the truth’, then how come you parrot the same lies and propaganda being spewed by the Kremlin?

            I’m not the one denouncing Polish people, you are. You should let your ‘best friend’ read what you say about his people. My guess is you’ll get what you deserve from him.

            If any media is reminescant of “Orwellian”, it would clearly be Russia’s state controlled media. They have shut down any independent thought or opposing opinions.

          • LorCanada

            Sorry to disappoint you about Russian media but there are many websites online that can expose (uncover) the fake photos, fake videos, fake news, fabricated stories, and all the rest, that keeps the Kremlin people busy day and night. They seem to excel in false information and narrow minded views.

          • LorCanada

            Hristo — So you are saying people of high intelligence like you are great promoters of sly Putin’s propaganda? Hey, you can’t have it both ways, you know. Either you represent a sane, logical viewpoint or you are caught up in the popularity of the Mafia Putin who easily fudges the figures (he controls the media, you know) to get 99.99% popularity. Who cares if he lies, steals, cheats, and fudges his ratings, eh?

          • Turtler

            “It is very funny for an intelligent person like myself to meet with brainwashed people like you. I”

            Then riddle me W T F an “intelligent person” like yourself can’t even study the secular idol he venerates? Why do you repeatedly fuck up basic and non-controversial facts (like the Harper-Obama feuds)?

            “I am not a racist. I found Polish posters in general to be very stupid
            in their hate for Russia. And yet one of my best friends are Polish.”

            Denial, affirmation, denial.

            It isn’t even funny how stereotypically racist that is.

            “I don’t hate the West,”

            Yes, you do.

            Let’s cut the obfuscation.

            “What I hate is the stupidity in the people”

            In that case, you must be constantly filled by self-loathing.

            “and that is what I am trying to point out in my posts.”

            Well, you have succeeded in doing os. Albeit not in the way you wanted.

            How else am I going to explain how you can’t even keep track of what Putin is and isn’t saying? Or basic facts on the ground?

            “I try to explain the truth to the posters but it is an uphill battle”

            … because you have a shoddy understanding of the truth and no apparently inclination to better yourself.

            There, fixed it.

            “BTW when did I cry about the “evil liberal West”?”

            You’ve vilified us, knee-jerk accused everybody and anybody who knows better than you and explains it of being a Nazi without giving any kind of explanation, and said that the only leaders villifying Putin’s invasion (the one he now admits to) are “NATO leaders and US stooges.” And say that the US media is somehow Orwellian.

            We can do the math.

          • LorCanada

            Hristo — Are you spreading your brand of universal hatred again? You seem to have a weakness for Nazi, I see. Why are you so afraid of them? If you keep on dropping your samples of hate I shall report you soon enough.

          • Turtler

            This entire post should be framed and put on a wall. Maybe gilded.

            Especially “You are kind of a Nazi, aren’t you? Should I report you? please, let me know where you live, Polack”

            It is such a perfect epitomization of hypocrisy, hate, ignorance, and arrogance.

        • LorCanada

          Hristo — I live in Canada too, west coast, but that doesn’t change the fact that I consider you a thoroughly brainwashed specimen of Putin’s Propaganda 101 series!
          You don’t even know what “truth” is about, you only follow the popularity of your master, the Mafia Pootie.
          Seriously, maybe you’d be much happier living in Russia amongst your own kind, all the other zombies who think like you.

      • Darius Obuolys

        FACT: Ukraine wanted freedom from Russian imperialist mafia so they kicked out Yanukovych – Putler’s marionette. Putler got angry so started killing poor ukrainiams. If you think that overthrowing an illegal politician is a crime then you’re dumber than a bug.
        FACT: No intelligent being wants to live in Putler’s dictatorship.

        • Dirk Smith

          See above.

        • Darius Obuolys

          Then why Yanukovych ran to Russia and now is hiding in Putler’s arse? Only reason why he didn’t stay in Ukraine was:

          He was an illegal politician. Knowing how Putler got over 100% votes in Russia explains how Yanukovych won the elections. Majority of Ukrainians wanted Ukraine to become part of EU, but Yanukovych didn’t follow democracy rules and served only Putler.

      • MrRainbowBotox

        1. Biggest thief the world has ever seen.
        2. Steal from his own people.
        3. Kill who disagree with him to make an example
        4. Jail opposition
        5. Need some Botox and steroids for his “image” – the sissy!
        6. Supply the worst kind of human filth like the Cossacks to fight his proxy war
        7. Cannot keep a single agreement he has ever made
        8. Provide weapons so that his soldiers shoot down a domestic airliner
        9. Lie to the mothers of the soldiers he sent to their death fighting for his stupid ideas
        Can go forever, nice guy, this one you admirer. But then, this is Russian stupidity at its best!

      • LorCanada

        Hristo — Don’t be an idiot! Putin lost control of Ukraine through bad political moves made by his puppet Yanukovych. Pootie planned to destroy Ukraine’s economy, first by a LAND GRAB of Crimea. The United Nations voted 100 AGAINST RUSSIA for illegally annexing Crimea which rightfully belongs to Ukraine according to International Law. Then Putin instructed his henchman Strelkov/Girkin (after invading Crimea) to invade east Ukraine and overtake their municipal buildings, plunk down the Russian flag, and stupidly claim Ukraine’s territory as theirs.
        There is no ‘civil’ war because it is Putin’s ‘proxy’ war against Ukraine which he supports by steathily trucking into Ukraine Russian tanks, guns, missiles, mercenaries, snipers, ammunitions, etc etc. You can thank Pootie for creating his senseless conflict in east Ukraine. While he preached peace he was still deceiving the world by sending further military hardware and Russian soldiers to kill their neighbour because Putin is on an ego trip for power and glory, expansionism at any cost no matter how many lives are sacrificed. War is Putin’s game, not peace.
        It is Putin who has his $300 Million Russia Media Propaganda machine that spouts DISINFORMATION 24/7 over the internet, the news sources, and beyond. His spread of hatred and WW2 slogans is notoriously well known. Putin? You can have him, he’s a dud.

        • LorCanada

          Hristo — Your tiresome spouting of the buzz words in worn out Putin’s propaganda indicates your lack of thinking. That’s what idiot do, you know. See also this cartoon caption:

          “Mr. Putin washes your brain whiter than white
          Eliminates 99.9% of neurons.”

        • LorCanada

          Hristo — Take a cold shower and get your brain back in order.

      • Turtler

        “Let’s observe Putin.”

        Yes. Let us.

        “1. He gave gas to Ukraine at heavy discount”

        False. His “discounts” are far closer to where the market price would actuall be without being massively loaded. And he only did that as a political carrot (to his whip) in order to intimidate Kyiv into compliance.

        Inf ull violation of the Budapest Memorandum, I might add.

        And that didn’t even keep him from staying true to his word, as he would routinely brake his promises and engage in price and tariff wars in order to either punish independence or even without provocation to line his own pockets.

        “2. From the very beginning of the civil war he was calling for peace negotiations.”

        From the very beginning of the war he is the one who organized the invasion and illegal occupation of large chunks of Ukraine. And has been instrumental in neutering actual attempts at peace because that would not fit his agenda). He even admitted that he was the one who ordered the invasion of Crimea recently.

        “3. He didn’t call for the earlier repay of the 3 billion Ukraine owns to Russia.”

        Yes, he did. Only recanting when Ukraine made other concessions. Because the debt (once again) is a political whip used to intimidate and force compliance with the Kremlin’s (and Putin’s) agenda.

        Again, in violation of the Budapest Memorandum.

        “4. No matter of the lies of Kiev he never invaded Ukraine.”

        Then what about the lies of Putin?


        Are you calling y our secular idol a liar now?

        “5. He was the only one to help the people in the South East with humanitarian help.”


        He has willfully harmed and frazzled the missions of organizations like the Red Cross in the region. And even demanded that Kyiv keep paying pensions and utilitarians to support his occupation (because he could not or would not).

        “6. He help the people in the South East to survive the Ukrainian attempt to exterminate them.”

        Again, false.

        Where’s the fucking death toll? Where are the mass graves? If what you said was true, then we would have seen major dieoffs of Russian and Russophone people in Ukraine in the territories controlled by the Ukrainian government.

        Which I might add still constitutes more than half of the Donbas and major centers like Mariupol and Kharkiv.

        We have not. In fact, the majority of the damage we have seen has been the product of Russian military attacks (such as the use of artillery that they promised they would stop).

        “Now, let’s observe Porko and Yats”

        Yes. Let’s.

        “1. Waging a war on the East Ukraine”

        A war that was forced on them by a foreign invasion, and one that their enemy is now admitting to. It is not a crime to defend yourself against invasion, and by this logic you should be condemning Belgium in WWI and WWII for “waging a war in Belgium” to defend itself from oppression.

        “2 Using aviation and cluster bombs to kill civilians”

        A: As opposed to Putin, who has “merely” used artillery and paramilitary thugs to a deranged degree to do the same?

        B: Got any proof of that? Or that they were intended to kill civilians?

        “3. Shelling schools, kindergarten and infrastructure of the East.”

        A: Infrastructure is (sadly) a valid and important military target in war. If you doubt that, please study some basic international law.

        B: You conveniently omit whether or not those things were being occupied by Russian forces trying to attack Ukraine, or indeed being used to do so. And do plenty of insinuating to the contrary without proof.

        C: You apply a double standard that ignores how Putin and those under his command have attacked actual schools, churches, and others far behind the lines and without military use.

        D: Kindergartens are a specific kind of school. Don’t cite them as two different things, it makes you look like an even bigger idiot than you already did.

        “4. Killing kids.”

        And what was the Kharkiv bombing? The insane gas attack at Beslan?

        Giving them candy and flowers?

        “5. Lying about everything.”

        Got any proof of that?

        “6. Inventing the so called “Russian invasion” to explain their fiasco.”

        Then why is Putin now aiding that invention by admitting HE WAS THE ONE WHO ORDERED IT?

        And doing so on LIVE RUSSIAN TELEVISION?

        Do you even STUDY your secular idol at all?

        “These are the facts.”

        No, they are not. As detailed above.

        “Your opinion is the one of a hater that spins the truth and the facts”

        Oh the irony.

    • jim

      They are coming for Putin and their is nothing that you corrupt Trolls can do about it . I wish the good people of Russia a good future when this finally happens .

      • canuke

        Keep believing the crap out of RT. No one else does. Putin is and always has been an undersized KGB hack. A liar and deceiver that’s plain for anyone who has two marbles upstairs.

        • canuke

          Sorry to disappoint you. I’ve lived a long life. I have seen most of the world. I have studied politicians of all kinds, and with Putler, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

          • canuke

            As do I and 45 million Ukrainians. Please explain more your first hand knowledge. RT doesn’t count

          • canuke

            Shows how much you know about democracy, as opposed to the 110% turnouts you are so used to. 50% is actually a pretty good turnout. Western democracies often poll far less than 50% turnouts.

          • canuke

            Once again, what is your expertise? Are you on the ground? I have been, time and time again, including Luhansk and Donetsk. You conveniently forget that it was Russian invaders that started this entire mess. I do agree with you about dire times.

          • LorCanada

            Hristo — You are wrong again. Putin instructed Strelkov/Girkin to overtake east Ukraine cities and towns, which he did. President Poroshenko defended his country, Ukraine, and at first offered a ceasefire (this was in May 2014) but it was rejected by the armed terrorists, so Poroshenko decided on a strong offensive to CLEAN OUT THE ARMED CRIMINALS IN EAST UKRAINE. You know the rest.
            Ukraine is a sovereign nation and has every right to defend its territory from invaders such as Putin and his gang.

          • Dirk Smith

            LOL. Wow, a true believer. The fascist oligarchy is proud of you.

          • LorCanada

            Hristo — Don’t be an idiot (again)! Do you honestly think the terrorists who control east Ukraine areas would even allow anyone to vote FOR Ukraine? No indeed. You would get arrested and tossed in jail.
            My question to you is: Who in east Ukraine under terrorist control, who will speak up for the Ukrainians living there who want to remain as part of Ukraine, and not divided? There is no one. So, you see, the henchmen in east Ukraine simply want to cause war. They have no money and are not interested in rebuilding what they have destroyed. Nor is their Mafia boss, Putin. He just wants another “no-man’s-land” between him and the West. That’s his game.

      • Dirk Smith

        They’re part of the “Nazi-junta in Kyiv,” right? You Sputnik zombies need some new material.

        • Dirk Smith

          Wow, so 3% of the vote gets you into office? Amazing…..

          • Dirk Smith

            Wow, RT has worked wonders with you. The only fascists reside in Moscow. Your paranoia equals the botox dwarf.

          • Dirk Smith


          • LorCanada

            Hristo — You are wrong again. May I remind you that the Ukrainian people voted in a new leader, President Poroshenko, on May 25, 2014, who won with 54% of the vote. The Nazi party only got 2% of the vote. So what does that tell you? It means the nazis didn’t even have sufficient presence to be in the Ukraine government at all. Now, you can stop with all your lies about Nazis in Ukraine.

        • Darius Obuolys

          Facists? Is that how you call a person who wants democracy and freedom from Russian kleptocracy?

          • Darius Obuolys

            Russian mafia call their opponents “fascists”… Normal people call them “police”

          • Michel Cloarec

            Don´t worry about the facist putinoid hristo. He is angry not to get paid for his cut and paste BS.

        • MrRainbowBotox

          Quoting known Russian propaganda English language outlets does not help, but then, what do one expect from this special type of stupidity??

        • LorCanada

          Fascist Putin called them in Kyiv, “Nazis”. Even a public display put on in Crimea by Putin had advertised that the public was to choose between Russia and Nazis!
          Putin needs to realize there are some 53 registered NEO NAZI groups located in Russia itself. So it’s time for Pootie to CLEAN UP HIS OWN BACKYARD of Nazis, wouldn’t you say?
          ;- )

      • Michel Cloarec

        You said yourself ! I defend the truth .
        Russian or terrorists truth ?
        Important to know !

        • MrRainbowBotox

          Cannot stand reality?? This is going to stick to this sick friend of you!!

          • MrRainbowBotox

            Anyway, most people immediately recognised your type and do not read your dribble, but then, hey, it is all in a days work for you! Unless, you are a Kremlin freebie, doing the Kremlins sh&*(t for them for free! I bet, they Kremlin crooks giggle about those type!

      • Darius Obuolys

        Genocide? All frickin russians should be wiped from this planet. They have done more harm than the rest dictators combined

        • LorCanada

          Hristo — You are extremely narrow minded and a racist too! Grow up please.

      • Darius Obuolys

        Putin decent? Is that how you call a person who poisoned Yushchenko for discovering Putin’s biggest secret – that Putin is a gay pedophile?

        • LorCanada

          Hristo — Stop your smear tactics. Do you know that quote: “He who throws mud loses ground.”

        • Darius Obuolys

          Guess again. Here’s a history lesson for you:

          Once a drunk polish man fucked a pig and that pig gave birth to the very first russian

      • MrRainbowBotox

        Biggest thief in history and mass murderer??

      • Brent

        Is the “very decent person” Putin going to be able to assassinate all opposition like Nemtsov?

        • LorCanada

          Hristo — You are more stupid when you believe all the pro Russian goop out there, i.e. BS. I pity you.

      • LorCanada

        Hristo — You have got your information all wrong. Putin put the “Mothers of Russian soldiers” group onto the BLACK LIST because they wanted to know what happened to their sons who fought in east Ukraine. But of course sly Pootie denies Russian soldiers are there. What a liar and coward!
        “Yats” and President Poroshenko are simply defending their country against the Russian invaders. You seem to forget that Ukraine is a SOVEREIGN NATION with every right to decide its destiny without the meddlesome interference of Putin or any other country, according to International Law.
        The butchers and criminals are those gun-happy terrorists in east Ukraine who do not hesitate to fire missiles into populated areas in their ruthless GRAB FOR UKRAINE LAND.

    • Czech Friend

      somehow I do not recall of killing thousands of people, ordering murders of my opponents and lying to the whole world. But then again I might be wrong if “better human” Putinobot like you says so…

      • Czech Friend

        not your pal, bot.

        How many lies did you spew today for your fuhrer Vladolf? Did you earn enough rubles today to clear your conscience? Hope you are not that stupid to do it for free.

        • Czech Friend

          You bet, primitive russkie.

          • LorCanada

            Hristo — Only the brainwashed pro-Russian believers are incapable of absorbing the truth. They are too busy with fabricating false information, lies, fake photos, fake videos, etc etc.

      • LorCanada

        Hristo — Insults will get you nowhere. It only shows your lack of intelligence.

    • MrRainbowBotox

      The biggest thief and crook and the worst mafia boss ever!! Seems you have pretty low standards!

      • LorCanada

        Hristo — Your endless slanderous talk means you have lost touch with reality. Have you nothing better to do than insult others who are more interesting than you?!!

    • Brent

      Yes, his memorial to the sailors of the Kursk spells out clearly what type of a human being Putin is.

    • Michel Cloarec

      To be human you have to be human first. Putin and his acolytes are not human, they only want power to fill up their pocket and live abroad and enjoy the beauty of real freedom.

    • Turtler

      “Don’t believe the media’s demonization of Putin.”

      Except it isn’t demonization, and a lot of “the media” is from Russia and supposed to be laudatory. The

      “I guarantee you he is a better human than you.”

      How many people has Czech Friend murdered?

      “You sound like a Nazi.”

      And what makes you say that? A systematic study of Mein Kampf? Hitler’s political wills and testaments, or his speeches? How about the minutes of Wansee, or books by other sin the regime like Streicher or Himmler?

      Or is it just something you ignorantly pulled out of your @$$ to meet some kind of quota?

      I have a fairly good idea which it is.

      • Turtler

        “”Perhaps you could link me to some.”

        I could, but I won’t. You’ve shown no compulsion about being honest about sources or facts before. I have zero reason to believe that will change here.

        “I don’t know, do you?”

        No, I don’t. But unless his IP is tied to the Chairman of the Chinese Politburo or Ayatollah Khanamei there is NO WAY IN HELL he has a worse track record than Putin.

        “But I know for sure that Putin didn’t murder anyone.”

        Like the Tsars knew for a fact that the Julian calender was divinely ordained, I suppose. Even if it was so obsolete it couldn’t keep track with the night sky, just like Putin has issued many declarations that he in fact was responsible for the likes of the Crimean invasion.

        Embracing something that Is Not is even bigger ignorance than not knowing to accept something that Is.

        “The fact that you lacked smart”

        Oh wonderful. Apparently the moron with shitty English grammar is telling me that I “lacked smart.” What does that mean?

        Where can I get “smart”? Is there a “smart” shopping mall right next to the Kremlin where I can pick it up along with breathtakingly smart books like “Alexander Dugin’s I Have No Fucking Clue About Eurasian History, Part IX”?

        “and fell for cheap propaganda doesn’t make it true.”

        Ah yes. Cheap propaganda. It was cheap Western propaganda that FORCED Putin to go on a lavishly funded television channel to declare that he did indeed order Russian forces to invade Crimea.

        Sure. Go right ahead there.

        “These of his words: “Assassination of Putin is not only good for
        Russia but for the whole world which makes it even more appealing.
        Take him down and ideally make sure his replacement can be truly reasoned with.””

        Thank you for giving me yet more reason to applaud Czech Friend, and to underline that You Have No Fucking Idea What A Nazi Is.

        The Nazis did not want to assassinate the Soviet Union (or Russia’s) leadership in the hopes that the next leader would “be reasonable” according to their definition. The Nazis wanted to- amongst other things- crush Eastern Europe under its’ feet, conquer the USSR entirely, and enslave or exterminate anybody in it. They said as much.

        What Czech Friend is advocating is not Nazism or despotism. it is tyrannicide and liberty against a madman who has sponsored domestic Fascist groups and the ideology.

        And that is something I wholeheartedly approve of.

    • Lewis

      He’s responsible for countless deaths in a pointless war for Ukraine. Both Russian and Ukrainian blood is on his hands.

  • jim

    Putins demise will benefit all of Russia . You will see comrad how he has expertly deceived you and stolen 200 billion dollars from the hard working people of Russia for his own greed .

    • canuke

      Here’s a statistic to digest via Credit Suisse: median per capita wealth in India is $1000. In Russia, $750. Tells me that it’s Jim who is correct. Perhaps you need to wake up and smell the roses, comrade.

      • Michel Cloarec

        How is the weather in St Petersburg ?
        Where do you sit in this room ?
        Main trolls office ! Do you have to bribe the boss to be able to come to work ?
        Vodka in mornings is no good for the brain, if you have your own, but I doubt !

        • misusan

          by name he’s prob.bulgarian/// not sure. but a useful idiot for sure.

      • Michel Cloarec

        More facts. I hope you don´t suffer of discalculia !

      • canuke

        You clearly do not understand economics. Your values averages the wealth of the nation, averaged over the entire population which is meaningless in Russia where 75% of the wealth is confined to 35 billionaires, all Putin cronies. My figure is a more accurate representation of how the wealth does not flow down to the average person in Russia.

      • LorCanada

        Hristo — What canuke states is more correct. Your figures are out of whack with reality. But then, skip it, you are brainwashed so why bother to correct you.

  • Dirk Smith

    Dissension in the fascist oligarchy? Simply knock third-world Russia off of the SWIFT banking system and the botox dwarf’s megalomania gets resolved internally. Expect Maidan Moscow in a month or two.

    • Dirk Smith

      Putler, Lavrov, and Yanukovych have their reservations all setup at the Hague. He’s ruined Russia. 😉

      • MrRainbowBotox

        I will rate this as troll level 1–, not very good. Failed Troll 101?? But then being Russian is a special kind of stupid comrade Hristo!!

        • Brent

          Scientifically proven?!?!?!?

          Then it must also be “scientifically proven” that you are the biggest dumbest wanker in Bulgaria….

  • TheBlogFodder

    Beria took out Stalin; it didn’t save him in the end but it sure improved things for the average Russian for a few years until Brezhnev took over.